The Cavender Diary

By Jamie Bolton |

Need a little help with your #Spring redecorating? @USAToday Home magazine has a few books to help you out. #DIYIndustrialPipeFurniture #home

Bacon/Brown Sugar Old Fashioned

Did y’all know that you can infuse bourbon?Well, ya can. And it’s so simple.Let’s start with <b>bacon</b> infused bourbon. (Already glad ya stopped by today, …


Choosing the Floor Tile

Do any of y’all even remember our master bathroom remodel?Just about 2 years ago….that’s right, <b>TWO FRIGGIN’ YEARS AGO</b>….we started our biggest DIY to …


Omurice Jamjam

So, last summer I got an email from a super nice guy on the other side of the globe in Seoul, South Korea.Cho Kyungkyu. This is him.I get a lot of …

South Korea

Handled With Care?

Y’all are probably not familiar with D Magazine,Not many people are. Unless you live within a 2.5 mile radius of downtown Dallas and are in need of a …

Christmas Ornaments


Vintage Blow Mold Ghost

Found this guy recently at a junk shop and knew immediately that he needed to come home with me.He’s kinda the perfect <i>Halloween-y</i> compliment to the …


Cinnamon Sugar Bats

Here’s a pretty quick, and <i>pretty charming</i>, treat.Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Bats.Alls ya need is a handful of tortillas, melted butter and 1/4 cup of …


Our Texas Star

What’s a state fair without a ferris wheel?When Jamie found this photograph of the Texas Star Ferris Wheel at sunset…one of our favorite Dallas icons …

State Fair

Buy the Picture Already

If I have any advice on enjoying life, it’s this simple little bit of wisdom..Buy the t-shirt.Buy the refrigerator magnet.Buy the little …

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