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Wollke Sieben: Frisch geblockt und gleich gebloggt

Frisch geblockt und gleich gebloggt

Gegen Ende hat es sich doch ziemlich hingezogen, mit irgendwas über 800 Maschen auf der Nadel. Aber insgesamt hat …

Knitting issue 106 2012 #ClippedOnIssuu

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Wollke Sieben: Blaues Wunder

Blau ist eigentlich nicht meine Farbe, aber was soll man machen, wenn da ein paar stark heruntergesetzte Knäuel so verführerisch im Restekorb …

Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 9

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Size: one size. You can achieve more sizes by changing needle size (2,25 to 3,25 mm / US 1 to 3 are suitable sizes) and adjust length by adding or …


Wollke Sieben: Zeitreise II: Back to the Sixties?

Zeitreise II: Back to the Sixties?

Nein, ganz so lange ist es noch nicht her, dass dieser Sommerpulli entstanden ist, eher so sieben bis acht Jahre. …

4 Standing Moves for a Super-Flat Stomach

Pooch, be gone.

You can get a stronger center without unfurling an exercise mat. In fact, the standing abdominals routine below hits all of the …


Speed is relative

Last week a few of you asked me how I managed to fit so much knitting into my life. While I can’t say that I try to speed knit a sweater every week …


5-Minute Workout: Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Sweat with us in real time!

When you're short on time, it's a great idea to focus on your legs and butt, because that's where about 60 percent of your …

Kn win 2003

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Wollke Sieben: Mieses Wetter hat auch seine Vorteile...

Mieses Wetter hat auch seine Vorteile...

... denn so gab's keinen Grund, die heimische Höhle zu verlassen. Statt dessen habe ich endlich diesen Schal …

Wollke Sieben: Spider's Web

Spider's Web

Das Buch Victorian Lace Today hatte ich ja im April schon mal erwähnt. Die faszinierenden Modelle haben mich davon überzeugt, es …

4 Yoga Poses That Will Fix Your Hip and Back Pain


Sit on floor, bend both knees and bring feet together. Using hands, open feet up like a book, pressing knees toward floor with elbows (as …

A Lower Back Yoga Sequence From A Former NFL Linebacker

When Keith Mitchell, the former NFL linebacker turned yogi stopped by Yoga Shanti in Manhattan recently, he showed us a few moves (featured below) to …


Knitting ideas (crochet too)

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Swirl Pullover pattern by Norah Gaughan


Knitting ideas (crochet too)


Knitting ideas (crochet too)

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Knitting ideas (crochet too)


Knitting ideas (crochet too)


knit scarfs cowls shawls wraps

Glam Shells pattern by Marisa Hernandez

A pretty, airy, shawl for Spring! -- knit from a single skein of one of my favorite yarns, Skinny Bugga. The body of the shawl is knit entirely from …


Undergrowth pattern by Mandy Powers

Child (Adult Medium, Adult Large)

Finished Measurements
18.5 (20, 21.5) inches

30 (28, 26) sts / 30 (28, 26) rows = 4” in charted …

Deep Sea

Knitting and so on: Zoom Out Fingerless Gloves

Zoom Out Fingerless Gloves

Started from a poin t at the outer edge of the wrist, these fingerless gloves grow in a circle shape and finish at the …

Are women hardwired to love thrillers?

From House of Cards to Gone Girl, thrillers are having a serious moment. Author Rebecca Whitney explains why more women than ever before are looking for an adrenaline-rush to leave them sweaty-palmed on the sofa

Thrillers, it seems, are everywhere. They dominate our cinema screens. They jostle for …

Women's News

Here she is: Camille, my new knitting pattern... - ...shades of lynx...

While I was writing the pattern for my new shawl design for a kit from Renaissance Dyeing, (see post...


Australia's oldest man likes to knit mini sweaters for injured penguins

Australia's oldest man has spent a lot of his days knitting sweaters for little penguins.

Alfred 'Alfie' Date spoke to 9 Stories about how his inability to say 'no' to favours got him into making the miniature animal clothes.

The jerseys were requested from Victoria's Phillip Island Penguin Foundation …


The Ultimate Ab Workout For Your Skimpiest Bikini

30-Minute Total-Body-Toning Yoga Sequence

If doing more yoga is a goal of yours, but you're a little nervous to take a class, this sequence is designed with you in mind. Dedicated to toning …