Child Labor

By UNICEF USA | 2012: 168 million child laborers worldwide.

Burkina Faso counts cost of child labour

Ouagadougou - Covered in dust and without protective kit, two seven-year-old boys gather stones in cups.<p>One of them, standing in front of a pile of …


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How Did UNICEF Help Halima Get Her Childhood Back?

For World Day Against Child Labor, join UNICEF in working to free children from exploitation so they can recover their futures.


How Bolivia’s Children Are Being Exploited by a Failing Labor Law

In 2014, Bolivia passed controversial labor legislation allowing children from the age of 10 to work legally. Now, many fear it is failing to protect the country's young<p>Hector Cornorin started working full time when he was seven years old. He used to sell teddy bears on the streets of the Bolivian …


Was Your Easter Chocolate Made with Child Labor?

This scorecard shows which companies are doing best at addressing the problem.<p>Here’s a question to ponder while munching on chocolate this Easter: Was the cocoa in your candy farmed in an ethical and sustainable way?<p>For the past 15 years, the chocolate industry has been grappling with a persistent …


Bangladeshi organisation offers a lesson on ending child labour

The small space is set up to look like a classroom. Its corrugated iron walls are hung with educational charts – illustrated letters of the alphabet and a map of Bangladesh.<p>But the constant sound of hammering and the chemicals in the air that catch in the back of the throat and irritate the eyes …

Child Labor

Child Labor in Tech, Auto Supply Chains Detailed in New Report

A number of major tech companies and car makers were recently linked to child labor. <b>Apple</b>, <b>Samsung</b>, <b>Microsoft</b> and <b>Volkswagen</b> were just some of those …

Child Labor

The US has finally banned imported goods made by slaves and children — Quartz

US president Barack Obama has signed into law a bill containing a provision that officially bans imports of goods made by forced labor.<p>The wide-ranging bill, called The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, is primarily about creating conditions that help US workers and businesses. …

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340 Brazilian Companies Fined for Modern Slave Labor Conditions

The Brazilian Institute to Eradicate Slave Labor (InPACTO) released on Friday an updated list of 340 Brazilian companies fined by the Ministry of …

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In Bolivia, Legitimizing Child Labor

WORLD<p>Bolivian legislation allowing children as young as 10 to work has created a rift between those who support it as Andean tradition and others who condemn it as exploitation.<p>Produced by By MATHIAS MEIER

Child Labor

Nestle Admits To Slave Labor, May Prompt Other Companies To Come Clean

The company is going to develop a system to clean up its supply chain.<p>LONDON, Nov 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nestle's admission that slave labour is used to produce its seafood sourced from Thailand sets an example for other companies who need to join forces to push the Thai government to …


All companies have slave labour in supply chains, says Tesco

All businesses around the world have some form of slave labour in their supply chains but companies can find ways to eradicate this abuse, says a …

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Obama administration tackles child labor

Countries that condone child labor are coming under scrutiny from the Obama administration.<p>The Department of Labor is investigating the worst forms …

Child Labor

All work, no play: Myanmar child labor widespread

Twelve-year-old Myat Noe dashes between tables taking orders and sweeping up cigarette butts, working for about a US$1 a day in Myanmar, which has …

Child Labor

A former child slave speaks up: How to stop modern-day slavery

<b>(CNN) —</b> When Rani Hong was just seven years old she was taken from her family in India and sold into slavery. At an age when she should have been playing with dolls and making new friends at school, she was subjected to treatment that left her close to death.<p>"I was transported to another state, …


The Photos That Helped End Child Labor in the United States

In the early 1900s, Lewis Hine left his job as a schoolteacher to work as a photographer for the National Child Labor Committee, investigating and …

Child Labor

The Numbers Behind Child Labor

Data Points is a new series that explores the world of data visualization, information graphics, and cartography. More on Child Labor in the October 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine.<p>Not all work that children do is exploitive. But child labor is generally defined as work that children are …


Nestlé's KitKats Are Ditching Cocoa Harvested By Child Laborers

Nestlé is facing criticism for using chocolate and seafood harvested by children and slaves.<p>KitKats will no longer be made with chocolate harvested by children.<p>Food giant Nestlé announced Monday that all cocoa used in KitKat products worldwide will be accredited by independent third-party groups by …


Egg farmers plead guilty to child labor scheme

Egg farmers accused of smuggling Central American children into the U.S. to clean unsanitary chicken coops and debeak the birds have pleaded …

Child Labor

How Turkey is tackling child labor in hazelnut harvesting

Chocolate companies are wary of being cited for buying hazelnuts picked by underage migrant day laborers. Efforts to curb the practice in Turkey, the …

Child Labor

Child labour on Nestlé farms: chocolate giant's problems continue

Children younger than 15 continue to work at cocoa farms connected to Nestlé, more than a decade after the food company promised to end the use of child labour in its supply chain.<p>A new report by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), commissioned by Nestlé, saw researchers visit 260 farms used by the …

Child Labor

Chocolate’s Child-Labor Problem Keeps Getting Worse

Letiefesso only wanted a bicycle. The boy was just nine when he traveled from Burkina Faso to the Ivory Coast, where the two men who organized his …

Child Labor

Child Labor On The Rise in West Africa as Demand for Cocoa Grows

As cocoa production has increased in recent years, so has the number of children working on cocoa farms, a study commissioned by the U.S. Labor Department says.<p>To Read the Full Story, Subscribe or Sign In<p>Previous Ukraine Creditors Agree Small Haircut to Speed Debt Restructuring Next Venezuela Ramps …


Syria’s Children

Four and a half years of violent conflict have destroyed entire regions of Syria. Neighborhoods have been smashed by shelling and government barrel bombs, and towns have been seized by rebels and ISIS militants, then retaken by government troops, killing hundreds of thousands and injuring even …


Child Labor Ring Busted

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) – Eleven-year-old Sareth was friends with some of the children who lived in the crowded, tiny house in a back alley in Phnom …

Four accused of trafficking slave labor at egg farms

A federal indictment unsealed on Thursday accuses four people of running or aiding a slave-labor ring that smuggled Guatemalan teenagers as young as …


22 years a slave in Asia's forced fishing industry

<b>TUAL, Indonesia</b> -- All he did was ask to go home.<p>The last time the Burmese slave made the same request, he was beaten almost to death. But after …