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Legendary futurist explains how he plans to live forever

Google's leading engineer and prominent futurist Ray Kurzweil says humans just a few scientific breakthroughs away from achieving eternal life. The first step — watching what we eat.

Kurzweil — one of the world's leading minds on artificial intelligence, technology and futurism — has a strategy on …


Food Technology for All

We may be heading toward a new food economy that’s more competitive and innovative.
For years, the most important food technologies were all about …


Teaching Machines to Understand Us

A reincarnation of one of the oldest ideas in artificial intelligence could finally make it possible to truly converse with our computers. And …


Teach Your Robot to Do the Dishes

Adaptive, responsive strategies let humans think they’re in charge when working on mundane tasks with robots.Roomba has a new friend. Researchers …


DNA could be used to store data more efficiently than computers, scientists find

Scientists exploring archiving potential of DNA conduct test to cope with threat of 'digital dark age' find potential solution

DNA could be used to store digital information and preserve essential knowledge for thousands of years, research has shown.

Scientists exploring the archiving potential of …


Researchers Found A Way To Erase Memories Of Meth In Mice

A major stepping stone for treating addiction

The major hurdle in treating addiction is enabling a person to not return to the abused drug or substance. This has proved extremely difficult for researchers and patients alike, as even with the best rehabilitation therapy and the most supportive …

Tiny Drones Can See The World Like Insects Do

Better for surveillance... and not crashing into each other

Tiny insect drones could be useful for disaster-area surveillance or delivering supplies to people in accessible places. But the technology is still new, and they run a high risk of running into each other in confined spaces. Now …

Scientists are developing an x-ray pill you can swallow - Quartz

Going to the doctor is rarely a pleasant experience. Beyond the sterile atmosphere and high prices (at least in the US), there’s the poking, the prodding, the injecting, and the inserting. According to the American Cancer Society, everyone over the age of 50 should get a colonoscopy to be screened …


The 'impossible' EmDrive could reach Pluto in 18 months

This is a guest post by David Hambling, a freelance journalist and author based in South London, specialising in science, technology and strange phenomena.

Last summer WIRED revealed that Nasa's Eagleworks Lab was testing a copy of the EmDrive, a propulsion device frequently labelled as "impossible" …

A Car Full Of People With No One Driving

Ever since the days of the horse and buggy there has been a fundamental relationship between vehicle and driver. The advent of driverless cars will invert this dynamic as we all roll forward into the future. What should cities do now to prepare?

Because of the popularity of application-based, …


First computers recognized our faces, now they know what we’re doing

We haven't designed fully sentient artificial intelligence just yet, but we're steadily teaching computers how to see, read, and understand our world. Last month, Google engineers showed off their "Deep Dream," software capable of taking an image and ascertaining what was in it by turning it into a …

From MIT's Neri Oxman, The (Far-Flung) Future Of Wearables

Oxman use microorganisms and 3-D printed vessels to create food, energy, oxygen, and light for interplanetary travelers.

Fitness trackers, email-alert rings, bracelets that tell you how much sun you've gotten: your average wearable is good at conveying information and not much more. But in the hands …

Wearable Tech

Student Develops An Ingenious Building Material That Shapeshifts In Response To Rain

Chao Chen, a product design student at RCA, created a water-reacting laminate that can open when it's sunny and close when it rains.

When Chao Chen had to conduct a materials study during his second term at the Royal College of Art, he found inspiration while walking through London's Hyde Park on a …


Lexus Teases A Real, Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Hoverboard

Everyone’s now racing to make a hoverboard because we decided some time in the last couple of years that proving Back To The Future II prescient was the best way to highlight technological achievement. Lexus is the latest to throw its hat into the ring, posting a teaser for its own hoverboard …


Blind Americans can now ‘see’ with a device that uses their tongues

A new device that helps the blind "see" by using their tongues has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The BrainPort V100, cleared for 250,000 profoundly blind Americans without sensitivity to light, will cost about $10,000, said Robert Beckman, chief executive officer of closely …


A Q&A with the First Human Set to Get a Head Transplant

​ On June 22, 2013, Valery Spiridonov sent the following email to Italian doctor Sergio Canavero:

“Dear Doctor Sergio!

