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Parents Of Intellectually Disabled Plead For State Funding, Cite Growing Waiting List

HARTFORD — Their plea was as simple as it was powerful.

In Russia, Orphanages Are a Life Sentence for Children with Disabilities

When Russia enacted a ban barring Americans from adopting children from its orphanages in 2012, analysts pointed out that the country's disabled …

Minority, Disabled Kids Hit Most By Teachers in U.S.

My sister recently told me that before I was born, when our family lived in Oakland, California, she and another girl in her first grade class got in …

Remote islands where families send mentally disabled relatives

• The rural island chain, off southwest coast, is home to thriving slave trade• 
Tales of slavery using disabled people repeatedly emerged in last ten

Hoping for Smiles, Mother Gives Autistic Son a Spider-Man Party

The boy stood alone in the dim hallway of the housing project community center. He stared at a row of lockers, at a vending machine, at nothing.

In the next room, children and their parents and grandparents shouted and laughed over dance music booming from somebody’s speaker. The party was up and …

Educator Explains Why Children With And Without Special Needs Should Learn Together

The IDEAL School and Academy Of Manhattan, an inclusive academy for children with and without special needs, aims to change the way people think about educational settings for children with special needs.

Head Of School Angela Bergeson explained to HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani how in …


North Korea is experimenting on disabled people

While Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film pokes fun at Kim Jong-un’s regime, these are the horrific abuses we shouldn’t be forgetting about

As …

Starving, disabled children are symbol of a cuts agenda with no conscience

Lorna Jamison is selling things from her home in Haverhill, Suffolk to buy her two sons winter coats. Family photo frames, ornaments and toys; whatever she can get her hands on and will get some money quickly. She’s full-time carer to Ellis, who is six and has Asperger syndrome, and the benefits …

Disabled Children

Finding Joy Working with Disabled Children

A few months ago, I posted an interview I did with Patrick Donohue, whose daughter Sarah Jane suffered a traumatic brain injury at the hands of her …

30 Years On, the World's Worst Industrial Disaster Continues to Blight Bhopal

A man stands by the water’s edge, proffering a small, sad looking fish. A mud-stained canvas bag full of them hangs from his left shoulder. He tells …


Are NOLA Schools Failing Students With Disabilities?

In New Orleans, schools have long struggled to provide for students with physical, emotional and mental disabilities. Even before Hurricane Katrina, …

The disabled children locked up in cages

Disabled people in Greece are often stigmatised and can struggle to get the support they need. Some disabled children who live in a state-run home are locked up in cages - staff say they want to improve conditions but money is short.

Nine-year-old Jenny stands and rocks backwards and forwards, …

Disabled Children

For Russian Kids, A Disability Often Means Life In An Orphanage

Dasha Daunis is a lively 15-year-old who loves animals. She talks with her mother, Anastasia, about a recent trip to the circus, where they saw her favorite, bears.

Dasha was born with Down syndrome, and Anastasia says the doctors at the hospital told her that her baby would never thrive.

"Everyone …

Parents of disabled upset with SeaWorld


N.J. hospital launches website to help parents of disabled children shop for insurance

After years of seeing families like the Feeneys juggle the demands of taking care of a disabled child while trying to advocate for their medical …

Where are all the disabled characters in children's books?

My name’s Megan. I’m a teenager, a book blogger, a book addict, an aspiring author and a now-too-old member of this site (sad face). Oh, and I also happen to be in a wheelchair.

Sorry for that little introduction, but I just wanted to point out how being in a wheelchair doesn’t define me. And I want …


Disabled children's behaviour 'deteriorates at school'

The behaviour of children with disabilities and learning difficulties often worsens when they start school, research suggests.

The Millennium Cohort Study analysis suggests children with disabilities can become more hyperactive and have difficulty getting on with classmates.

It urges more stringent …


Disabled children face uphill education battle

Even though the Constitution guarantees disabled children the right to education, many don't go to school, or have great difficulty in doing so.

NJ Parents Petitioning To Keep Disabled Children In Out-Of-State Facilities

LANGHORNE, PENN. (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of parents are taking on Gov. Chris Christie in a fight over their special needs children.As CBS 2’s Jessica …

Disabled Children

Disabilities in children increase, physical problems decline

Disabilities among U.S. children have increased slightly, with a bigger rise in mental and developmental problems in those from wealthier families, a 10-year analysis found.

Disadvantaged kids still bear a disproportionate burden.

The increases may partly reflect more awareness and recognition that …

Russia: Children with Disabilities Face Violence, Neglect

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Nearly 30 percent of all children with disabilities in Russia live in state orphanages where they may face violence …


In China, Seeking Equality in Education for Disabled Migrants

They’re migrants, they’re children, and they’re disabled — a combination that means they are almost entirely overlooked in society.

But there are about half a million people fitting that description in China, and they want an education like anyone else, according to 20 civil society groups that have …

Senate should pass ‘Disability Treaty’ in 2014

This much-needed treaty will establish an ADA global framework for nations to enact and enforce laws recognizing the rights of the disabled.


Indignation at stories of “rejected” disabled children masks the harm done by government cuts

The would-be mum of twins carried by a surrogate has “rejected” one of the babies because it was born with a disability, the Telegraph reported today. …

Mental disabilities in kids rise; physical problems decline

Disabilities among U.S. children have increased slightly, with a bigger rise in mental and developmental problems in those from wealthier families, a …

This Man Was Born Blind, But That Doesn't Stop Him From Teaching Children to Read

The Kids Who Beat Autism

At first, everything about L.'s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress, and by age 2, he had fully retreated into his own world. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear, no longer …

Baby Gammy isn’t the only one: The ugly law shaming Australia

Bernhard Moeller appears on Sky News 2:05

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Dr Bernhard Moeller and son Lukas appear on Sky News in 2008.


IT’S the law you never