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Selena Gomez Wants To Date Zayn Malik Now?

She’s also looking to date some older guys; is tired of talking about Bieber.

Much ink—and many a tear—have been spent this week on the romantic exploits of Selena Gomez. On Monday, the world wondered whether a shaky cell-phone video showing Justin Bieber serenading Gomez at a hotel bar meant the …

Selena Gomez

Matthew Weiner Directing Episode of Orange Is The New Black

Just don’t ask anybody what it’s about.

Here’s a fun fact that will make you feel horrible about your own social circle: Matthew Weiner and Jenji Kohan are “longtime friends.” That’s right. Orange Is The New Black’s creative warden and the mad genius behind Mad Men are pals, the kind of pals who …

Matthew Weiner

Donald Trump Falls 12 Percent in One Week

Maybe there is a limit to the number of people you can insult while running for president?

Though it remains impossible to count out Donald Trump, who still leads the Republican field of presidential hopefuls, an endless barrage of offensive statements may have dented his iron-clad support. A new …

Donald Trump

Anne Hathaway Is Reportedly Pregnant

Sources say the Oscar-winning actress is in her second trimester

Oh, Anne Hathaway. Our dear, dear Anne Hathaway. What a rollercoaster your personal and professional lives have been; what a long, strange trip we’ve taken together (or mostly you, while we watched).

Taking the long view, it would appear …

Anne Hathaway

Carol’s Production Designer Reveals How to Achieve Cate Blanchett Chic

Cate Blanchett

Week in Fashion: We Give Thanks to Gaga, Kate Bosworth, and Jennifer Lopez

Kate Bosworth

Will Prince Harry See Chelsy Davy on Latest South Africa Trip?

Prince Harry travels to the country next week on business, which will put him in the same town as a famous ex.

Jet-setting Prince Harry will visit South Africa next week, which raises the inevitable question: will he meet up with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy while there?

The 31-year-old royal has a …

Travel (South Africa)

Exclusive: Barbie Tells All to Vanity Fair!

For years, Barbara Millicent Roberts has been dodging rumors about her body, her dream house, and her relationship with Ken. But now that she is being released with a talking feature, she has managed to find her voice—and will not be silenced.

It’s about time they gave me a voice and let me speak. …


How Architect Thierry Despont Is Transforming Landmarks Like the Ritz and the Plaza

When money meets history meets taste, the architect the 1 percent tend to call is Thierry Despont. As the low-profile Frenchman works on a massive renovation of the Ritz Paris and New York’s iconic Woolworth Building, James Reginato reports on what has made Despont the choice of such modern-day …


The Coziest, Prettiest, and Downright Best Home Gifts for the Holidays

Discovering the Vulnerable Woman Behind Janis Joplin’s Legend

Janis Joplin is remembered for her brassy swagger, but her true personality was completely hidden from her fans. Inspired to learn more after watching the new Joplin documentary, Little Girl Blue, Sheila Weller interviews some of the friends who knew the singer best.

Drug overdoses distort the …

Janis Joplin

Empire Episode 9 Recap: What Is Alicia Keys Doing to Our Jamal?

While Cookie’s romance ends in tragedy, Jamal’s love life goes in a surprising new direction.

Happy Thanksgiving, Empireneers! If you’re a horrible person like me then you did the following when your mom asked you to help load the dishwasher just as “Previously on Empire...” began:

because while it is …

Alicia Keys

Film Feasts: Movie Meals to Give Thanks for (Mostly)


A Gift of Giving: Kiehl’s Continues to Support Feeding America

Did you know that in the U.S., there are people who struggle with hunger? That’s a fact. One in six Americans are confronted with hunger on a daily bases - that’s almost 50 million Americans, 16 million of which are children. It’s a shocking statistic but sadly true.

To help remedy some of that …


Knight of Cups Trailer: Existential Despair Is So, So Beautiful

Featuring a lot of famous people who may or may not make the final cut.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Knight of Cups, Terrence Malick’s gorgeous-looking mind-bender of a film—but that’s probably because the powers that be decided to skip this year’s Oscar race and debut the film in …


Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong Is Just One More Great Idea From Damien Chazelle

The guy who reunited Gosling and Emma Stone can do anything he wants, as far as we’re concerned.

Meme machine Ryan Gosling is thinking about making one small career step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.

