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How Your Brain Remembers Where You Parked The Car

If you run into an old friend at the train station, your brain will probably form a memory of the experience. And that memory will forever link the person you saw with the place where you saw him.

For the first time, researchers have been able to see that sort of link being created in people's …

The Brain

Sharing My Story With Patients

Her parents stare back at me and then at each other, their eyes wide and lips pursed. I repeat, “We should consider brain surgery for your child.”

The father can only stammer, “Brain surgery?”

This conversation never gets any easier. As a pediatric epilepsy specialist, I remind them of the …


Study provides evidence on vitamin B12 and acne link

A new study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that vitamin B12 may alter the facial bacteria in some people with healthy skin, suggesting a link between B12 and acne.

Researchers were interested in studying whether there was a difference between gene expression of skin …

Los Angeles

UCSF starts ambitious study of LGBT health issues

UCSF on Thursday begins an ambitious study of LGBT health that will use information collected from iPhone and Internet users to build the largest database yet of the physical, mental and social issues that uniquely affect gay and transgender men and women.

Data culled from the project, called the …


Fidgeting May Benefit Children With A.D.H.D.

Instead of telling children with hyperactivity and attention problems to sit still, perhaps we should encourage them to wriggle at will, according to a new study of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D. The study, in Child Neuropsychology, found that children with …


California's Medicaid Program Fails To Ensure Access To Doctors

Terri Anderson signed up for California's Medicaid program earlier this year, hoping she'd finally get treatment for her high blood pressure. But the insurer operating her Medicaid plan assigned the 57-year-old to a doctor across town from her Riverside, Calif., home and she couldn't get there.

"It …


“Less Soda Means More Adderall”

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Thinkstock. This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed.Officials at one university campus think it’s …

University of California

New therapies offer hope to cancer patients

Gale Kilgore, a retired medical librarian in Amador County, went to the doctor two years ago for what she suspected was a urinary tract infection. …


Science finally explains why it's so hard to quit sugar

Stress and sugar are like peanut butter and jelly: It’s tough to have the former without reaching for the latter.

Now, a small new study in the Journal

Scientific Research

The secrets to a healthy life

They say you are what you eat. In the world of medicine, that couldn’t be more true.

What we choose to eat has a powerful impact on both our internal and external environments. When we realize that something as primal as what we choose to put in our mouths each day makes an important difference in …

Healthy Eating

Entrepreneur gives UCSF $4.5 million to combat malaria

Billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker has given money for medical research, including allergies and cancer, and now has turned his attention to malaria with a $4.5 million gift to UCSF to tackle the global health issue.

The Napster founder and former Facebook president, 35, is donating …

Sean Parker

In any language, learning to walk and talk are linked

UC Merced developmental psychologist Eric Walle recently discovered a link between walking and talking in infants. This development, however, brought up additional questions. Was the link specific to culture? Age? Native language?

Walle, a professor in the Psychological Sciences graduate group, …

Language Learning

Longevity hormone is lower in stressed and depressed women

Women under chronic stress have significantly lower levels of klotho, a hormone that regulates aging and enhances cognition, researchers at UC San Francisco have found in a study comparing mothers of children on the autism spectrum to low-stress controls.

The researchers found that the women in …


Study: Mothers Exposed to More DDT Had Daughters With Higher Breast Cancer Risk

Barrels of pesticide, including DDT, at a site in Belarus.
Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters Researchers affiliated with California’s Public Health Institute, …


UCSD makes intriguing find about aging

UC San Diego more than doubled the life span of fruit flies by tweaking genes in their hearts, an advance that might point to a way to improve …

UC San Diego

Pharmacists take on broader role

Pharmacists in California will soon play a broader role in healthcare, more directly helping customers with everything from vaccines to birth control …

Health Care

Study of returns to the ER suggests lack of follow-up care

WASHINGTON (AP) — No one wants to make a repeat visit to the emergency room for the same complaint, but new research suggests it's more common than previously thought and surprisingly, people frequently wind up at a different ER the second time around.

Already some ERs are taking steps to find out …


10 Medication Mistakes You May Be Making

Getting a prescription medication from your doctor can mean the difference between feeling run down and feeling up for anything. Yet a 2013 survey …


Active cities 'boost bottom lines'

Cities that actively promote physical activities enjoy an economic advantage, research has suggested.

It says areas designed for physical activities …

Urban Ecology

'Smart' guns may help prevent violence — if they can make it on the U.S. market

German entrepreneur Bernd Dietel had a radical idea about gun safety.

After a 2002 shooting at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt that left 16 people dead, Dietel envisioned guns with coded digital locks, similar to the ones his company installed on buildings.

In eight years, the Armatix iP1 — a …


The Big Problem With Children’s Vitamins and Supplements

The kids’ vitamins aisle at your grocer or health food store is the kind of nook only a madcap like Willy Wonka could have dreamed up. It’s brimming …


Neuroscience Inspires Pixar's `Inside Out'

Drawing on real neuroscience and the latest psychological research, “Inside Out'' goes where no animated film has gone before: Deep inside the …


Volunteer physicians fill care gap through telemedicine

Image 1of/2



Dr. Gary Herzberg doesn’t think of himself as retired, although he gave up his medical practice in Sebastopol seven years ago …


UCR MED SCHOOL: Medical students face first real test

Isaiah Roggow, who is in the medical school's inaugural class, discusses his first round of board exams in a lab at the school on Tuesday, June 9, …


The Same Probiotic That’s In Your Yogurt Could Detect Liver Cancer

For nearly half a century, beginning in the 1890s, William B. Coley injected streptococcal organisms into thousands of his patients with inoperable …


Hazards of Too Much Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, but is it possible to get too much of a good thing? While exercise provides many health benefits, at …


UC children’s hospitals rank among best in nation

The University of California’s three children’s hospitals — Davis, Los Angeles and San Francisco — all rank among the nation’s best in treating sick kids, according to the new 2015-16 Best Children’s Hospitals survey conducted by U.S. News & World Report.

This year’s report, published today (June …

UC Berkeley

Brain Tumor’s Genetic Makeup Critical in Treatment, Research Finds

Doctors can more effectively treat many brain tumors by first ascertaining their genetic characteristics, rather than studying tissue samples under a microscope, the standard practice, two teams of researchers reported on Wednesday.

The findings could alter diagnosis and treatment decisions for …

The Brain

Bringing Doctors To Patients Who Need Them Most

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. — Jennifer Vargas’ path toward becoming a doctor took her from UCLA to Guadalajara before it ultimately led back home, to …