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Scientists Explain Why Drinking Water First Thing in The Morning Has Huge Health Benefits

“Did You Know…that drinking water in the morning immediately upon waking up can have amazing therapeutic effects for a multitude of health …


The Neurology of Self-Awareness

What is the self? How does the activity of neurons give rise to the sense of being a conscious human being? Even this most ancient of philosophical …


Embracing Clairsentience

So my blog is called Confessions of a Clairsentient, and so it is only apt that I try to find words to describe this energetic operating system one …


Neuroscientists have identified how exactly a deep breath changes your mind

Breathing is traditionally thought of as an automatic process driven by the brainstem—the part of the brain controlling such life-sustaining functions as heartbeat and sleeping patterns. But new and unique research, involving recordings made directly from within the brains of humans undergoing …

The Brain

We Are Capable of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!

Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow …


New Research: Tequila Can Help with Managing Diabetes and Losing Weight

Well, isn’t this a marvelous thing? According to a study by the American Chemical Society (ACS), sugars found in the plant that makes tequila could …


The forgotten art of squatting is a revelation for bodies ruined by sitting

Sentences that start with the phrase “A guru once told me…” are, more often than not, eye-roll-inducing. But recently, while resting in <i>malasana</i>, or a deep squat, in an East London yoga class, I was struck by the second half of the instructor’s sentence: “A guru once told me that the problem with …


Thoughts About the Qliphoth

A number of occultists have over the last few decades written about the Qliphoth, or Qliphah (singular), and some have stipulated that there is a …


The Science Behind Spiritual Enlightenment

Enlightenment is often described as peace, liberation, reading your full potential, becoming one with creation, constant happiness or support from …

Buddhist Meditation

Placebo Effect of the Heart

After 40 years, millions of procedures, and billions of dollars, doctors are questioning whether a common procedure is doing more harm than good. How much does heart disease depend on a patient’s state of mind?<p>A doctor stands over you and feeds a long wire up the inside of your body, from your …


Webinar Tantra como la puerta de transformación !!

Earth’s Chakras — What They Are and Where These Powerful Energy Centers are Located

If you’re at all familiar with chakras, you know how important they are to our balance and energy. And just as we have chakras, so too does the …


Sleep deprivation stops brain cells firing properly, changing how we see the world

Sleep deprivation stops brain cells communicating properly and affects how people see the world around them, a new study has shown.<p>The new research, which has serious implications for driving while tired, shows that parts of the brain actually turn themselves off to rest even though a person is …

The Brain

Hala Khouri's Trauma-Informed Yoga Teaching Path

DIGITAL EXTRA: This is an extension of the interview that first appeared in the January/February 2015 issue of Yoga Journal. Here, learn more about …


Let It All Go: 7 Poses to Release Trauma in the Body

Colleen Saidman Yee offers poses from her new memoir, <i>Yoga for Life</i>, to release anxiety and trauma from body parts that commonly hold it. Practice …


Where Science and Spirituality Meet: Physics, Mind, and the Unknown

During my internet travels, I came across a place where science and spirituality are studied hand in hand. The wonderful thing is that one doesn’t …


Guided Meditation for Healing Childhood Wounds and Trauma

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard …


Intrusive thoughts might be caused by a shortage of a certain chemical

Don’t Think About It<p>Most of us know the feeling of being unable to distract ourselves from a particular thought, however much we might want to. Now, …

The Brain

Genetic Memory is The Key to Finding Evidence of Past Lives, Scientists Claim

Does the human soul transcend the lifetime of the body it inhabits? Do humans even have souls? If we do, what happens to that soul after we die?<p>Big …


Science Is Starting to Explore the Gray Zone Between Life and Death

French researchers recently roused a patient out of a vegetative state. <br>Read More

The Brain

Who’s Running Your Thoughts? Tips On How to Master Own Mind

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force …


Buddhist Meditation and the Dark Night of the Soul

Buddhist meditation, mindfulness meditation in particular, is widely practiced in the West. Mindfulness is being widely applied by psychologists and …


Why Is It You Can Sense When Someone’s Staring at You?

A very complex biological system must work in concert for daze detection to occur. <br>Read More

The Brain

How to finger a girl *really* well

It may seem 'old school' but fingering, when done right, can be the actual best. We spoke to experts at <i>Kinkly</i> who are here to pass on their fingering wisdom.<p>When it comes to creating the persistent, rhythmic and often subtle stimulation required to really please a vulva - and deliver a mind-blowing …


You Know You Wanna: 3 Simple Ways to Have Bigger, Stronger Orgasms

When it comes to orgasms I think we can all agree that bigger and stronger is better. Here's how to get 'em.


How to identify your body’s stress points and release them

In today’s world, we are so habituated to tension that we don’t even realise when we store it in our bodies. When layers upon layers of unreleased …


Human Brain Contains a Multi-Dimensional Universe Within, According to Latest Research

A sensational discovery has been made by experts as scientists have found that the human brain is home to structures and shapes that have up to 11 …


Ouroboros: Ancient Infinity Symbol Used By Different Ancient Civilizations

Today, modern physicists try to unravel the mystery of time. Was there a beginning of time, and will there be end of time? The riddle of time has …

Ancient History