By Valdis Krebs | Who is mining, mapping and measuring the tracks you leave behind on the Internet.

Online Attacks on Infrastructure Are Increasing at a Worrying Pace

SAN FRANCISCO — Over the last four years, foreign hackers have stolen source code and blueprints to the oil and water pipelines and power grid of the United States and have infiltrated the Department of Energy’s networks 150 times.

So what’s stopping them from shutting us down?

The phrase …

Homeland Security

Americans’ Attitudes About Privacy, Security and Surveillance

The cascade of reports following the June 2013 government surveillance revelations by NSA contractor Edward Snowden have brought new attention to …


The US Navy is taking drastic measures to avoid being hacked

Forget satellite navigation – the US Navy is reinstating classes on the centuries-old practice of celestial navigation after realising that if GPS systems are hacked, they need a back-up plan.

For centuries, our ancestors relied on angular measurements taken from between a celestial body – such as …

U.S. Navy

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How Putin Tried to Control the Internet

Russia is currently busy rewriting the country’s doctrine of information security, to be adopted in 2016. The internet is defined in the text as a major challenge to the political stability of the regime.

"Special services” and Western countries’ "controlled NGOs" actively use information and


Surveillance planes spotted in the sky for days after West Baltimore rioting

As Benjamin Shayne settled into his back yard to listen to the Orioles game on the radio Saturday night, he noticed a small plane looping low and tight over West Baltimore — almost exactly above where rioting had erupted several days earlier, in the aftermath of the death of a black man, Freddie …


Why You Should Eat Your Airplane Boarding Pass Once You Take Your Seat

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, here’s one more thing to worry about: airplane tickets. Earlier this week, Brian Krebs reported …


Estonia Wants to Collect the DNA of All Its Citizens

The country’s genetic biobank is still in its earliest stages, but the government hopes to one day have enough donors to totally overhaul its health-care system.

When Steven Smit opens the freezer, liquid nitrogen pours into the room, cascading dramatically over the sides of the container before …


Mr. Robot Uses ProtonMail, But It Still Isn’t Fully Secure

Plenty of email systems claim to be highly secure. The newest of them, ProtonMail, attracted widespread attention after the main character on the hit …


The Tech That Got Obama Elected Will Now Fire Ads at You

Get ready for television ads that feel a lot more personal.The post The Tech That Got Obama Elected Will Now Fire Ads at You appeared first on WIRED.


Experian breach may have exposed data on 15M consumers linked to T-Mobile

A data breach at credit bureau Experian may have exposed data from T-Mobile USA on about 15 million U.S. consumers.

The data includes names, birth …

£1984: does a cashless economy make for a surveillance state?

If you type “money” into a Google image search, you get pictures of metal coins and paper notes. People fixate upon this physical currency, but while we still use such transferable tokens for many small transactions, large ones are inevitably electronic. When Rolls-Royce acquires metal to produce …


Good Article on the Sony Attack

Fortune has a three-part article on the Sony attack by North Korea. There's not a lot of tech here; it's mostly about Sony's internal politics …


How the risk of Chinese spying caused Obama to forgo a presidential tradition

The threat of Chinese espionage is changing how the United States acts -- in ways big and small. For the first time in decades, the American president isn’t staying at the Waldorf Astoria, the luxury hotel on Park Avenue, during his annual trip to New York for a meeting of the United Nations.

Every …


Google will let companies target ads using your email address

Google will soon let advertisers tap into one of the most lucrative types of ad targeting: email addresses. The search giant is rolling out a new tool called Customer Match, which lets advertisers use a list of email addresses to target specific users across Google services. To be targeted through …


The Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie

To hear FBI Director James Comey tell it, strong encryption stops law enforcement dead in its tracks by letting terrorists, kidnappers and rapists …


A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet

Where is the internet? This map might explain it better than any statistics could ever hope to: The red hot spots show where the most devices that …


What the FBI Director Could Learn From the Rolling Stones

This week's news in the encryption debates drives home the point that FBI Director James Comey could learn a thing or two from Mick Jagger. Mick reminded us that "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."

What Comey wants is to put a …


Measuring Cybersecurity Success at the Summit | Center for Strategic and International Studies

If press reports are accurate, it is a welcome development that the United States and China (in response to the threat of sanctions) have begun …

Self-Tracking Modes: Reflexive Self-Monitoring and Data Practices by Deborah Lupton

The concept of ‘self-tracking’ (also referred to as life-logging, the quantified self, personal analytics and personal informatics) has recently …

Rant: Where predictive analytics falls down


Predictive analytics and being “data driven” are kissing cousin topics that are being espoused at a conference near you this very second - assuming …

How obsessive self-tracking is eroding privacy for everyone

Sociologist Deborah Lupton says the growing use of health tracking technology is conditioning society to reveal more personal information about …


How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia

THE KEY PARAGRAPH in Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan’s new book, The Red Web, comes surprisingly late, after the authors have described the long and …


The greatest encryption cannot withstand the stupidity of people

In blunder threatening Windows users, D-Link publishes code-signing key
[Via Ars Technica]

In a ham-fisted move that threatens computer users …


Five myths about classified information

The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state has centered on whether she used it to send or receive classified messages. This focus obscures the larger question of whether Clinton’s setup affected the State Department’s compliance with the …

National Security

Study names the five most hackable vehicles

A study released by a forensic consultancy has singled out the top five vehicles most susceptible to hacking.

The results of the study, by PT&C|LWG …

Would You Take a 'Digital' Pill? Bioethicist Warns About Privacy Risk

Do you always follow your doctor's orders? What if your doctor, pharmacist, health insurance company or even employer could tell if you were taking your heart medication when you were supposed to? How about your HIV medicine?

Would you look forward to a call from your pharmacy or the health benefits …


The nudge theory and beyond: how people can play with your mind

A couple of decades ago, a class of psychology undergraduates played a mean trick on their lecturer. The students on the right side of the room gently nodded, smiled, and looked thoughtful, while those on the left seemed bored and glum. Before long, the unsuspecting lecturer was addressing the …

Scientific Research

China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say

Foreign spy services, especially in China and Russia, are aggressively aggregating and cross-indexing hacked U.S. computer databases — including security clearance applications, airline records and medical insurance forms — to identify U.S. intelligence officers and agents, U.S. officials said.

At …