Famed astronaut Neil Armstrong is the subject of an upcoming biopic from Damien Chazelle.

Ryan Gosling

From Cleopatra to John Carter: The Biggest Box Office Turkeys in Holly

John Carter

Men in Black 4 Producers Promise a “Prominent” Woman in Black

Women can finally be Ghostbusters, so why not alien-zappers?

It’s 2015, people! That means women can be Ghostbusters, superheroes, and major Star Wars heroines in movies. The next cinematic franchise to get a healthy shot of feminism, it seems, will be Men in Black as its producer promises to give …


Star Wars Fans Threaten Fox News Contributor Over “Space Nerds” Comment

“I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now.”

Just when you thought comic book and video game fans were the most obnoxious, fundamentalist Star Wars kooks are showing their true, terrible colors. Regardless …

Star Wars

Tessa Thompson’s Creed Photo Diary | Vanity Fair

We’re Thankful for Adele, “Hotline Bling,” and Prince Harry’s Beard This Thanksgiving

Hello . . . it’s us. As we have done for the past two years, we have decided to reflect, this Thanksgiving, on what it is in this world—pop culturally and otherwise—that we are thankful for right now. But just as every Thanksgiving involves not just the warm delicious slice of apple pie, but also

Prince Harry

The Grease: Live! Cast Was Born to Hand Jive

Yes, even Carly Rae Jepsen.

Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Hudgens, and Carly Rae Jepsen were born to hand jive, baby. All four star in Fox’s upcoming broadcast of Grease: Live!, which is exactly what it sounds like: a live performance of the musical. For the new preview of these folks in …

Julianne Hough

Kasich Campaign Invokes Famed Anti-Nazi Passage in Trump Attack Ad

And with that, the Republican primary enters its much-anticipated Godwin’s law stage.

In a new ad released on Tuesday, John Kasich, one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump in the 2016 G.O.P. primary field, drew a connection between Trump's recent flirtation with the idea of a national registry …

Donald Trump

Is Selena Gomez Dating One Direction’s Niall Horan? Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone?

A new wrinkle in the love life of Selena Gomez has us scratching our heads.

We told you that love is strange and confusing, didn’t we? A mere two days after it seemed that Selena Gomez, half actress and half singer, was back together with Justin Bieber, singer and half man, there are new rumors that …

Selena Gomez

Find My Pope: A New App Lets You Track the Pontiff in Kenya

Finally, the technological breakthrough we've all been waiting for.

It is true that the whole world is besotted with Pope Francis.

On his recent visit to the United States, he brought millions of people, who were actually being nice to each other, together to line the streets in hopes of catching a …


Carol Exclusive Clip: Cate Blanchett Invites Rooney Mara on a Life-Changing Road Trip

Their flirtation is about to become much more.

When Cate Blanchett asks you if you’d like to join her on a trip, you say yes. And if you’re a young woman in 1952 who’s just becoming aware of her attraction to a woman, that goes double.

In this exclusive clip from Carol, we meet Carol Aird (Blanchett), …

Cate Blanchett

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Trailer Tears the Team Apart

And introduces our newest superhero, Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

Marvel dropped the first Captain America: Civil War trailer late last night—and it still went crazy viral, even at that ungodly hour. Yes, it features the return of Captain America (Chris Evans) and The Winter Soldier (Sebastian

Civil War

Watch Jared Leto Teach Us Important Fruit Knowledge

The most entertaining way to tell the difference between an apple and a pear.

Jared Leto is famously unpredictable, rocking beach waves one moment and pink hair the next, winning an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club and then following it up by playing the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Even when he’s …

Jared Leto

Graydon Carter on the Scourge of Modern Slavery

In his monthly editor’s letter, Vanity Fair’s editor reflects on stories in the Holiday issue, a diverse lineup of subjects that range from contemporary bondage to Gabriel García Márquez to the eternal allure of Venice.

Like tuberculosis and landlines, slavery seems very much a throwback to another …


Watch Adele Perform “Hello” with Classroom Instruments with Jimmy Fallon

In what could—just a warning!—cause unwanted flashbacks to elementary-school music class (“Everyone grab an instrument and then sit on the green circle!”), Adele joined forces with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to perform “Hello” (would anyone be surprised if the government went ahead and named this our …

Jimmy Fallon