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30 Simple Memorial Day Weekend Grilling Recipes


How do you stop fake news? In Germany, with a law.

BERLIN — Germany officially unveiled a landmark social-media bill Wednesday that could quickly turn this nation into a test case in the effort to combat the spread of fake news and hate speech in the West.<p>The highly anticipated draft bill is also highly contentious, with critics denouncing it as a …


You Can Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card if You Talk to Someone With Opposing Political Views

This could go really well. Or really badly.<p>Free coffee for all...just as long as you promise to drink it with your enemies.<p>That’s the premise behind …

《火鳳燎原》導讀(八):從未成功過的計謀「荊軻刺秦,公子獻頭。」 | 輔仁文誌


2016-05-17 18:00:00 國外購物 | 東京<p>0<p>男子的日常生活 精彩分享<p>青鳥 Bleu&Book獨立書店咖啡館<p>這一次,尋找的不是咖啡甜點,而是人生<p>最新景點<p>1高跟鞋教堂<br>• 22017稻田迷航之旅<br>• 3Kiko`s Diner<br>• 4鎮海軍港祭 (櫻花季)<br>• 5阿倍野HARUKAS<br>• 6白熊咖啡廳<br>• 7台中市第四信用 …

文革口述史:47中紅衛兵憶「陽光燦爛的日子」 - 紐約時報中文網


文革口述史:在禁慾的時代,我偷聽敵台 - 紐約時報中文網

<i>受訪人簡介:李金龍,男,出生於1955年,甘肅蘭州人。父親系國民黨傅作義部隊獨立警衛團成員。1966年文革開始,李金龍讀小學,家人受到傷害,1969年,年僅14歲的他參加工作,隸屬於冶金部下屬的一家企業。後來他在80年代下海經商。採訪經過刪減和編輯,並經過受訪者的確認。</i><p>有一個故事,發生在1968年,當時李金龍在蘭州讀五年級,教材裡面有一篇課文,批判安徽省委書記李葆華。李葆華是李大釗的兒子,文革前是安徽省委書記,文革期間被打倒,並且還被作為「反面典型」編入了小學的教材,其中有「打倒李葆華」的句子。<p>有一次,老師讓李金龍朗讀這篇課文,當他讀到「打倒李葆華」這一句時,他情不自禁地高舉雙手,高喊口號,「 …

同樣的招式對聖鬥士是沒有用的!閒聊關於 Google AlphaGo 深度學習平台 - 癮科技

今天科技業界發生一件有趣的大事,就是由 Google 的 AlphaGo 人工智慧與韓國棋士李世石的世紀對決,無論今天最終是人類獲勝或是電腦獲勝,都是相當值得玩味的。不同於當年 IBM 深藍超級電腦與俄羅斯國際象棋棋王卡斯帕羅夫的對決, AlphaGo 是以更新穎的機械神經網路架構的深度學習系統所打 …

[面白日本] 跟日本人學說話術(二)說好話不是拍馬屁! - 癮科技

Carrie Fisher takes the gloves off on dropping weight for Hollywood and reprising Leia

One of the most amazing things about the original <i>Star Wars</i> trilogy was that it featured Leia. She was tough, fierce, smart, and she held her own in …

Science Fiction

Smart Workflows for Your Magazines, On & Off Flipboard

You’re looking at your Flipboard Analytics and your magazine stats aren’t improving. What gives? You’re an excellent curator with a killer cover, why aren’t the fans arriving in droves? Here are some ideas and smart workflows for your Flipboard Magazines, both on and off Flipboard.<p><b>Curate with care</b>. …


Cozy Knitted Nail Art Allows Your Nails to Bundle Up in a Sweater Too

The cozier, the better.<p>When the weather outside gets chilly, there's nothing I look forward to more then pulling out my absolute coziest sweater. Now your nails can also experience the joy of bundling up in a warm knit too: The latest nail art trend mimics the cable knit texture of your coziest …

Nail Art

星際大戰光劍保溫瓶 - 癮科技

Queen Elizabeth Becomes Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch


7 Unexpected Benefits of Minimal Daily Exercise

Okay, look, I'm the Lazy Motivator... Do you think I go to the gym or run five times a week? You have got to be kidding me. Who has time to go to the gym? And, hello?! I HATE running!<p>But, I have found a way to get exercise every single day -- and I feel great because of it. You can do it, too, …

Guide to Get More Traffic to Your Blog from Flipboard

Increasingly, we hear that Flipboard is an important referral of traffic for bloggers. With 34,000 topics scanning 21 million magazines curated from articles on Flipboard as well as all over the Web, there are many opportunities for bloggers to get surfaced in front of an audience that’s interested …


打唔爛的玻璃杯如軟膠一樣 - Shupua

<b>讚好此文:</b><p>八月 10, 2015 •生活科技 •<p>玻璃杯容易打爛已是眾所周知的缺點,雖然大家可以用膠杯去解決這個問題,但外觀上卻又未必及得上玻璃杯優雅。有見及此,最近有日本廠商就決定設計出一款 shupua 玻璃杯,索性將兩者的特性結合起來,以後無需再擔心打爛的問題。<p>shupua 是由日本廠商 Shi …

Here’s Why You Should Try “Baking” Your Makeup

First came contouring, then came strobing (AKA highlighting), and now we’re coming at you with another technique that’s popping up across beauty vlogs everywhere. Introducing “baking.” Don’t worry, you can go ahead and leave your oven off — the only heat you’ll need is your body’s naturally warm …