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In Sierra Leone, Kid Survivors of Ebola are Dying of Hunger, Committing Suicide, Articles

They survived the fatal threat of the Ebola virus. But they seem to be succumbing to a greater threat: hunger. That is the plight of orphans who …

Sierra Leone

Most teachers believe number of children coming to school hungry has increased

Study commissioned by Kellogg’s finds food poverty rate among low-income households is as high as 11%

The number of children coming to school hungry …


When My Children Read This in 10 Years, I Hope the Hunger Crisis Is History

Congratulations to Huffington Post on its tenth anniversary! Last August, just before the birth of my daughter Summer, you invited me to share my story on a subject very close to my heart - ending world hunger. I'm so grateful for that opportunity and thank you to the many Huffington Post readers …


For Poor Kids, Weekend Hunger Hampers Weekday Learning

When children go hungry at school, they’re less able to learn. They also experience higher levels of anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, and …


Diluting India's child labour law will trap families in cycle of poverty

The Indian government is making severe cuts to budgets that address discrimination and the welfare of the country’s most marginalised people. In a deeply flawed strategy, they are relaxing legislation on child labour as a means to alleviate poverty.

An amendment to India’s Child Labour Prohibition …


Send us your school photos to highlight child labor - CNN.com

(CNN)Around the world, an estimated 120 million children are involved in child labor. Many of them don't get to go to school at all, while others have to juggle their education with full-time work.

But a good education can play a vital role in combating child labor. By giving children the skills …


The human trafficking situation in Europe is out of control

They hide inside suitcases. Under the bottom of cars. Or even

. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been paying thousands of dollars to cross the Mediterranean—for a trip that, they know, might end up in death. Yet, a thin chance at life somewhere else is better than the absence of a future at …

Human Trafficking

House Overwhelmingly Approves Human Trafficking Bill

The House gave the Senate’s much debated human trafficking bill its stamp of approval Tuesday, sending legislation that stalled in the Senate for six weeks to President Obama’s desk with little fanfare.

Overwhelmingly approved in a 420-to-3 vote, the bill — intended to increase penalties for …

Human Trafficking

Two million children at risk from weapons in Syria: Aid group

BEIRUT — Syria has been so contaminated with weapons and bombs that the lives of 5.1 million people, including 2 million children, are at constant …

14 Million Children Suffering as Result of War in Syria and Iraq, Unicef Says

GENEVA — Around 14 million children are suffering hardship and trauma from the war in Syria and Iraq, the United Nations children’s agency said on Thursday, highlighting the needs of children struggling to cope with severe violence, and the danger to the rest of the world of failing to help a …

International Relations

The emotional impact of protracted conflict on children: rethinking our response

In 2014, displaced children participate in an art activity in a UNICEF-supported shelter in Homs, capital of Homs Governorate. © …


Physical Therapist Turns Trash Into Special Furniture For Disabled Kids In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man has taken on a mission to turn trash into tools for children with physical challenges in schools across Brooklyn.

As …

New York

Moms helping moms: Rutgers program provides resources for families of disabled children

Moms with special needs children help other moms with special needs children.

Developmental Disabilities

BREAKING: Islamic State 'shoot dead 23 civilians, including nine children'

APIslamic State militants have reportedly killed civilians and children near an ancient Syrian city

Family members of Syrian government employees are …


Yemen Must Choose Peace or Famine

The latest UN update on Yemen has a clear message for the warring forces: "stop causing suffering of civilians."

Over 1200 have been killed and 300,000 displaced by the war between the Houthi rebels and forces loyal to Yemen's ousted President Hadi.

Yemen's war has also given strength to a silent …

Middle East

Human traffickers are targeting Nepal – we must do more to help

Mark Antony’s speech over the body of Caesar came back to my mind yesterday when I read reports of how the earthquake that has devastated Nepal has led human traffickers to increase their efforts to enslave vulnerable young women for forced labour and sexual exploitation across South Asia: …


Rohnert Park woman sentenced for child porn and human trafficking

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A woman in Rohnert Park who was convicted of human trafficking and coercing two 11-year-old girls to participate in child …

Human Trafficking

Syria 'emboldened' to bomb civilians because of UN failure to act, says report

Bashar al-Assad's forces increasingly using barrel bombs and other explosives on Syrian civilians in defiance of UN resolution, Amnesty report finds

The failure of the United Nations Security Council to punish Syria's war crimes, has "emboldened" Damascus to increase the dropping of barrel bombs and …

Bashar al-Assad

'Children without heads' and streets filled blood: The chilling reality of life in Aleppo

Amnesty International report finds civilians are suffering 'unthinkable atrocities' as the Syrian conflict rages

Civilians in Syria's war-torn city of …

Syria's refugee children find solace in Jordan football camp

UN estimates 200,000 people including 11,500 children have died in the Syrian Civil War

For these young girls playing football at the Zaatari refugee …

Asian Football

War within country: 2m children among 5.1m Syrians at risk from explosive weapons

Beirut: The lives of more than five million Syrians, including two million children, are at risk from explosive weapons used in the conflict, a …

Foreign Policy


Blankets may sound like a simple item, but this sturdy cloak of fleece can be the difference between survival and suffering when shelter is scarce …

Mother's Day


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This gift provides 3 fleece Blankets to protect children from the bitter cold.


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This gift sends 3 books to children …

Syria using chlorine gas to attack town, activists say

Government helicopters dropping barrel bombs filled with chemical weapons on people of Saraqeb in Idlib, activists say.

A suspected chlorine-gas attack by Syrian government helicopters has killed a child and injured about 40 people in Saraqeb, activists say, in the second attack on the northwestern …


Arrest made in Arkansas human trafficking operation, 4 children rescued

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Updated:Monday, May 4 2015 12:09 PM EDT2015-05-04 16:09:00 GMT

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission …


Pressing questions after human trafficking grave discovery in South Thailand

Thailand’s military government is facing new pressure following the discovery of a mass grave in the country’s south, where dozens of bodies,


Thailand to Open Inquiry Into Human Trafficking Network

BANGKOK — The Thai authorities said Monday that they were investigating the complicity of local officials and police officers in a human trafficking network along the border with Malaysia where a mass grave has been unearthed.

The head of the national police, Gen. Somyot Poompanmoung, said that …


Syrian children killed in government barrel-bomb attack, say rights groups

Children were killed and wounded in Aleppo on Sunday in a barrel bomb attack that destroyed a building where students were sitting exams, residents and rights groups said.

At least seven people were killed, including four children and a school teacher, and dozens were wounded in the air strike that …


The Average Hipster Employs 27 Slaves Each Day. Here's How To Change That

Hipsters may value social progress, but their coffee habits say otherwise.

That's according to the team at Made in a Free World (MIAFW), a group dedicated to raising awareness on how consumers support illegal slave operations -- often without realizing it -- with their purchasing power.

According to …


Child slavery active in Haiti

In Haiti, a 9-year-old girl leaves her poor village to work as a domestic worker for a family in Port-au-Prince, the island’s capital. She will not …