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How Bolivia’s Children Are Being Exploited by a Failing Labor Law

In 2014, Bolivia passed controversial labor legislation allowing children from the age of 10 to work legally. Now, many fear it is failing to protect the country's young<p>Hector Cornorin started working full time when he was seven years old. He used to sell teddy bears on the streets of the Bolivian …


The Syrian orphans who have witnessed bombs, starvation and execution

• <b>Hundreds of traumatised Syrian children are living in a orphanage at a refugee camp on the Turkish border</b>• <b><br>Some saw their fathers killed in front of</b> …

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Children of Syria By the Numbers

In more than five years of war, the fighting in Syria has left an estimated 470,000 dead, more than 1 million injured, and driven 11.3 million from …

Unfairy Tales: Mustafa goes for a walk | UNICEF

Malak and the Boat | Unfairy Tales | UNICEF USA

How Syrian Children Cope — Maya Tells Her Story

For five years the children of Syria have endured devastating conflict. Hear how they are doing — in their own words.


How Syrian Children Cope — Saja Tells Her Story

<i>Series: Children of Syria Speak, Part 2 of 5</i><p>For five years now, the children of Syria have lived with raging conflict.<p>The violence has taken a toll. …


How Syrian Children Cope — Ammar Tells His Story

For five years the children of Syria have endured devastating conflict. Hear how they are doing — in their own words.


How Syrian Children Cope — Moheb Tells His Story

<i>Series: Children of Syria Speak, part 5 of 5</i><p>Meet Moheb. He's 11 and lives in Aleppo, Syria, where he misses friends who have died in the war and …


How Syrian Children Cope — Besan Tells Her Story

For five years the children of Syria have endured devastating conflict. Hear how they are doing — in their own words.


Malak and the Boat — One Syrian Child's Journey

In UNICEF's powerful new animated video, "Malak and the Boat," 7-year-old Malak and her family flee war-torn Syria and brave a dangerous journey …


Was Your Easter Chocolate Made with Child Labor?

This scorecard shows which companies are doing best at addressing the problem.<p>Here’s a question to ponder while munching on chocolate this Easter: Was the cocoa in your candy farmed in an ethical and sustainable way?<p>For the past 15 years, the chocolate industry has been grappling with a persistent …


Disabled children 'shut out of playgrounds'

<b>Disabled children are prevented from making friends and enjoying playtime because playgrounds and playgroups are not accessible, a charity report</b> …

Like Katie Price, I wanted to run from my disabled child – then love trumped fear

This week Katie Price has faced criticism for saying that if she had known her son would be severely disabled, she probably would have had a termination. Put aside for a moment what you think about Price “the brand”; instead, focus on Price the mother, who talks with brutal honesty about raising a …

Virginia’s appalling prosecution of disabled children

In the March 8 Metro article “Bill would shield young special-needs defendants,” Lori Digiosia claimed that prosecutors do not want to prosecute juveniles for misdemeanors when their “disability is the root cause of that criminal behavior.”<p>Is she kidding? Not only do Virginia prosecutors bring …

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A 360 degree view of the famine in South Sudan

The images of famine in Africa are familiar by now: emaciated bodies, parched landscapes, sprawling UN refugee camps where people line up for desperately needed rations of food and water.<p>But a team of journalists and filmmakers have taken the visuals of this crisis even further.<p>They've produced a …

When Food Shortage Becomes Famine

GHOUYMAN, South Sudan — The canoe was not big enough to carry them all. Peter Met Biel Luak, his wife, her mother and his 10 children needed to …

To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control

DOHUK, Iraq — Locked inside a room where the only furniture was a bed, the 16-year-old learned to fear the sunset, because nightfall started the countdown to her next rape.<p>During the year she was held by the Islamic State, she spent her days dreading the smell of the ISIS fighter’s breath, the …

Syria's children: barrel bombing, shelling and air strikes

<i>(All pictures: Amer Al Shami/Save the Children)</i><p>A report from the charity, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the start of Syria's brutal civil …

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Five-year hell for Syria’s children

WHETHER in appalling camps or struggling to get to safety in Europe, there is little respite for refugees, writes Jane Bradley<p>On Tuesday, it will be …

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​Iraqi officials: ISIS chemical weapons attacks kill child, wound 600

<b>BAGHDAD --</b> The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has launched two chemical attacks near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing a 3-year-old …

Chemical Weapons

Bangladeshi organisation offers a lesson on ending child labour

The small space is set up to look like a classroom. Its corrugated iron walls are hung with educational charts – illustrated letters of the alphabet and a map of Bangladesh.<p>But the constant sound of hammering and the chemicals in the air that catch in the back of the throat and irritate the eyes …

Syrian Refugees: One Girl's Story

Watch "Amal (Hope)," a short film by UNICEF USA.

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How slave labourers in the UK built the beds you bought at John Lewis

• <b>Hope for Justice charity was tipped off about suspected trafficking ring</b>• <b><br>It was centred on the Kozee Sleep bed-making firm in Dewsbury, Yorkshire</b>• <b><br>They</b> …

The list of slave-labor imports you use might surprise you

That new soccer ball you just bought your child? If it came from China, it could have been made by workers who work up to 21 hours a day.<p>That trendy …

The $150B slavery epidemic

The atrocity of slave labor is the world's fastest-growing crime. Obama passes a new bill addressing the issue.

Forced Labor

Kid Power demonstrates the power of technology for good

Finally a gift that just keeps on giving to children around the world.


’It’s destroying children’s futures’

Megan Palinnews.com.au@megan_palin<p><b>ONE million children are dying as a result of severe weather conditions caused by the El Niño with millions more</b> …


Can peanuts prevent malnutrition in Africa?

Anyone who's ever had a nasty flu knows how hard it can be to stay hydrated and well-fed, but most of us with Internet access will recover soon …


Obama Unveils New Steps to Avert Child Hunger in America

The Obama administration has unveiled new actions it says will ensure that low-income children who are at higher risk of food insecurity and poor …