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By tsasser | Integrating games-based learning and gamification into the classroom.

5 Secrets to Making Your Class as Addictive as Games - From Douglas Kiang on Edudemic

This post first appeared on Edudemic.

Game designers have mastered certain tricks that make games so addictive that people can’t stop playing them. …

Game Based Learning

Gamification And Self-Determination Theory

Games are not just for fun anymore--and indeed "fun" is not a good enough description for the psychology of gameplay anyway. Designers are trying to …

Interaction Design

Massive Survey Finds Students Mobile-ready, Wanting Games

Project Tomorrow has spent more than a decade tracking the growth and impact of digital technologies on schools and this year’s major survey contains …

Game Based Learning

Richard Atlas's Blog - Gamification, Rewards & Learning

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Study: Limited Video Gameplay Shows Dramatic Math Improvement


The seduction secrets of video game designers

Video games, we have been led to believe, are about wasting time. It is a misunderstanding that players and game makers have railed against for 40 years. While movies and television are endlessly analysed and debated in the mainstream media, games are characterised as troubling, irresponsible or …

Game Design

Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative

When looking at how engaged students are in playing games, it makes sense to capture some of the ideas that game designers use to engage the player. …

Game Based Learning

How Video Games In The Classroom Will Make Students Smarter

Around a billion and a half people all play video games of some sort. That’s more than 20% of the world’s population. Video games have become a part of life. They are now more than just leisure and entertainment. They are mainstream media, an everyday method of storytelling and representation. …

Game Based Learning

Federal Grant Program Manager Tells Game Developers: ‘The Culture Has Changed’

The research branch of the Department of Education has greatly expanded its support for game developers.

Game firms looking to develop learning games …


By Paul Darvasi

At what point does an educator turn to games? K-12 educators have a good track record of using games to engage children, but when it …

"The Ethics of Gamification and Gamified Learning" by Sherry Jones (April 16, 2015)

April 16, 2015 - This is my presentation on issues and research regarding gamification in higher education for the e-Learning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) conference.


"Gamification is the application of game elements to non game context to influence user behavior. Gamified learning is to …

15 Books to Enhance Your Knowledge & Skills with Games and Learning

Ever since I first read James Paul Gee’s book about What Video Games Have to Teach us About Learning and Literacy, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of …

Game Based Learning

How Playing a Game Can Help Personalize Learning

Game Based Learning


How can we make school a joyful experience without sacrificing rigor? What’s the best way to measure true learning? What’s the purpose of school? The …


The Gamified Classroom:Why Teachers Use Digital Games

New Release

The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence

Baruti K. Kafele offers a powerful examination of what …

Here we are now, edutain us: Education and games with SpaceChem 's Zach Barth

SpaceChem is a unique game in a lot of ways, not least because it manages to do a fairly successful job of translating the experinece of programming …

Game Based Learning


By Paul Darvasi

Tensions ran high as a stern detective interrogated a group of American students at a Beijing police station. The questions were fired …

Game Based Learning

We don't need no stinkin' badges: How to re-invent reality without gamification

(Slides from Jane McGonigal at the Game Developers Conference 2011, Serious Games Summit, Gamification Day)

If you hate the term gamification, you're not alone: Plenty of game developers think gamification sounds cynical and opportunistic -- a way to motivate gamers to do something they' ordinarily …

These Professors Think Schools Need Games, Not Gamification

In MIT’s Education Arcade, classic game consoles line the office corridor; rafters are strung with holiday lights; and inflatable, stuffed, and …

Game Based Learning

Ed Games Need To Fill in Assessment Gaps To Be Fully Useful


A joint study on game-playing in K-12 has found that educational game developers could improve the learning impact by making a few changes. The …

Game Based Learning

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The dark side of gamification

How well do you chop your cucumber?

It’s a ridiculous question, I know, but in the short film Sight the protagonist plays an augmented reality game …

Dark Side

Making Games: The Ultimate Project-Based Learning

Gamestar MechanicPart 6 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning.As game-based learning increases in popularity, it’s easy to get pigeon-holed into …

Game Based Learning

14 Tools to Turn Game-Obsessed Kids into Genuine Game Designers


Institute of Play on Twitter

Everything we’ve learned at @Q2L_NYC over 7 years leads to this: 7 principles of game-like learning #gbl #sxswedu

Building an Amazing Race Activity!

A lot of peoplehave been asking me about an activity I have used called “The Amazing Race”. I’ve used the strategy at two professional learning …

Game-based learning on a shoestring

Game-based learning doesn’t have to break the bank. That was the key point of my presentation at The Learning Assembly in Melbourne last week.

Sure, …

Game Based Learning

Gamification User Types and the 4 Keys 2 Fun

Reading Time: 6 minutes (ish)

I am pretty excited about this one.

Gamification User Types

When I created my gamification User Types definitions, it was …


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