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Mass deaths in Syrian jails amount to crime of 'extermination' - U.N.

GENEVA (Reuters) - Detainees held by the Syrian government are being killed on a massive scale amounting to a state policy of "extermination" of the civilian population, a crime against humanity, United Nations investigators said on Monday.

The U.N. commission of inquiry called on the Security …


340 Brazilian Companies Fined for Modern Slave Labor Conditions

Brazilian slave laborers stop their work to listen to a Labor Ministry inspector explain their legal rights, on the Bom Jesus farm in the Amazon …


Children and families in Madaya, Syria, have been waiting for permission to leave the besieged town.

As part of a UN convoy on 14 January, Unicef

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Call to admit refugee children 'considered' by government

The government is looking at calls to take in thousands of unaccompanied refugee children who have made it into Europe, a Cabinet minister …


Russia Is Bombing Syria’s Children — These Are Their Stories

Moscow claims its airstrikes target ISIS in Syria, but the reality on the ground is that hundreds of children, rebels, aid workers, and civilians have been killed. BuzzFeed News’ Borzou Daragahi talks to victims of Russia’s campaign.

REYHANLI, Turkey — Before the war, the two cousins were …


In Pakistan, a Final Push to Wipe Out Polio

KARACHI — With nearly all of the rest of the world on the brink of being free of polio, the disease’s persistence in Pakistan has long challenged health experts both inside and outside the country. Last year, the 51 cases of wild poliovirus reported here represented the bulk of all 70 cases …


End the Suffering in Syria: Please Share This Now

UNICEF and nearly 100 other humanitarian organizations and U.N. agencies are urging people around the world to raise their voices and call for an end …

United Nations

Syria monitor says children dead after Russian airstrike hits school

At least 12 children have been killed along with their teacher in a Russian airstrike that hit a school in Syria’s Aleppo province, a monitor says.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strike in the town of Anjara, about nine miles west of the city of Aleppo, also injured at least 20 …


U.N. Appeals for $500 Million to Get 1 Million Syrian Children in School

UNITED NATIONS — United Nations education envoy Gordon Brown appealed on Tuesday for $500 million to allow half the two million Syrian children who are refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan to go to school and offer their families an alternative to fleeing to Europe.

The former British prime …

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Explosion Near Pakistan Polio Eradication Center Kills At Least 15

Most of the dead were police officers.

QUETTA, Pakistan, Jan 13 (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed at least 15 people, most of them police, outside a polio eradication center in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Wednesday, the latest militant attack on the anti-polio campaign in the country.

Two …


Once Accommodating Neighbors Now Turn Back Syrian Refugees

BEIRUT — After taking in a million Syrian refugees, Lebanon has quietly changed course in recent months, forcing refugees to return to Syria — where they are at risk of persecution or death — or stay illegally, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The situation is drawing attention at …


A Guardian Is Charged With Holding 2 Teenagers Captive in Queens for Years

She was regularly missing from her classes at Francis Lewis High School in Queens, and when she was there, teachers would catch the girl, a 16-year-old from South Korea, nodding off during lessons.

But it was not until last week, when an assistant principal noticed her bruises, that the school and …

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In Bolivia, Legitimizing Child Labor


Bolivian legislation allowing children as young as 10 to work has created a rift between those who support it as Andean tradition and others who condemn it as exploitation.

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Child Labor

Starving Syrians in Madaya Are Denied Aid Amid Political Jockeying

BEIRUT, Lebanon — In the hills near the Lebanese border, an hour’s drive from downtown Damascus, much of a Syrian town is starving, according to residents and international humanitarian workers.

The town, Madaya, is controlled by rebels and encircled by pro-government forces with barbed wire, land …

Syrian Civil War

Aid to be sent to besieged Syrian areas on Monday - sources

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Humanitarian aid will be delivered to the besieged Syrian town of Madaya and two blockaded villages in the northwest on Monday according to an agreement finalised on Saturday, two sources familiar with the details said.

The United Nations said on Thursday the Syrian government had …

Syrians said to be starving in besieged town

BEIRUT — Aid agencies expressed alarm Thursday about dire conditions in a besieged town west of Damascus where people have been eating cats and grass to stay alive and as many as 23 people are reported to have died of hunger.

No food has arrived in the rural town of Madaya since October, and …


UNICEF USA: Children Don’t Choose

Heartbreaking picture of crying refugee children chosen as UNICEF's photo of the year

EPA/GEORGI LICOVSKIThe winning UNICEF Photo of the Year 2015 shows two refugee children at the Greece/Macedonia border

It depicts two crying children …

United Nations

UNICEF USA: Caryl M. Stern, President & CEO, On Why We Must Support Child Refugees

'Help us find a life:' The terrifying reality of living under ISIS in Raqqa, Syria

It's notoriously difficult to get information out of Raqqa. ISIS monitors everything inside the city. Due to security concerns all of the information in this article has been provided by activist group Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered and many of the sources are unnamed for their own protection. …

Syrian Civil War

The H&M Gift that Gives Back

In Myanmar only 64 percent of children aged 5-17 years are attending school, leaving more than 1 million children behind. UNICEF is aiming to improve …


The town where boys are 'groomed to become pimps'

(CNN) — Rosa was only 17 years old when she was approached in her small hometown in Mexico by a man claiming to sell clothing. Instead, he began courting her and she quickly fell in love with him.

Showered with affection, Rosa went with the man to another town in Mexico called Tenancingo, where he …

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Fleeing Thailand, Top Investigator of Human Trafficking Says He Fears for His Safety

HONG KONG — When a senior police officer’s investigation produced more than 150 arrest warrants this year, it was seen as a tentative success in Thailand’s pledge to crack down on human trafficking.

But last month that officer, Maj. Gen. Paween Pongsirin, resigned, and on Thursday he said that he …

Human Trafficking

Revealed: Thailand's most senior human trafficking investigator to seek political asylum in Australia

Thailand’s most senior police investigator into human trafficking is seeking political asylum in Australia, saying he fears for his life because influential figures in the Thai government, military and police are implicated in trafficking and want him killed.

Major General Paween Pongsirin arrived …

Human Trafficking

Why I want more disabled characters in books

About a year ago, I wrote a piece for this site asking where all the wheelchairs were in children’s fiction. And I’m still wondering - but not just about wheelchairs. Now I’m also wondering where are all the people with other so-called “disabilities” - blind or deaf protagonists, protagonists on a …

Why we have to create more disabled characters in children's fiction

Picture if you will a nice state primary school, in 1980s south Wales. We had an oak tree. One time a man drove a Sinclair C5 round the playground to show us The Future. We had plenty of undiagnosed dyslexia and NHS specs (frame choices: brown, blue, pink, clear; all pure Jarvis Cocker), but no …

Mom Fights for Playground for Kids With Disabilities

There are more than 300,000 children with disabilities in California, but not very many places for them to safely play with other kids.

One Pasadena …


6 Afghan Children Die as Migrant Dinghy Sinks Off Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey — Six Afghan children drowned after a rubber dinghy carrying migrants to Greece sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast on Tuesday, the state-run news agency reported.

Five other migrants, including a 12-year-old boy, were rescued from the sea off the resort of Cesme, and were found floating …