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Google Made a Chatbot That Debates the Meaning of Life

A human talks to a machine. And it goes like this:

Human: what is the purpose of life?
Machine: to serve the greater good.
Human: what is the purpose

Why Should We Support the Idea of Universal Basic Income?

Photo by Russell Shaw Higgs / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

An answer to a growing question of the 21st century


What would you do?

So what exactly would you do, if you were guaranteed $1,000 per month for the rest of your life? And yes, that's around what the amount would most likely be here in the United States, …

Basic Income


Keybase is a people directory. Here are some random folks, if you'd rather just poke around.

So what exactly is it?

Well, Keybase is a website, but …


Anonymous is building a site to kill Facebook

Site hopes to take on Facebook by making its algorithms more open, as well as making it impossible to share data

A new social network, backed by …


#1 what is peer to peer

A quick tour in the hacking black market

A quick tour in the Black Markets, the places on the web where it is possible to acquire or rent “malicious” services and illegal products.Black …


DOCU #00

The right to the commons: reimagining our collective powers

Commons emerge as we attempt to reclaim solidarity, autonomy and possibility through struggle — and that necessarily implies a confrontation with

The Commons: A New European Concept?

Virtual Assembly

Watch the full-length NBC News interview with Edward Snowden

NBC News has released an online version of its featured interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, a first for US TV.

More on the secret preparation that led to the exclusive "get" for NBC's Brian Williams in our previous coverage.

Here's part one of the video. NBC has multiple segments …

Edward Snowden

10+1 attributes of ideal challenges for Collective Intelligence

Not all problems are equally suited to a collective approach. In this post I propose a way of typifying problems most likely to be successfully …


• Devolver valor a la sociedad más allá del crowdfunding. El Mundo See more
• Goteo elected NGO of the year. Democratic Citizenship Awards See …

Zappos' CEO Gives His Staff an Ultimatum, Over 200 Workers Quit Shortly After

Over 200 workers at the online retailer Zappos have left the company after recent management changes, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Since the …

Tony Hsieh

Edgar Kampers, Founder and Executive Co-Director, Qoin, The Netherlands - ICIC15


Book Review: The Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research in the Age of Austerity by Max Haiven

What is to be done in the face of crisis, when the very trope of crisis curtails our ability to […]



For an embodied, differential media ethics in global surveillance culture.

July 2013 – The following is beta version 1.0 of a draft to be discussed …

The End of Meaningless Jobs Is a Win For Us All

68,894 35

Many experts studying the topic of automation believe that the current rate of advancement is leading us into a future with fewer and fewer …

Exponential Finance Conference

Lessons from Finland: building a co-operative economy

In a sparsely populated country with a short summer and long, hard winter, the idea of people working together for a common interest comes naturally. As a result there are more member-owners of co-operative enterprises in Finland than there are people. The average adult is a member of two …


Un-Track Yourself!

What we’re losing when we’re quantifying everything

Put the body-monitoring tool down, turn around, and slowly walk away. Just because something is

Post-Capitalism: Rise of the Collaborative Commons

The Revolution will not be Centralized

This article is a follow-up to The Obsolescence of Capitalism: And the Transition to a Resource Based Economy, …

Millennials Insist The Future Will Be Shared

Editor’s note: Mike Montgomery is the executive director of CALinnovates.

What happens when 80-year-old laws meet 21st-century millennial? We’re about to find out. In California, the state Department of Motor Vehicles threatened the future of ride sharing by dusting off a 1930s law that requires …


The fragmentation of power

The European | 16 January 2015The end of the nation-state as we know it: Parag Khanna discusses the path towards global connectivity and why we have …


Ethereum: Freenet or Skynet?

Primavera De Filippi

Transcripted and adapted from the original video by Primavera De Filippi and Ann Marie Utratel

What is Ethereum? Can this …

"Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Apple, Google and Microsoft" in Backchannel

I’m done sending my money and data to corporations I don’t trustContinue reading on Medium »


Building provenance for digital works

Giving provenance to photos and providing instant credit to their creators. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of …

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