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How to See the Brightest Supermoon of 2017

Our cosmic companion is about to put on its best show of the year—here’s how to watch.<p>On the night of December 3, sky-watchers around the world will get a chance to revel under the first—and last—full supermoon of the year.<p>A supermoon is the popular term for a full or new moon that coincides with …


Ghostly Cosmic Neutrinos Are Stopped Cold by Planet Earth, New Study Shows

Subatomic particles called neutrinos are notoriously hard to catch because they pass right through regular matter like ghosts. But a new study shows …


Either stars are strange, or 234 alien species are trying to contact us

We all want there to be aliens. Green ones, pink ones, brown ones, Greys. Or maybe Vulcans, Klingons, even a being of pure energy. Any type will …


NASA's Flagship Rocket Faces Yet Another Delay

The SLS will now take off in 2020.


Behind the Scenes as NASA Tests the Most Powerful Rocket Ever

SCROLL DOWN<p>SCROLL DOWN<p>Behind the Scenes as NASA Tests the Most Powerful Rocket Ever<p><b>NASA wants to send a human to Mars in the next two decades. And</b> …


SpaceX Wants to Double Its Number of Launches in 2018

President and COO Gwynne Shotwell shares details on SpaceX's future and its ambitious to top its record-breaking launch year.


Air pollution may be linked to men's sperm shrinking and changing shapes, which could cause infertility

Air pollution may decrease the size and shape of sperm, according to a newly published study in <i>Occupational and Environmental Medicine</i>. Such …


Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition

In the short term, the shift by the FCC does not mean the immediate emergence of a free marketplace for Internet service. But it is a step. If we let …

Net Neutrality

This New Robot Will Help Keep Hearts Pumping

You don’t want to be among the first human cyborgs. Because doctors won’t be replacing all your limbs with super-strong robotic ones, and they won’t …


New mind-controlled prosthetics are poised to transform humanity

Prosthetics and Mind Control<p>According to studies presented at Neuroscience 2017, the annual gathering of the Society for Neuroscience, technology …


The Latest in Robots from SoftBank: Pictures


Robot-driven Ubers without a human driver could appear as early as 2019

In just over a year — in a city somewhere in the United States — your Uber could pick you up without a driver behind the wheel.<p>That’s one of the major revelations from Uber’s announcement Monday that the technology company plans to buy up to 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo, a purchase that …


Mercedes-Benz just unveiled new all electric plans

Going Electric<p>Mercedes-Benz announced earlier this week that it will add electric drive to its commercial vans, making them more environmentally …

Electric Vehicles

How To Identify A Toxic Culture Before Accepting A Job Offer

With everyone touting their “amazing” culture it can be hard to tell who is telling the truth. Here are a few red flags to look for.<p>Many recent graduates have indicated that they would accept a significant pay cut in order to work for a company that they felt had great values, culture, and …


Two More Women Accuse Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching

One woman told HuffPost that Franken had grabbed her backside at an event honoring women.<p>Two more women have told HuffPost that Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) touched their butts in separate incidents. These are the third and fourth such allegations against Franken in the past week. Leeann Tweeden, a …

Al Franken

Putin, Assad meet in Russia to talk possible peace initiatives in Syrian civil war

Vladimir Putin hosted his Syrian counterpart in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Monday in a previously unannounced meeting that the Kremlin didn’t …


Putin meets Assad ahead of Syria talks with Turkey and Iran

President Vladimir Putin said the Russian army had “saved Syria as a state” after an unexpected meeting with its leader Bashar al-Assad in Russia, as …


On surprise Russia trip, Assad and Putin talk post-war Syria

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke for more than an hour Tuesday by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.<p>Syria, Iran, North Korea and Ukraine …


Iran declares 'the end of Isis' in live state TV broadcast

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has declared the end of Isis in an address broadcast live on state TV.<p>A senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary …

Middle East

Syria: Putin, Erdogan, Rouhani hold talks as opposition gathers in Saudi Arabia

The Russian, Turkish and Iranian leaders are meeting to chart military and political strategy in Syria. It comes as the divided Syrian opposition …


Newsflash: Robert Mugabe resigns, Zimbabweans celebrate

Zimbabwe’s speaker of parliament, Jacob Mudenda, announced on Tuesday that he had received Robert Mugabe’s resignation.<p>Mugabe was swept from power as …


End of the line for Africa's dictators?

<b>(CNN) —</b> Soon after Zimbabwe's army confined President Robert Mugabe to his palatial Harare home this week -- allegedly for his safety -- it was announced in Luanda that Angola's new President, João Lourenço, had relieved Isabel dos Santos of her position as head of the state-run oil company …


What Sparked Zimbabwe’s Succession Coup de Grace?

In the early morning on Wednesday, Nov. 15, Zimbabwe’s military directly intervened in the country’s politics in an unprecedented fashion, placing …


Assad and Putin Meet, as Russia Pushes to End Syrian War

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Thanking Russia for the military intervention he credited for “saving Syria,” President Bashar al-Assad met with President Vladimir V. Putin amid preparations for new talks aimed at ending the civil war.<p>Mr. Assad’s visit on Monday to the Russian resort town of Sochi was made …


Here's What You Need to Know About That Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe

Russia has confirmed it's real.<p>After weeks of silence and denials, Russia has confirmed that it too has detected evidence of a mysterious radiation …


Russia confirms radioactivity spike over Ural Mountains

Russian authorities have confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains.


Russia admits spike in radioactive ruthenium-106 over Ural Mountains amid fears of nuclear accident

Russian authorities have confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains.<p>But the suspected source of the leak, a …


Police Are Warning Against This Scary New Phone Scam

Earlier this month security experts warned of a highly effective phishing email that fooled many Gmail customers into divulging their login …


A Former FBI Negotiator Spills The Secrets for Winning Any Exchange

Christopher Voss created his company Black Swan based on the skills learned as a negotiator in hostage situations.

Black Swans