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How to Get Insane Abs Like Gabrielle Reece

Former volleyball star Gabrielle Reece is a total fitness goddess. From images of her at play, at the net while pregnant (she’s got three kids!) to …

4 Standing Moves for a Super-Flat Stomach

Pooch, be gone.

You can get a stronger center without unfurling an exercise mat. In fact, the standing abdominals routine below hits all of the …


5-Minute Workout: Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Sweat with us in real time!

When you're short on time, it's a great idea to focus on your legs and butt, because that's where about 60 percent of your …


4 Yoga Poses That Will Fix Your Hip and Back Pain

• Sit on floor, bend both knees and bring feet together. Using hands, open feet up like a book, pressing knees toward floor with elbows (as shown). If …

A Lower Back Yoga Sequence From A Former NFL Linebacker

When Keith Mitchell, the former NFL linebacker turned yogi stopped by Yoga Shanti in Manhattan recently, he showed us a few moves (featured below) to …


The Ultimate Ab Workout For Your Skimpiest Bikini


30-Minute Total-Body-Toning Yoga Sequence

If doing more yoga is a goal of yours, but you're a little nervous to take a class, this sequence is designed with you in mind. Dedicated to toning …

6 Moves for Strong and Toned Abs


Tone Your Abs on a Mat: 5 Moves Better Than Crunches

Feel the burn, skip the crunches.

The mat is a great place to sculpt sexy abs. What's not so great? Only doing crunches—which utilize just a portion …


6 Trainers' Favorite Workout Moves for Stronger, Flatter Abs

These go-to exercises are seriously challenging—and seriously awesome.

Get ready to revamp your abs strengthening routine. We asked six trainers to …


From Flabby to Flat: The Ultimate Guide to a Sexy, Toned Belly

Are you battling with a pudgy pooch? If your belly is the one place fat just won't disappear, while there's no magic one-step cure, here are some …


Quick Cardio Blast to Warm You Up and Work You Out

Fitness is an important part of a healthy life. And stylish, functional gear that supports your workouts makes those sweat sessions even more


10 Minutes to a Tighter Core . . . No Crunches Required

A tight and toned core gives you sexy, sleek abs along with better posture — and everyone looks better when they lose the slouch.

Take 10 minutes to …

Tighten Your Love Handles With This Fitness Quickie

Try Out These Popular Fitness Classes, Right in Your Living Room

You don't have to be a student going back to school to be nervous about the first day of class. When you're starting a new fitness routine it can …


The Video Workouts You Need to Sculpt Sexy Arms

Cardio is a must for burning calories and losing overall body fat, but you need to complement it with strength training to build muscle. More muscle …


Sculpt All Over With These Calorie-Torching Moves

Yoga Anfänger Workout: Slim Arms and Legs mit Amiena Zylla!

5 Moves to Sculpt Your Butt and Thighs


6 Moves for Strong and Toned Abs


The 15-Minute Standing Workout for Flat Abs

Tone your core without the crunch with this stand-up workout for trim, toned abs

You got 15 minutes? Then you've got time for this killer stand-up abs …


The Easiest Way to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

The four-move workout that improves your posture and boosts your confidence

There's a good reason why your mom always told you not to slouch. Besides …


3 Moves That Are Secretly Amazing for Your Abs

Bored with planks and all crunched out? Try these little known core exercises

When it comes to sculpting strong, tight abs, there's a lot more you can …


No Running Required: 10-Minute Cardio Sweat Session

Fitball Core Strength Workout

11 Moves To Build Muscle, Not Bulk

Fear of bulking up should never keep women away from weights or strengthening exercises. The mindset that cardio is the only way to get lean muscles …

Tracy Anderson's 15 minutes workout for goop readers

5 Moves to Banish Back Fat

Ready to get your sexy back… with a sexy back? A strong back is a powerful asset on a woman and a trouble area we hear oftentimes complaints about. …

30 Day Fat Burn: Toned Abs & Arms Workout