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The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

You don't have infinite money. Spend it on stuff that research says makes you happy.

Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. There are economists who think happiness is the best indicator of the health of a society. We know that money can make you happier, though after your basic needs are met, …


IBM, Weather Channel team for better business forecasts

IBM and the Weather Channel's parent company are collaborating on a true cloud data service.

The computing powerhouse and WSI, the Weather Company's global business division, have teamed up to integrate real-time weather information into business applications for improved performance and decreased …


A Struggle to Save the Scaly Pangolin

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — With its scaly exterior, peculiar body shape and propensity for rolling into an armored ball when threatened, the pangolin has invited comparison to the artichoke and the pine cone.

But a 3-year-old female pangolin at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center here seemed …


How To Grow Your Own Microgreens And Save A Ton Of Money

For someone who has never grown a thing, planting a seed into soil feels absolutely intimidating. It's an incredibly simple act and it happens in the natural world every second, yet we've gotten to a place in our modern world where growing things feels very foreign. It's time we change that. Let's …


Apps Snoop on Your Location Way More Than You Think

While everyone understands the intrinsic privacy trade-off, few may realize just how often apps ping their location.The post Apps Snoop on Your …


How machine learning will fuel huge innovation over the next 5 years


Machine learning is coming into a golden age, and with it we’re seeing an awakening of possibilities formerly reserved for science fiction.

Machine learning (ML) is a computer’s way of learning from examples, and it’s one of the most useful tools we have for the construction of artificial …

Machine Learning

How It Works: Growing A Biological Drone To Explore Mars

Why ship hardware to space when we can just culture it on arrival?

NASA is working on a prototype drone that will be able to survey Mars from a modest altitude. But what if instead of shipping a drone to Mars, we could just ship small vials of cells, and use them to grow a biodegradable drone on the …


Apple co-founder on artificial intelligence: ‘The future is scary and very bad for people’

The Super Rich Technologists Making Dire Predictions About Artificial Intelligence club gained another fear-mongering member this week: Apple …

Artificial Intelligence

Will tomorrow's homes help hackers spy on us?

Cybersecurity advisor Marc Goodman believes that most, if not all, the physical objects in our homes will ultimately be connected to the internet.

While this offers untold benefits, he also warns that hackers will try to turn the technology against us.

He has just penned a book, Future Crimes, about …


Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation

Robots will use the latest computer-vision and machine-learning algorithms to try to perform the work done by humans in vast fulfillment centers. …


The AI Resurgence: Why Now?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been enjoying a major resurgence in recent months and for some seasoned professionals, who have been in the AI …

Artificial Intelligence

Ford cars slow when they see speed-limit signs

Ford is to sell a car that can read road signs and adjust its speed accordingly to ensure the vehicle is not driving too fast.

The speed-limiting tech can be activated via the steering wheel and briefly overridden by pressing firmly on the accelerator.

The car company suggests the facility will help …


This Is What You'll Be Eating In 2020

In the future, fat and bacteria are good, soil is smarter, and healthy convenience is king.

Today's food landscape looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago. Fast casual—not fast food—dominates. Your next meal is just a tap of the iPhone away. McDonald's is toying with the idea of kale. These …


Birds detect approaching storm from 900km away

A group of songbirds may have avoided a devastating storm by fleeing their US breeding grounds after detecting telltale infrasound waves.

Researchers noticed the behaviour after analysing trackers attached to the birds to study their migration patterns. They believe it is the first documented case …


This futuristic performance by Japanese trio Perfume will make you lose your mind

The best gigs I've ever been to are the ones where I felt like I got lost in space and time. Those occasions where the dance floor is apparently wrenched out the ground and sent spinning through the universe in an enjoyable mash of people, lights, and music. Basically, they feel exactly the way …


AP Investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

BENJINA, Indonesia (AP) — The Burmese slaves sat on the floor and stared through the rusty bars of their locked cage, hidden on a tiny tropical island thousands of miles from home.

