By Valdis Krebs | Who is mining, mapping and measuring the tracks you leave behind on the Internet.

If we want a resilient world, we need to start with resilient data

Editor’s note: This Voices piece is published in collaboration with the academic journal Elementa. It is based on “Toward a digital resilience,” a


Protecting U.S. Innovation From Cyberthreats

More than any other nation, America is defined by the spirit of innovation, and our dominance in the digital world gives us a competitive advantage in the global economy. However, our advantage is threatened by foreign governments, criminals and lone actors who are targeting our computer networks, …


The secret devices the government uses to track you through your phone

Concerned about the militarization of law enforcement, a source within the intelligence community has provided The Intercept with a secret, internal …


How the Paris Attacks Could Lead to More Government Snooping on Americans

Syrian refugees aren't the only ones feeling the backlash from the Paris attacks: Privacy advocates are worried that last week's terrorist assault …


How Terrorist Threats Against LA and New York Schools Exposed Weaknesses

The handling of terrorist threats on Los Angeles and New York City schools calls into question the ability of national and local government to …

Los Angeles

Apple Buys AI Startup That Reads Emotions in Faces

Get ready for Siri to know how you really feel.The post Apple Buys AI Startup That Reads Emotions in Faces appeared first on WIRED.


Who Controls Your Facebook Feed

Every time you open Facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action. It scans and …


Get smart on tracking

Be the boss of your personal info

There are many ways you can take back and maintain control of your online activity. Here are some important tips, …


A new US law brands journalists and humanitarian workers as terrorist risks

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, lawmakers passed a powerful counter-terrorism bill amending the visa waiver program in the US. The new law, known as HR 158, attempts to address real threats posed by the Islamic State—but in the process, it’s unfairly branded …


Lessig on how the economics of data-retention will drive privacy tech

In an interview with the WSJ’s CIO blog, Lawrence Lessig proposes that the existence of cryptographic tools that allow for “zero-knowledge” …

What Do the TSA's New Scanner Rules Mean for Your Next Flight?

The Transportation Security Administration's new rules for screening passengers with its controversial full-body scanners -- which were quietly changed just before the busy holiday travel season -- represent a significant policy reversal that could affect your next flight.

Getting checked by the …


In The Debate Over Strong Encryption, Security And Liberty Must Win

Protecting the privacy of citizens from those who would do them harm or steal from them is now intrinsically bound to encrypting devices, communications and data. That's true whether for cellphones, email, health records, tax transcripts or the personnel files of tens of millions of public servants.


Beyond Distrust: How Americans View Their Government

Overview A year ahead of the presidential election, the American public is deeply cynical about government, politics and the nation’s elected leaders …


The NSA will no longer collect your metadata starting tonight

Ending an infamous era of Big Brother-esque surveillance, the National Security Agency’s bulk phone surveillance program will officially be …

Terrorist attacks: Mass surveillance is the problem, not the solution

Showing scant respect for the many victims of the Paris attacks, government officials and pundits have been quick to exploit public anger and fear to …


Section II: How privacy will again fade away

The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images

2-Minute Summary

Privacy, as we understand it, is only about 150 years …

Our Reaction to Terrorism Is More Dangerous Than the Terrorists

From crazed demagogues like Donald Trump to uncoordinated, strategically incoherent, leaderless counterstrikes, we're spiraling toward a riskier …


Paris Attacks Plot Was Hatched in Plain Sight

Terrorists used tools of everyday modern life to plan attacks on French capital undetected

BOBIGNY, France—Three days before the attacks that ripped through Paris, Djazira Boulanger handed the keys to her row house, across the street from a kindergarten, to a guest who had booked it over the website …


Online Attacks on Infrastructure Are Increasing at a Worrying Pace

SAN FRANCISCO — Over the last four years, foreign hackers have stolen source code and blueprints to the oil and water pipelines and power grid of the United States and have infiltrated the Department of Energy’s networks 150 times.

So what’s stopping them from shutting us down?

The phrase …

Homeland Security

Americans’ Attitudes About Privacy, Security and Surveillance

The cascade of reports following the June 2013 government surveillance revelations by NSA contractor Edward Snowden have brought new attention to …


The US Navy is taking drastic measures to avoid being hacked

Forget satellite navigation – the US Navy is reinstating classes on the centuries-old practice of celestial navigation after realising that if GPS systems are hacked, they need a back-up plan.

For centuries, our ancestors relied on angular measurements taken from between a celestial body – such as …

U.S. Navy

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How Putin Tried to Control the Internet

Russia is currently busy rewriting the country’s doctrine of information security, to be adopted in 2016. The internet is defined in the text as a major challenge to the political stability of the regime.

"Special services” and Western countries’ "controlled NGOs" actively use information and

Surveillance planes spotted in the sky for days after West Baltimore rioting

As Benjamin Shayne settled into his back yard to listen to the Orioles game on the radio Saturday night, he noticed a small plane looping low and tight over West Baltimore — almost exactly above where rioting had erupted several days earlier, in the aftermath of the death of a black man, Freddie …


Why You Should Eat Your Airplane Boarding Pass Once You Take Your Seat

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, here’s one more thing to worry about: airplane tickets. Earlier this week, Brian Krebs reported …


Estonia Wants to Collect the DNA of All Its Citizens

The country’s genetic biobank is still in its earliest stages, but the government hopes to one day have enough donors to totally overhaul its health-care system.

When Steven Smit opens the freezer, liquid nitrogen pours into the room, cascading dramatically over the sides of the container before …


Mr. Robot Uses ProtonMail, But It Still Isn’t Fully Secure

Plenty of email systems claim to be highly secure. The newest of them, ProtonMail, attracted widespread attention after the main character on the hit …

The Tech That Got Obama Elected Will Now Fire Ads at You

Get ready for television ads that feel a lot more personal.The post The Tech That Got Obama Elected Will Now Fire Ads at You appeared first on WIRED.


Experian breach may have exposed data on 15M consumers linked to T-Mobile

A data breach at credit bureau Experian may have exposed data from T-Mobile USA on about 15 million U.S. consumers.

The data includes names, birth …