Vacuum cleaner used in the households now are usually designed with the top 2-3 m long suction, along the wire comes from the area of 5 m or more. The machine can-clean dirt in the range of about 15-20 m.Cordless vacuum cleaners?Bagless vacuum cleaner type is wireless using rechargeable batteries or charging power. The machine has a compact, portable design used to suck the location such as bedding, furniture, car and have some top-model comes to-carpet, floor ...Cordless vacuum cleaners are not restricted to the range of movement, but limited by time. Usually continuous working time of 20-40 minute's rechargeable battery depends on battery quality.Pros cons of cordless vacuum cleanerAdvantages:-Can be used whenever and wherever, without electricity and wireless socket power ngoang diluted.-Low noise, keep comfortable space when operating machine.-You can potty every position from within the House: floors, stairs, cabinets, shelves, computer keyboard and external such as glass doors, curtains hanging, both in