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By UNICEF USA | 2012: 168 million child laborers worldwide.

India Child Labor: 200 Children Rescued In Hyderabad Raids

More than 200 child laborers were rescued by Indian authorities during early morning raids in Hyderabad that led to the arrests of 10 people, …


GoodWeave modernizes its fight against child labor in the rug industry

The D.C.-based nonprofit GoodWeave has been fighting child exploitation by rug producers in Nepal, India and Afghanistan for more than 20 years.Now, …

Child Labor

Elmhurst Historical Museum hosts exhibit about 20th century child labor

Those who think of young workers as high school students taking phone orders for pizza will find the new exhibit at the Elmhurst Historical Museum eye-opening.

The traveling exhibit, Let Children Be Children: Lewis Wickes Hine's Crusade Against Child Labor, presents dozens of stark black-and-white …


Child Workers Rescued from Hyderabad a Week Ago, Still Far Away from Home

New Delhi: Nearly 350 children from Bihar have been rescued from bangle-making units in the Old City are in Hyderabad in the last one week. The …


Indian police find hundreds of child slaves

Hundreds of Indian children trafficked and enslaved to make bangles have been rescued by police in a series of early morning raids in the southern …


Who were Switzerland’s ‘slave children’?

Clare O'Dea speaks to victims of historic abuse and neglect in Switzerland's inadequate care system of the 1920s to 1970s and takes a closer look at …


Addressing the root causes of child labour: Halima's story

Despite national laws in most countries, there are still 168 million child workers globally. By working with the private sector and communities, Unicef is making strides to get children in school instead of work

At 10 years-old, Halima is starting her first year of school. Her father is a cocoa …


How Harry Potter fans won a battle against child slavery

After a four year battle, Warner Bros. agreed to use only Fair Trade or UTZ certified chocolate in Harry Potter products. Can fans be activists?

How Common Is Child Labor in the U.S.?

Budgets for agencies that monitor workplaces are shrinking as some states roll back laws meant to limit the hours and jobs kids can work.

On a warm day last summer Josh Bassais, a union organizer, went down to a non-union construction project in Edina, a Minneapolis suburb where new elementary …

In Mexico's fields, children toil to harvest crops that make it to American tables - Los Angeles Times

Children Who Labor in Fields: Yes, Here

To the Editor:

Re “A Ban on Child Labor in Tobacco Fields” (editorial, Dec. 29):

An investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee in the early 20th century, Lewis Hine, traversed the United States capturing the plight of child laborers in canneries, coal mines and textile …


A List of Diseases and Afflictions Suffered By Young Factory Workers in Chicago, 1895

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U.S. Expands Items from Child Labor, Includes Bangladesh, India

Washington — The Labor Department last week expanded its list of products worldwide it says were likely produced by child or forced labor, ranging …

A Ban on Child Labor in Tobacco Fields

Responding to a damning report this year by Human Rights Watch, some cigarette companies and growers have said they will voluntarily restrict child labor in tobacco fields. Though welcome, these steps should be reinforced by new federal rules.

Children as young as 7 are working on tobacco farms in …

Child Labor

Is Your Favorite Chocolate the Product of Child Labor?


Some 15 percent of Honduran kids work

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Roberto Castellanos has the hands of a construction worker and the homework of a 6th grader. Roberto, who just turned …


Child labor and palm oil in Indonesia

Bimo. Photo by: Gonçalo M. Rosa.

Meet Bimo Kencana Arief. At 13 years old, this Indonesian middle school student is not spending his afternoons doing …

Report: Child labor still prevalent on West African cocoa farms : Business


Children belong in school, not in supply chains

Benjamin Smith, Senior Officer for Corporate Social Responsibility
International Programme on the Elimination of Child LabourThe importance of …

Supply Chains

West Africa boycott needed for slave-free chocolate, says consumer group

Its calls come as Europe debates whether to make cocoa origin labeling mandatory.

‘Right to know’

“Child labor and slavery is taking place in West

No surprises for Suaram as Malaysia linked to forced child labour

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2, 2014: A Malaysian human rights group said a recent report linking child labour to the country’s oil palm industry came as “no …


Nobel peace laureate Satyarthi says failure to end slavery is global sin

By Belinda Goldsmith

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nobel peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi said on Wednesday the failure to end slavery was one …

Why the world’s largest democracy has the most modern-day slaves

India has the highest number of enslaved people in the world.

More than 14 million out of India’s population of over 1.2 billion people are living in modern slavery, according to the second edition of the Global Slavery Index. Produced by an Australian human rights body, Walk Free Foundation, the …

US to determine whether child labour used in Indian carpets

The US has proposed to determine whether Indian carpets are produced by forced or indentured child labour, even as it added cotton and sugarcane to …


Child labour laws: A step back for advancing Bolivia?

For nine-year-old Samuel Juan Ramos Gomez, brick making is part of everyday life. When he has finished school for the day, he puts down his pencil and picks up a shovel, helping his parents in the small brick factory at the back of his house.

Samuel Juan's family lives in a village called Alpacoma. …


Allegations of child slavery linger for Cargill

Minnetonka-based company is asking a federal court to overrule a court decision that links it to abusive work conditions on cocoa farms overseas.


Child labour and unequal destinies

Unconscionably, the Indian state outlaws child work only in what are notified as ‘hazardous’ occupations