I am a 29 years old disabled man with a muscle atrophy. I was so excited to read from newspapers about your research on head transplantation. Please tell me - what resources do you …


A Q&A with the First Human Head Transplant Surgeon

[This is a two-part series. ​Here is the companion piece, an interview with Valery Spiridonov, the man set to get the surgery.]

In essence, that’s what he wants to do to a man’s neck. Long term, it’s what he wants to do to your neck. He calls it a “Gemini” spinal cord fusion protocol, which will be …


Can Mars One colonise the red planet?

When Nasa’s first rover set down on the surface of Mars in 1997, its streamed colour images caused an early internet sensation. After centuries of dreaming, here we were, at eye level to our closest potentially habitable neighbour, and the sight was as bleakly majestic as we could have imagined: a …

Humans 'will become God-like cyborgs within 200 years'

The amalgamation of man and machine will be the ‘biggest evolution in biology’ claims Professor Yuval Noah Harari

Wealthy humans are likely become cyborgs within 200 years as they gradually merge with technology like computers and smart phones, a historian has claimed.

Yuval Noah Harari, a professor …

Big History

Humans could download brains on to a computer and live forever

The brain works like a complex circuit board which could be recreated on a computer

Humans could download their brain on to a computer and live forever inside a machine, a Cambridge neuroscientist has claimed.

Dr Hannah Critchlow said that if a computer could be built to recreate the 100 trillion …

The Brain

A new Industrial Revolution is coming

Over the past 25 years, the Internet has radically altered the way people communicate and share ideas and the way businesses interact with customers and clients.

For an even longer period, starting in the 1950s with the so-called Third Industrial Revolution, businesses have become more digitized. In …

Big Ideas

8 charts reveal everything you need to know about the monster rocket NASA is building to shuttle astronauts to Mars


The Aria Lets You Control Your Smart Watch Without Touching It

After nearly a month of time with the Apple Watch, there’s been a few moments that drew attention to the downside to having a computer strapped to one’s wrist. Brushing one’s teeth, eating, and even holding your significant other’s hand on a walk all preclude accessing your wrist with your other …


This Futuristic Concrete Heals Itself With Built-In Bacteria

A solid idea

Concrete has been a go-to building material since Roman times. It’s durable, easy to make, and relatively inexpensive. There’s just one problem: It has a tendency to crack.

There are a lot of different reasons that concrete cracks, but in general, it gets stressed either from the load …

American Companies Are One Step Closer To Claiming Asteroid Treasure

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would authorize firms to keep what they mine from asteroids. Welcome to the space rush.

Space may be the final frontier, but according to the pesky 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty, celestial bodies may not be claimed for any particular country. But what …

U.S. Congress

Audi Just Invented Fuel Made From CO₂ and Water

The next step for the project will be industrial scale production

An Audi research facility in Dresden, Germany, has managed to create the first batches of diesel fuel with a net-zero carbon footprint — made from carbon dioxide (CO2), water and renewable energy sources such as wind or solar …


Joule patents fuel made from water, sunlight, CO2

Biotech start-up receives a patent for a process where genetically engineered cyanobacteria make hydrocarbons directly during growth.

The mystery …


Google a step closer to developing machines with human-like intelligence

Computers will have developed “common sense” within a decade and we could be counting them among our friends not long afterwards, one of the world’s leading AI scientists has predicted.

Professor Geoff Hinton, who was hired by Google two years ago to help develop intelligent operating systems, said …

The Ultimate Interface Is Your Brain

Editor’s note: Ramez Naam is the author of five books, including the Nexus trilogy of sci-fi novels.

The final frontier of the digital technology is integrating into your own brain. DARPA wants to go there. Scientists want to go there. Entrepreneurs want to go there. And increasingly, it looks like …

Brain Damage