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Dead Austria migrants likely Syrians, include four children

The 71 bodies found in an abandoned truck on an Austrian motorway were believed to be those of Syrian migrants and included a toddler and three young …


Syria’s Children

Four and a half years of violent conflict have destroyed entire regions of Syria. Neighborhoods have been smashed by shelling and government barrel bombs, and towns have been seized by rebels and ISIS militants, then retaken by government troops, killing hundreds of thousands and injuring even …

Middle East

Many disabled children in poorer countries left out of primary education

An estimated 500,000 children with disabilities are not enrolled in South Africa’s educational system, according to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) published on Tuesday.

The findings reflect a global trend. Children with disabilities continue to be left out of school even as some countries …


Human trafficking in Tulsa linked to escort ads on Backpage website

In the “adult” section of a classified advertisement website used to market everything from events to antique collectibles, there’s an “escort” …

Human Trafficking

Did the U.S. Just Kill 5 Kids in Syria?

A Syrian monitor group says planes from the U.S.-led coalition killed civilians, including five children, in an airstrike near Aleppo this week.

According to a Syrian monitor group, warplanes believed to be part of the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition bombed and killed 18 people in the Idlib province …

Middle East

Human trafficking: Girls for sale in Mountain Home?

A local nonprofit organization, Into the Light, discusses connection between sex trade and its presence in Arkansas

When Gretchen Smeltzer and her …

Human Trafficking

Children of Trafficking Victims Abandoned, Left Motherless

Francis Eduard Ang | Aug 11, 2015 09:23 PM EDT

Students in rural areas who have been left by their mothers often become withdrawn or violent. (Photo : …

Forced Labor

Child traffickers preying on earthquake orphans left to fend for themselves in Nepal

Charity workers are picking up the pieces in the stricken country in a bid to rescue kids as young as three from the vile exploitation trades


UN expert warns over 'deliberate starvation of civilians' in Yemen

Geneva (AFP) - A UN official on Tuesday warned armed factions in Yemen over "the deliberate starvation of civilians", as the embattled country …

Middle East

Starvation as a Product of War

AWEIL, South Sudan — One gauge of the famine looming in South Sudan is that people are simply collapsing from hunger.

As I was driving into this city, a woman was lying inert on the road. She was Nyanjok Garang, and she said she hadn’t eaten for three days. She had set out to look for work, maybe …

International Relations

13 million people in Yemen are struggling to find enough to eat, Oxfam says

Since March, nearly 25,000 people a day have slipped into hunger in Yemen, and every second person – or nearly 13 million people – is now struggling to find enough to eat, according to Oxfam.

Conflict, air strikes and a naval blockade have killed thousands in the country, and reduced people to …

Middle East

How a Young Girl Escaped the Prison That Is North Korea

Eunsun Kim made a thousand-mile journey to freedom. She survived human traffickers, famine, and poverty.

North Korea is the most secretive and repressive state on earth, a dystopian nightmare that makes George Orwell’s 1984 seem benign. News rarely leaks out. Censorship is total. But in A Thousand …


ISIS recruiting children to fight in Syria

The Cubs of the Caliphate are boys as young as eight, drafted by ISIS for suicide missions, fighting and executions

Middle East

Chocolate’s Child-Labor Problem Keeps Getting Worse

Letiefesso only wanted a bicycle. The boy was just nine when he traveled from Burkina Faso to the Ivory Coast, where the two men who organized his …

Child Labor

Sex trafficking: The new American slavery

Story highlights

Former teen prostitute recalls being forced to have sex with dozens of men per day
• Atlanta's illegal sex industry generates around $290 million a year, according to study
• Georgia law gives authorities the opportunity to grant leniency if a girl is willing to go to a safe home



Child Labor On The Rise in West Africa as Demand for Cocoa Grows - Frontier Markets News - Emerging & Growth Markets - WSJ

As cocoa production has increased in recent years, so has the number of children working on cocoa farms.

Despite nearly 14 years of government and industry efforts aimed at combatting child labor in cocoa production, 21% more children are illegally laboring on cocoa farms in Ghana and Ivory Coast …


AP Investigation Prompts New Round of Slave Rescues

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have rescued eight fishermen held on board a Thai-owned refrigerated cargo ship, and dozens of other boats are still …


The Impossible Choices Syrian Refugees Have To Make To Help Their Children Survive

MAFRAQ, Jordan (AP) -- Gathered on the desert floor, the Askar family chants prayers for their 1-year-old daughter Jawahir, who died of malnutrition and is buried beneath the sands of their informal refugee camp far from their Syrian hometown.

"She was born in a camp and buried near the camp," her …


Syria: hundreds of thousands of children missing out on education

By on 20 Jul 2015 • ( 1 Comment )

I can still hear my children’s worried voices from the backseat. ‘Mom, do you think they will be nice? What if I …


Syrian Children Delight In A Subterranean Damascus Playground, Safe From Civil War Shelling

Children in Damascus are able to play safely from the shelling in the streets above thanks to an underground playground constructed by activists. The subterranean park, which was built in Ghouta in the eastern part of the capital city, allows the city's youth to have a glimpse of a normal childhood …


Can Fifa end child trafficking from Africa to Asia?

Fifa made a little-noted amendment to its statutes earlier this year but it was one that deserved considerably more attention.

Football's world …


In revenge: 7-year-old abducted after human trafficking deal goes south

PESHAWAR: The story of 10-year-old Ayesha who was kidnapped from the city, sold in Khost, Afghanistan as a child bride for a malik’s son did not seem

Human Trafficking

Dark corner of China's rise: A surge in trafficked children

On a late December afternoon, a four-year old boy with a Superman tracksuit and cherubic cheeks plopped down in front of a TV here. Nearby, his …


Fears of a famine in North Korea, Fake rice concerns in Philippines, Japan must do utmost to help Mekong countries

The Korea Herald/ANN

In its editorial on July 06, 2015, The Korea Herald expresses concerns about food security in North Korea because of the …

World Politics

Inside Mugabe's Zimbabwe: as the tyrant totters towards decrepitude, his country slides into famine

Zimbabwe's schizophrenia is in vivid evidence on Friday afternoons in the capital Harare's leafy northern suburbs. At the Tin Cup restaurant round …

Political History

Red Cross: Real risk of famine in Yemen

Conflict-ridden Yemen, where more than 3,000 people have been killed and one million displaced since war broke out in March, is at risk of famine, …

Red Cross

Congress can jumpstart fight against child hunger

Hunger is solvable, if we all work together.

That's been a priority for Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest, and now we need to make sure Congress does its …


U.S. Removes Cuba, Malaysia From Human Trafficking List

An estimated 20 million people worldwide are working under forced and illegal conditions

The U.S. State Department removed Cuba and Malaysia from its human trafficking blacklist on Monday as part of an annual update to its contentious Trafficking in Persons report.

The 2015 report separates 188 …


Adults before their time, Syria’s refugee children toil in the fields of Lebanon

The 12-year-old cousins from Raqqa were taking a rest after their five-hour shift in the lettuce field. It was early afternoon, a light breeze taming the July sun, and it was time for them to go home to their tents. It’s not yet the season to harvest the cannabis in the neighbouring field – that …


‘Sea Slaves’: Forced Labor for Cheap Fish

SONGKHLA, Thailand — Lang Long’s ordeal began in the back of a truck. After watching his younger siblings go hungry because their family’s rice patch in Cambodia could not provide for everyone, he accepted a trafficker’s offer to travel across the Thai border for a construction job.

It was his …