Just a few yards away, other workers loaded cargo ships with slave-caught seafood that clouds the supply networks of …

Black History

Cook Rice Differently To Reduce Its Calories

Researchers say it can curb obesity in countries where rice is a staple

Rice, the base for cuisines all over the world, contains a lot of starch. That makes it delicious but also high in calories. While that may a boon for people who struggle to ingest enough calories each day, it’s becoming a …


By 2017 Georgetown, TX Will Run Entirely On Renewable Energy

Georgetown, Texas, probably isn’t the first place people think of when they think of clean, green energy. As the seat of Williamson County–one of …


5 Spices That Can Make Any Meal Healthier

The right seasonings can take any meal to the next level.

By Arianna Davis

Most cooks have a predictable menu of tried and true flavor accents: a sprinkle of thyme, a pinch of paprika. And while many spices are sources of vitamins and antioxidants, some may deliver surprising benefits. We asked Sara …


New DNA construct can set off a “mutagenic chain reaction”

A technique for editing genes while they reside in intact chromosomes has been a real breakthrough. Literally. In 2013, Science magazine named it the …


Vanhawks Raises $1.6M To Help Put The Valour Smartbike On The Road

Smartbike startup Vanhawks, part of the Y Combinator Winter 2015 class, has raised $1.6 million from Real Ventures, Olympic triathlon gold medallist Simon Whitfield, Brenda Irwin of Relentless Pursuit partners and various angels. The company will use the funding to help deliver its Valour …


Palate Is A Smart Grill That Takes The Work Out Of Cooking

While the standard George Foreman has long been the go-to grill for busy executives on the go, it’s time for Big George to hang up his gloves. Palate Smart Grill is on the scene and launching at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014.

This smart grill will cook almost any food perfectly based on weight, …


YC-Backed GitLab Is Like GitHub But For Enterprise – You Know, Like GitHub Enterprise

GitLab calls itself the open-source GitHub that companies can run on their own servers. Like GitHub, it offers an open source git repository. Also like GitHub, it has a cat creature mascot.

“But sometimes you want your hub protected on your own servers, behind your own firewall for certain …


Meetings Are Usually Terrible, But YC-Backed WorkLife Aims To Change That

I’m guessing you have been in a meeting that made you hate your life. You know, where one or two people drone on and on, half of the attendees seem to be talking past each other, and at the end no one’s sure what’s been decided or who’s responsible for doing what.

Well, a startup called WorkLife has …


Paperspace Lets Anyone Access A Better Personal Computer That Lives In The Cloud

Imagine never having to buy new and expensive hardware to upgrade your personal computer with more speed and storage space. That’s the vision behind Y Combinator-backed Paperspace, a new company launching today, which is building a full, personal computer that lives in the cloud, which you access …

Cloud Services

Treeline Wants To Take The Coding Out Of Building A Backend

Building the backend to power your dream app is one of the walls that stops front-end developers from even attempting to prototype their own app designs.

It’s got to run fast but efficiently on whatever infrastructure you decide to use. It has to work with any platform you might build a client for. …


YC-Backed Omniref Is Rap Genius For Code

While the open source movement has made getting up and running with a software project incredibly easy for those who know what to look for, the reality is that not every project can be updated to support the latest versions of the code they’re built on.

Over time, this means that you see thousands …

Object-Oriented Programming

Priime for iPhone intelligently suggests which filters to use on your photos

There seems to be an endless amount of new photo apps out there, but new app Priime is a unique spin on the humble photo editing app.

Available for iPhone, Priime is an intelligent photo editor that suggests filters for your shots based on the content of the image. The app analyzes the color and …

iOS Apps

Priime: An iOS Photo Editing App with a Marketplace for Filters by Photographers

Photo editing apps for smartphones are a dime a dozen these days, but today there’s a new one that hopes to stand above its competitors with a couple …


Woz says the future is 'very bad for people'

Technically Incorrect: The Apple co-founder says he is extremely concerned about our survival, as the future is "scary." We may become the mere pets …

The Future