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When Big Firms Are Most Likely To Innovate

Do You Understand What Accountability Really Means?

Getting Reorgs Right

How To Make Sure Millennials Don’t Feel Like The Odd Generation Out

Millennials, more often than not, have been singled out as a generation with its own values about work — unlike any other group. But are the …

Why Companies Overlook Great Internal Candidates

The Art Of The Pivot: 5 Strategies For Adjusting Your Business Plan

Venture capital, the “smart-money” of early-stage investing, is mainly received after Aha because Aha is when your potential to grow and dominate your industry becomes obvious. 96 to 98 percent of VC is provided after Aha. This means that VCs do not come in when your growth strategy is still murky. …

Small Business

Five Myths About Job Flexibility We Should Eliminate Once And For All

The Case Against Pay Transparency

Top-Down Management Structures Are Crumbling– How Will You Adapt?

Not long ago, employees succeeded in the workplace by producing consistent, high-quality work as specifically directed by their managers. Once …

Are You A Decision Procrastinator? Here's How To Change That.

How To Find Your Best Employees And Keep Them Around

To Recruit A Top Team, First Learn Your Weaknesses

Bad hires can bury your business. After I committed to a tech leader who didn’t fit the office culture and couldn’t deliver, my company faced its …


Ten Reasons Most CEOs Can't Talk About Culture

Why is it so hard for leaders to talk about the culture and energy in their workplaces? If they were as focused on making money as they claim to be, they would talk about culture all the time.<p>They would want to know how the team is feeling, not just once a year in a check-the-box way but all the …


Three Ways To Be A Diversity Role Model

The False Premise Of The Shareholder Value Debate

The Very Different Ways Clinton And Trump Define Leadership

Navigating The Maze Of A Corporate Responsibility Executive

The role of business in society is fundamentally shifting, and as companies navigate this shift, they are having to hire a different type of talent. They are the Chief Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Officers, Directors of Social Impact (as I was called in my role at McKinsey), or the …


Show Employees You Care About Their Well-Being. Here Are Five Ways.

Should You Talk About Politics At Work?

4 Translation Apps to Ease International Business Communication

Traveling can be one of the great perks of the international business world. Visiting different countries, engaging with new cultures, networking …

Four Lessons On Seeking Advice

During my high school summers, I worked in the Philadelphia suburbs painting houses. It was a great job for a 16-year-old. I made money, worked hard, …

Messaging Apps Are Changing How Companies Talk With Customers

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Apologizing

When I was a young leader, one of my biggest growth areas was apologizing. For ambitious entrepreneurs, saying you’re sorry can be a difficult thing to master. I get it. Young entrepreneurs want to move fast. Taking the time to stop, apologize, and remedy a situation can feel like an unnecessary …



Corporate directors with left-leaning political views turn out to be conservative when it comes to paying the chief executive. That’s according to a …

Four Unconscious Biases That Distort Performance Reviews

Employee Recognition Programs: A Guide [Infographic]

Every organization’s most valuable asset is the same: its employees. Motivating employees to do a great job is extremely important, but it is easier …

Don't Be Tyrannized By Old Metrics

Why Wells Fargo Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Investors

The scandal that hit Wells Fargo has revealed a number of things still wrong with our financial system and reminds Main Street participants that Wall Street continues to not play by the rules. Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf testified before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee this month, …


No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump

General Electric Co. Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt speaks at a news conference in Boston earlier this year. Photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters<p>Sept. 23, …