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How To Kill It During A UX Interview

When you’ve reached the phone screen or the in-person interview step, you’ve gotten past the hard part: you have demonstrated that you have the …

Job Interviews

Six Ways Interaction Designers Should Act More Like A Product Manager

“So why should I understand what a product manager does?”

It’s because 60 to 70 percent of what Interaction Designers do has a direct correlation in …

Product Management

Six Tips How To Play Nicely When Working At a Startup

There’s been a lot of articles written about this, but there are a lot of people who ignore some very important details.

I’ve worked at enough


Consultant Thursdays: The Top 12 Points To Think About When Forming A Startup

I honestly believe there is no better time in recent history to do a startup than right now.

The tools are much easier to use to build websites, and …

Consultant Thursdays: Jumping To A Start Up

You have this cool client that has this really great idea, and they want to turn it into a sure thing.

They approach you about joining their start up, …

Consultant Thursdays: Hiring A User Experience Team

After talking to a bunch of recruiters and other managers, it looks like User Experience is going to making a comeback in hiring. We are the leading …

Eight Organizational Challenges For UX Professionals

This article was originally published at UXmatters on April 2, 2012. The article was truly a collaboration.

A great organizational culture is a …

Product Management

Consultant Thursdays: The Pros And Cons Of Being An Outie

Some of us work for in-house UX groups and others work for agencies. Having been both an “innie” and an “outie,” I can vouch for the fact that I …

Consultant Thursdays: Just Who Owns The Work, Anyways?

Many of us have an entrepreneur streak in us, and what we’ve signed may limit that streak. It’s good to know your rights just so when it comes up, …

Six Things User Experience Designers Forget When They Criticize Websites

It’s easy to criticize the user experience of an application or website, because we’re all end users.

But sometimes we use it once, while many have to …

The Top Six Tips On How To Be a Great Web Designer

I have a background as both a web and print designer (something I revisit occasionally to remember how much I don’t enjoy it). I have hired them and …

Web Design

Consultant Thursdays: Should User Experience Designers Know Design Or Programming?

That was a question that came across one of the mailing lists — “do I have to learn how to program to be a good user experience designer?” A job …

How Much Should Designers Ask About The Business Model?

I posted this over on Quora too. It’ll be interesting to see what responses we’ll get.

We’re starting the see the usual cracks in a tech boom where …


Five Tips For Recruiters: What To Know Before You Pitch Me

This is a cross-post of a blog entry over at Jobvite, a social recruiting platform. Enjoy.

Let’s just say these are busy times in Silicon Valley, …

Onward Search: How To Shape Your UX Job

Yup, that’s me — I’ll be guestblogging much more. An excerpt:

I did a presentation recently with Dylan Campbell about getting a great UX Job. One of …

Six Tips Before Moving To San Francisco As a UX Professional

If you’re in User Experience, there’s no other place like the Bay Area.

There are thousands and thousands of jobs and, seemingly, that many job …

San Francisco

A Great Way To Get Experience As An Interaction Designer? Intern.

I covered a list of expectations I have for new user experience designers. Some lucky designers graduate straight from school into working at …

UX Design

The UX Portfolio: Telling Your Story

This originally published over at UXMas, where they were kind enough to let me guest blog (how festive!). They also did a wonderful job of editing


How To Write a Great User Experience Resume

Need a resume template
to start with?
Request Resume Template

I look at a lot of resumes…

…and not just for people that I interview. I’ve seen a couple …

Job Interviews

How To Build a Great Profile On LinkedIn

Jobvite is the full-time gig, and they’re nice enough to let me blog. I talk all the time to recruiters, and one of the discussions we have about

How To Get a Great Job Using Twitter

Jobvite is the full-time gig, and they're nice enough to let me blog. I talk all the time to recruiters and how they recruit. One of the most recent

How To Get a Great Job Using Facebook

Jobvite is the full-time gig, and they’re nice enough to let me blog. I talk all the time to recruiters and how they recruit. One of the most recent

The Presentation — From Application To Interview: How To Get A Great UX Job

Thank you to the wonderful UX Speakeasy folks (Bennett King, Shilpa Lewis, Aaron Irizarry and whoever else I forgot). You guys did a great job …

People I Like Following On Twitter, Part I

Let’s just say I spend a lot of time on Twitter. Occasionally, I make it on a list of other great UX types (Usercentric, UX Booth, A Better User …

Six Things Misunderstood About User Experience Designers

I’ve worked in this field for a very long time, yet explaining how User Experience works to my parents is one of the most frustrating conversations I …

Information Architecture

Consultant Thursdays: Getting Noticed On The Cheap

Let’s suppose you just got laid off or worse yet, fired. Or even worse your primary focus is financial services software. The recession has finally …

Six Tips To Writing Tweets That Generate Traffic

People will read great content if it’s written on butcher paper (much to the dismay of visual designers and user experience professionals everywhere) …

Four More Ways To Build Your Personal Brand As a UX Designer

Immediately after I posted the previous entry, a good friend of mine mentioned a few more ways to be a respected member of the community. It really …

World Wide Web

Four Ways To Build Your Personal Brand As a UX Designer

It always shocks me when someone says, “Hey, I read your blog.”

Three people read my blog (one is my mother), but there’s a substantial number of …

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