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Scientists are developing an x-ray pill you can swallow

Going to the doctor is rarely a pleasant experience. Beyond the sterile atmosphere and high prices (at least in the US), there’s the poking, the prodding, the injecting, and the inserting. According to the American Cancer Society, everyone over the age of 50 should get a colonoscopy to be screened …


The First Version of Programming Language and Cryptocurrency 'Ethereum' Is Out

Ethereum is an open source programming language, cryptocurrency, and chat system, and its founders and many fans believe it could change the way we use the internet. Today, the first build of Ethereum—Frontier—was released.

Put more simply, Ethereum is sort of like a worldwide computer based on the …

Programming Languages

Venezuela Seizes Nestle, Polar Warehouse to Build Housing

Venezuelan soldiers seized a food distribution center rented by companies including Nestle SA, PepsiCo. Inc and Empresas Polar SA in Caracas as the …


Ethereum Launches Long-Awaited Decentralized App Network

Eighteen months and roughly $18m after it was first announced, Ethereum has launched.

Arguably the most ambitious 'crypto 2.0' project to date, and …


Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery

Amazon is proposing that a pristine slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs should be set aside for the deployment of high-speed aerial drones capable of flying robotically with virtually no human interference.

The retail giant has taken the next step in its ambition to deliver …


The 'impossible' EmDrive could reach Pluto in 18 months

This is a guest post by David Hambling, a freelance journalist and author based in South London, specialising in science, technology and strange phenomena.

Last summer WIRED revealed that Nasa's Eagleworks Lab was testing a copy of the EmDrive, a propulsion device frequently labelled as "impossible" …


Leave It All Behind (Circus Records)

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S2 tablets are thinner than the latest iPad Air

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab S2, a new Android tablet that’s available in two sizes and is only 5.6mm thick — that’s 0.6mm less than Apple’s iPad Air 2.

The Tab S2 comes in your choice of 9.7-inch (389g/13.7oz) or 8-inch (265g/9.34oz) screen sizes, with a 2048×1536 pixel Super AMOLED display. …


Samsung announces new iPad-sized Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Tab S2, a new tablet that comes in 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch variants, set to launch in global markets in August. The new devices come in a particularly light and thin metal frame — they're only 5.6 millimeters in thickness and weigh just 389 grams for the 9.7-inch …


The future of tablets is iPad-shaped

In the hyper-competitive world of technology, victories are usually fleeting. Asus once led the world with its Eee PC netbook, BlackBerry once held the messaging crown with BBM, and Nokia was once the name of a mobile empire. Nothing lasts forever and leaders are always toppled, but there is one …


A Car Full Of People With No One Driving

Ever since the days of the horse and buggy there has been a fundamental relationship between vehicle and driver. The advent of driverless cars will invert this dynamic as we all roll forward into the future. What should cities do now to prepare?

Because of the popularity of application-based, …


Chinese man builds fake police station in flat and poses as cop in elaborate con

With his collection of handcuffs and the siren on his car, inspector Lei looked every bit the Chinese policeman.

His wardrobe was filled with the black blazers of a crime-busting bobby and his office contained an armory of stun guns for subduing the outlaws he claimed to hunt.

But inspector Lei was …


Yuri Milner Is Investing $100 Million To Find Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

“What is the greatest question ever asked?” poses Yuri Milner, layering smoked salmon atop toast.

My palms are sweating. As if the meeting at the Ritz Carlton with one of the most powerful men in the world (for which I was slightly late) wasn’t intimidating enough, the wait for him to join me — …

Yuri Gagarin

First computers recognized our faces, now they know what we’re doing

We haven't designed fully sentient artificial intelligence just yet, but we're steadily teaching computers how to see, read, and understand our world. Last month, Google engineers showed off their "Deep Dream," software capable of taking an image and ascertaining what was in it by turning it into a …


How Do You Define a Gang Member?

On a rainy day last December, in a courtroom in downtown Modesto, Calif., a 24-year-old white man named Jesse Sebourn, along with five co-defendants, sat accused of second-degree murder. The victim, Erick Gomez, was only 20 when he was shot to death. He was a reputed Norteño gang member who had …

Deep South

2015 Internet Trends Report

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm …


Meet Google’s “Eddystone”—a flexible, open source iBeacon fighter

Move over iBeacon—today Google is launching "Eddystone," an open source, cross-platform Bluetooth LE beacon format. Bluetooth beacons are part of the …


The Myth of the Ethical Shopper - The Huffington Post

There’s this video that went viral earlier this year. On Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a vending machine is selling plain white T-shirts for €2 each. Customers approach in ones and twos, insert coins, pick a size. Then, before the shirt comes out, a photo appears—a black-and-white image of rows of …


An Architect Lost His Sight and Kept Working Thanks to Breakthrough Technologies for the Blind

As one of the few blind practicing architects in the world, Chris Downey occupies a unique place in design. When he lost his sight in 2008, Downey, who is based in San Francisco, began using his own experiences to transform interior and exterior spaces for those with—and without—visual impairments. …


Why These Photos of Windows Around the World Have Gone Viral

Portuguese photographer André Vincent Gonçalves started out taking snapshots of colorful windows in his native Évora; his "Windows of the World" …

Microsoft Windows

The Airfare Hack That Can Double Your Vacation for Free

Why visit one country when you can see two? Many airlines let you do just that with free or low-cost stopovers.

If you’re adventurous and want to get …

Brazil Travel

The Incredible 3D Printed Zoetrope

Here’s a wonderfully neat project to perhaps spark some creativity as we head into this holiday weekend: the 3D printed Zoetrope.

Take the concept of a flipbook — a series of frames displayed quickly to trick your brain into seeing an animation — and make it 3D, swapping out the still images for …


Facebook Tests Features That Make Sharing GIFs In Messenger Easier Than Ever

Facebook really wants you to use GIFs inside Messenger. The company recently unleashed a series of GIF apps from third-parties which work inside Messenger — as part of its Messenger platform initiative — but it is now going beyond that with a series of pilots that bring GIFs right into Messenger …


This could be the first airplane on Mars

Take a peek at the possible future of flight on Mars with the Prandtl-m, a prototype aircraft scheduled for testing on Earth.

Enlarge Image

When I …


Drones deliver abortion pills to women in Poland

Drones have been used to deliver abortion drugs to women in Poland in a protest against Poland's pregnancy termination laws.

A Dutch women's advocacy …


The gates are open -- the Edyn Garden Sensor hits online retailers

The connected garden tool designed by Yves Behar goes on sale today.

Starting today, you can purchase the Edyn Garden Sensor online from Home Depot. …


Elon Musk-backed group gives $7M to explore artificial intelligence risks

The Future of Life Institute, which aims to protect humanity from the possible negative effects of artificial intelligence, awards the cash to 37 …

Artificial Intelligence

Google apologizes for algorithm mistakenly calling black people 'gorillas'

The search giant is under fire after its Photo app offensively mislabeled user's photos. It points to another challenge Silicon Valley companies have …


America challenges Japan to real-life battle of giant robots

Now that America's MegaBots and Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries have both built giant, pilot-controlled robots, it seems obvious what has to …


The meaning of life, according to Google's chatbot AI

Google's chatbot artificial intelligence has some interesting -- and not entirely illogical -- ideas about morality, philosophy and the meaning of …