The (Secular) Barbershop Podcast

By The Secular Barbershop Podcast | In a secular & judge-free environment, this atheist podcast is an homage to The Barbershops found in the "Black Neighborhoods" that are constantly having those beautiful, inspiring, tragic and hilarious conversations that can only be found in a barbershop. Archives are found at

Tay's New Podcast

ReleasedFeb 10, 2016<p>This week Tay joins me in the Barbershop to talk about her journey growing up with religion, we share some teenage stories and …


Cannabis and Texas

This week I speak with Heather Fazio of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. We talk how to get policy change, systemic problems & the future of …


Holiday Ep

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Dec 22, 2015<p>This week I’m joined TheEvilDrTran and OhJoy return to talk about Black Friday retail stories, …


Catching up

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Dec 15, 2015<p>I’m joined with TheEvilDrTran to have a conversation with my friend and first time guest …


Women in the Media

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Dec 8, 2015<p>This week I speak with Robin Meyer to talk about movie tropes, stereotype and she shares some …


When The Cameras Gone! Pt 2

The Good Stuff<p>Outro: Acid Jazz Lounge Music & Soul Deep House DJ Mix [DEEP & DOPE Shazz] by JaBig<p>Get you some good food here!

Electronic Music

When The Cameras Gone! Pt 1

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Nov 24, 2015<p>This week’s episode I speak with community activist Dewayne Pierce and we talk about how …



In this episode, TheEvilDrTran and I talk about science! Big thanks to Joseph Jacobs and Magicxbeats for the dope beats!


A Barbershop Conversation - The Sequel

In this episode, TheEvilDrTran and I discuss some more current events, the police and eating insects! Big thanks to Joseph Jacobs for the intro and to


A Barbershop Conversation

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Nov 3, 2015<p>This week TheEvilDrTran and I hung out to discuss race relations, not only among black and white …


The Fam

Happy Halloween!<p>In this episode I’m joined with TheEvilDrTran, OhJoy and Greyfox to discuss growing up in a religious home and being a former …

Ghost Stories

The How-to Episode

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Oct 20, 2015<p>I’m joined here with TheEvilDrTran and guest Jennifer Perez to talk about some current events, …



So, after my guest cancelled on me, TheEvilDrTran and I did a last minute improv episode. We talked about the benifits that prayer may have, some …


White Heros

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Oct 20, 2015<p>Today’s episode Francine Di and TheEvilDrTran join me to talk about Asian and Black …


It’s in the BUY-BULL!!!

What’s up secular minorities? In this episode we look at some bible stories and scriptures OBJECTIVELY. I challenge you to do the same.<p>Listen on …


What’s going on?

Categories<p>Featured<p>Most Popular<p>Released on Feb 26, 2016<p>What’s up Secular Minorities? TheEvilDrTran joins me to talk about going to his first WWE …

Race Relations

Media and Money

I’m joined with TheEvilDrTran and Lee Meyer. We talked about my seeing Rocky I-IV for the first time, my observation of how characters in movies and …

Darth Vader

Some exposition

What’s good Secular Minorities? In this mini-sode (?) I wanted to go into more detail from the first pod cast, so, this may be repetitive to some. …


The Pilot Episode

This was an impromptu pilot episode that gave a little history. Francine Di andThe Warp C.A.V.E.'s TheDrEvilTran joined me to discuss some current …