Games-Based Learning and Gamification

By tsasser | Integrating games-based learning and gamification into the classroom.

Learning Game Market Continues Strong Growth; Questions Remain

As the Serious Play Conference continues in Pittsburgh, there have been a couple of new reports out about the projected growth of and investment in …


Amplify Games Win Awards Even as Direction of Company Remains in Flux

“World of Lexica” is one of three Amplify games that won a gold medal at this week’s Serious Games conference.

Even as Amplify has reportedly scaled …


Why Are Learning Games Not in the Cards?

Learning games have yet to crack the code to making a popular card game.

It may be a digital download world for many, but more and more 21st-century …

Kizoom Game Hopes to Help Kids Unlock the Power, Mystery of the Brain

Brainventures is available today for the iOS.

Erica Warp has been waiting three years for Pixar’s latest movie “Inside Out” to come out. It’s …

Personal Story Drives Game Aimed at Helping Kids with ADHD

In her pitch to convince potential IndieGogo backers to support her new racing game, Candice Hughes sketched out her now 17-year-old son’s dream: to …

Gaming the School System

How entertainment-software designers are emerging as unlikely forces behind education reform in America

Paul Cross has a resume that many high-school students today would probably salivate over. When he was the lead designer at Criterion Games, he developed a series of high-speed racing games called …


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Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative

Alice KeelerGame-Based LearningGamify a classroom by introducing a fun narrative, reframing assignments to fit into that narrative, and making …


5 Secrets to Making Your Class as Addictive as Games - From Douglas Kiang on Edudemic

This post first appeared on Edudemic.

Game designers have mastered certain tricks that make games so addictive that people can’t stop playing them. …


Streaming: The Future of Virtual Learning?

There is a revolution happening in the world of video games. It is called Twitch. It’s a website where gamers can directly stream footage of their …


Game Making Tools for Schools


Combination game-creation tool and vast library of pre-created content

Grades Pre-K-5

Type App

Price Free

Platforms Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod …

Game Programming

Gamification of the Classroom


Google …

Removing The Gamification In Your Classroom

Removing The Gamification In Your Classroom

by Terry Heick

Leaving the classroom and becoming whatever it is that I am now has been a humbling …


5 essential P’s of gamification

I always like to try and simplify concepts to help me explain them to people, hence I keep creating acronym based frameworks!! (RAMP, EEEE, GAME …


Two Factions Are Battling for Control in an Alternate Reality Game

Imagine a game like Capture the Flag or Risk, where two teams compete to claim locations and control territory, except the entire world is playing it …

Alternate Reality

How gaming is becoming a classroom tool

In partnership with Sheffield Hallam University

At first glance the idea of bringing digital games into the classroom might seem like a recipe for …


Woot Math Actually Puts Personalized Learning to the (Scientific) Test

Woot Math is aimed at middle school teachers looking for personalized math tools.

If you were to draft the ideal development scenario for a formal …

Reports Highlight Strong Growth and Investor Interest in China, U.S. Game-based Learning

Ask developers or investors if there is more money pouring into or being generated by learning games and the answer is a definitive yes. Ask how much …


Developer Claims Game Can Ease Test Anxiety

Rahul Mahna stood peering up at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro and thinking about sixth grade.

Class Compete Uses a math-fueled race game to help kids …


“Level Up Learning” Captures State of Digital Games in Classroom

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• Gamers in the Classroom
• Mixed Messages
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Amid a boom in investment and experimentation with …


Gamification And Self-Determination Theory

Games are not just for fun anymore--and indeed "fun" is not a good enough description for the psychology of gameplay anyway. Designers are trying to …


Massive Survey Finds Students Mobile-ready, Wanting Games

Project Tomorrow has spent more than a decade tracking the growth and impact of digital technologies on schools and this year’s major survey contains …


Gamification, rewards, and learning

"Gamification is not something we should fear or despise, but it is a tool that should be used carefully and intelligently. Rewards and challenges …


Study: Limited Video Gameplay Shows Dramatic Math Improvement


The seduction secrets of video game designers

Video games, we have been led to believe, are about wasting time. It is a misunderstanding that players and game makers have railed against for 40 years. While movies and television are endlessly analysed and debated in the mainstream media, games are characterised as troubling, irresponsible or …

Game Design

How Video Games In The Classroom Will Make Students Smarter

Around a billion and a half people all play video games of some sort. That’s more than 20% of the world’s population. Video games have become a part of life. They are now more than just leisure and entertainment. They are mainstream media, an everyday method of storytelling and representation. …

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Federal Grant Program Manager Tells Game Developers: ‘The Culture Has Changed’

The research branch of the Department of Education has greatly expanded its support for game developers.

Game firms looking to develop learning games …

Can Games and Badges Motivate College Students to Learn?

By Paul DarvasiAt what point does an educator turn to games? K-12 educators have a good track record of using games to engage children, but when it …


"The Ethics of Gamification and Gamified Learning" by Sherry Jones (April 16, 2015)

April 16, 2015 - This is my presentation on issues and research regarding gamification in higher education for the e-Learning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) conference.


"Gamification is the application of game elements to non game context to influence user behavior. Gamified learning is to …