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Can a French Friar End the 21st-Century Slave Trade?

It’s 2015, and more than 20 million people are still held in some form of slavery all over the world. Traveling deep into the Amazon, William Langewiesche discovers why an unspeakable degradation is proving so hard to combat—and finds a man of God who has dedicated his life to the fight.

I. Captivity

Political History

Nestle Admits To Slave Labor, May Prompt Other Companies To Come Clean

The company is going to develop a system to clean up its supply chain.

LONDON, Nov 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nestle's admission that slave labour is used to produce its seafood sourced from Thailand sets an example for other companies who need to join forces to push the Thai government to …


Jordan: Passion For Art And Home Come Together

Stolen Dreams: A Setback in the Fight to End Child Marriage

Every two seconds a girl becomes a bride, and the numbers are projected to skyrocket.


More than 19,000 children killed in Syria, says rights group

More than 19,000 children have been killed in Syria since March 2011, claims a human rights group. Around 92 per cent of them were killed by regime …

Human Rights

Syrian children in refugee camps struggle with mental scars of war

When Fatima al-Lawoz first fled with her family to Lebanon to escape the war in Syria, she did not want to make any new friends.Fatima, just shy of …

Syrian Civil War

For Japanese-Americans, Resistance to Syrian Refugees Recalls Long-Ago Fears

Before the attack that changed the country, a group of girls would meet their 14-year-old friend, Yuka, at her house every morning. They would walk to school together and discuss their plans for the day.

But the morning after the bombs were dropped and people lost their lives, Yuka waited and …

World Politics

On Thanksgiving, Think of the Refugee Children — Caryl M. Stern

Remember that children don't choose the countries they're born into or the conflicts around them.


Nigeria on track to be declared free of polio by 2017

Alhaji Samaila Muhammad Mera is the latest in a long line of traditional leaders in northern Nigeria. Yet the emir of Argungu has combined the …


Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Gives Kids the Power to Change the World

Thanks to a little orange box, kids truly believe they can make the world a better place.

United Nations

8 Photos, 8 Things You Never Knew — About How UNICEF Saves Lives

UNICEF does whatever it takes to save and protect the world's most vulnerable children.

Forty years ago, UNICEF figured out that simple, low-cost …

United Nations

Milk & Cookies

This dynamic duo is a true lifesaver.

Therapeutic Milk and Therapeutic Food form nothing short of a miracle combination for a starving …

Early Childhood Development Kit

A treasure trove to stimulate young minds.

The UNICEF Early Childhood Development Kit brings hope and play to the youngest and most vulnerable — in …

School in a Box

Restart learning within 72 hours of a disaster.

Kids coping with crisis crave normalcy. We all do. Attending classes gives them the chance to forget …

Exercise Books

Help give the world's poorest children an advantage that can never be taken from them: an education.

These Exercise Books give children plenty of …

Kids In Need of Desks

Every day, millions of children—many in sub-Saharan Africa—struggle to learn while sitting on the floor or on the ground.

Donating a K.I.N.D desk to a …

Anti-Malarial Drugs

Tick tock. It’s time to save a life.

Once a young child is infected with malaria a deadly clock begins ticking. The child’s best hope is to access …

Winter Survival Pack

3 lifesaving gifts to help a child pull through cold winters.When it’s cold outside, and water and shelter are scarce, it’s the Winter Survival Pack …

Micronutrient Powder

Radically improves a child’s ability to survive and thrive.

Malnutrition, meet your match. Micronutrient Powder contains a winning combination of …

Therapeutic Milk

Nutritious Therapeutic Milk is the first thing we give to a severely malnourished child. Rich in nutrients and easy to digest, Therapeutic Milk was …

Saa paper parasol, 'Motifs on Tangerine'

Product ID: U11108

Celosia Orange Thai Paper Umbrella, 'Flash of the Orient Umbrella'

Saa paper and bamboo
• 0.43 kgs
• 0.9 lbs
• Opened: 66 cm H x 85 cm …

Ceramic plate, 'Nazca Hummingbird'

Product ID: U10470

Fair Trade Ceramic Decorative Plate, 'Secrets of Flight'

• 0.40 kgs
• 0.9 lbs
• 2.5 cm H x 20 cm Diam.
• 1" H x 7.75" Diam.

Certified and …


Wool lap throw blanket, 'Horizons'

Product ID: U165372

Handmade Wool Striped Blanket and Throw, 'Horizons'

70% wool, 30% dralon
• 0.43 kgs
• 0.9 lbs
• 108 cm W x 121 cm H
• 43" W x 48" H

Certified …

United Nations

Cotton table runner, 'Blue Garden'

Product ID: U163871

Handloomed Cotton Table Runner, 'Blue Garden'

100% cotton
• 0.18 kgs
• 0.4 lbs
• 1.31 m L x 0.3 m W
• 4.3 ft. L x 1 ft. W

Certified and …

Soapstone jewelry box, 'Honeysuckle'

Product ID: U161403

Hand Carved Jali Soapstone Jewelry Box, 'Honeysuckle'

• 0.90 kgs
• 2.0 lbs
• 7.5 cm H x 15 cm W x 10 cm D
• 3" H x 6" W x 3.9" …

United Nations

Ceramic vases, 'Banana Rolls' (pair)

Product ID: U11401

Ceramic Leaf-Shaped Vases (Pair), 'Banana Vases'

• 0.60 kgs
• 1.3 lbs
• Each: 19 cm H x 6.5 cm Diam.
• Each: 7.5" H x 2.6" …

United Nations

Ashanti wood masks, 'Ancestral' (pair)

Product ID: U10067

Ashanti Wooden Masks, 'Spirits Within'

Sese wood
• 1.41 kgs
• 3.1 lbs
• 15 cm W x 58 cm H
• 6" W x 22.75" H

Certified and shipped

More from this …

United Nations

'Obatanpa' Good Mother

Product ID: U163849

Hand Crafted Batik Cotton Folk Art Painting, 'Obatanpa'

Oil paint and batik dye on cotton cloth
• 0.29 kgs
• 0.6 lbs
• Framed: 47.8 cm H x …

United Nations

Drinking glasses, 'Cobalt Angles' (set of 6)

Product ID: U10179

Set of 6 Recycled Glass Tumblers, 'Midnight Stars'

Blown glass
• 2.50 kgs
• 5.5 lbs
• Each: 14 cm H x 10 cm Diam.
• Each: 5.5" H x 3.9" Diam.
• 474 …


Soapstone candleholders, 'Fig Leaf' (pair)

Product ID: U10683

Jali Carved Soapstone Candle Holders (Set of 2), 'Filigree Glow'

• 0.27 kgs
• 0.6 lbs
• Candleholders: 6 cm H x 8 cm …

United Nations