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Mars One Has Officially Raised “Millions” To Build The Red Planet’s First Human Settlement

Mars One, the private not-for-profit that’s planning to build the red planet’s first human settlement in 2023, has secured several million dollars in funding for its mission.<p>Though a few million dollars might pale in comparison to the estimated $6 billion Mars One anticipates this mission will …

L-9 months for me, @AstroSamantha and @AntonAstrey

Space to Ground - 02/07/14


Splitting the F Ring – Cassini Legacy: 1997-2017

Photojournal: PIA17148<p>Saturn's F ring often appears to do things other rings don't. In this Cassini spacecraft image, a strand of ring appears to …

Looking Back to the Cradle of Our Universe

NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes have spotted what might be one of the most distant galaxies known, harkening back to a time when our …

Today we went as high as the top of Great Pyramid of Giza. Enjoy...

Tell Me A Story: Jerry Ross says "What Was I Thinking?"

Morpheus Completes Fifth Free-Flight