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Man In Nature: How Going to the Woods Strengthens Your Brain Power

Going on a forest walk or simply strolling through a park will do you a power of good. Not only physically by improving cardiac health and blood …


What Does Your Car Camping Vehicle Say About You?

As rent skyrockets in most ski towns, and the trend of mobile tiny homes continues to proliferate, more and more disgruntled ski bums are flocking to …

Installing An Air Conditioner

DetailsAugust 28, 2015- By Angela White

TCM installs a low profile Coleman Mach 8 RV air conditioner on their project camper. Step one was figuring …


I Can't Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

The National Park Service turns 99 years old on Tuesday. To celebrate, the Department of the Interior has waived admission fees for all NPS sites for …

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RV Rental Marketplace Outdoorsy Provides The Impermanence Millennials Seek For Summer Travel

Add recreational vehicles to the so-called sharing economy. Outdoorsy is a startup that provides an online marketplace for motor home and trailer owners to rent out their vehicles when they’re not using them. It’s set to tap into a market of young and upwardly mobile 20-somethings in search of new …


7 Great American Road Trips for a Long Weekend

[section]Labor Day is right around the corner, the quintessential long weekend for road trips. The perfect last hurrah of summer in which to toss …

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Eagle Cap Campers - Luxury On the Line

Eagle Cap: Luxury On the Line

DetailsAugust 25, 2015- By Gordon White

Continuing on the 2015 “Never Seen That” tour, TCM lands at Adventurer …

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5 of San Luis Obispo County's Best Coastal Campgrounds

Morro Strand State Beach | Photo:Luis Ramirez/Flickr/Creative Commons LicenseThis guide is part of KCET's California Coastal Trail project, which


#Vanlife: The Wanderlust-Inducing Lifestyle of Roaming across the Country in a Home-on-Wheels

What is #vanlife? For some, it's just a hashtag on Instagram, but for others, it's a philosophy, a way of life that says, "Home is where you park it." For members of the #vanlife community, there is no greater pleasure than driving down empty roads in their home-on-wheels, sleeping under the stars, …


Get Your Propane Tanks Recertified, Kids!

Lust-Worthy Teardrop Trailer Made In Portland

Man this is one nice looking teardrop trailer.

Teardrop trailers have surged in popularity recently. Light enough to tow behind a six-cylinder car, …


Vintage RVs Make a Comeback

BEFORE EMBARKING on a family road trip from his home in Red Bluff, Calif., to Pueblo, Colo., next month, Gary Bovee needs to do a few things: Check his vehicle’s oil, tire pressure and wiper fluid. He also needs to make sure the stove lights and the toilet flushes—and, oh yes, he plans to rebuild …


Retiring baby boomers, improved economy drive up RV sales

If you're seeing a lot of travel trailers and motor homes on the highway these days, it's more than a sign of summer. For the first time in a decade, …


Vegetarian Camping Recipes and Food Ideas

See all 14 photos

Eating vegetarian on a normal day can be hard enough, but eating vegetarian while camping can be a downright struggle if you think …

10 Confessions Of A Full-Time RVer

A full-time RVer confesses all. From spying on the neighbors, to shunning your guest room, to dreading holiday weekends, and more!10 Confessions Of A …


You'll never want to be found once you get lost in Sawtooth National Forest

In the heart of Idaho, lies a hidden gem that you'd be remisce to ignore. Sawtooth National Forest in Sun Valley is 2 million acres of gorgeous. …


Wisconsin Charmer

There’s a more natural side to the Midwest’s bustling Waterpark Capital, with magnificent riverside cliffs, rock formations, breathtaking parks and …

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Light Weight and Easy RV Screen Room

We seem to be mosquito magnets wherever we travel. We’ve been places you didn’t dare set a foot outside your door after dark. And some places where …


Steve McQueen’s Truck Camper Rig On eBay

DetailsAugust 21, 2015- By Gordon White

Two years ago Steve McQueen’s 1952 Chevy 3800 truck and custom truck camper rig was auctioned by Mercum …

Steve McQueen

This couple has spent 15 years living happily in a vintage car and travelling the world.

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In 2000, Herman and Candelaria Zapp set out on a 16-month trip from their home in Argentina to backpack around Alaska. …

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‘Airbnb for RVs’ Launches Nationwide

Embrace your inner Airstream

Have you ever wanted to take an RV on a camping trip without having to actually own an enormous vehicle? Do you own a $90,000 RV that spends 11 months of the year languishing in your driveway? Then the startup for you has just gone live.

Outdoorsy emerged from its beta …


5 Ways To Keep Entertained On The Road

by libertatemamo Leave a Comment

This coming month we’ve got more travel (= more actual driving) than we have done in our previous 6 months on the …

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#Barking Wednesday ~ Camping with a Dog

This week on Barking Wednesday I want to share a few tips about camping with a pet. We recently purchased a truck camper. We have been on three …


High Camp Trailer

Leave it to the artisans in Portland, Oregon, to come up with a teardrop trailer that’s so beautiful you may just want to turn it into an outdoor guest room. But really, you need to take this thing camping.

When you head outdoors with the High Camp, you’ll need a truck, SUV, or a six-cylinder car …


Europe's best campsites by lakes and rivers

In this extract from 'Cool Camping Europe', editor Jonathan Knight chooses his favourite sites near the continent's lakes, rivers, reservoirs and waterfalls

From France’s Lake District to the wilds of Slovenia, staying in yurts, wooden caravans and treehouses, here are some of the best places to …

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A Sensational Streamlined 1938 Reo Tractor and Curtiss Aerocar

Dr. Hubert Eaton was a man of vision, in 1912 took over the management of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA. Five years later he changed it from …

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How America Learned to Love the Airstream Again

Jordan Menzel had separated from his wife two years ago when he sold his Salt Lake City house for $350,000 and needed a place to live. “I didn’t want …

Truck, Camper, Corvette, and a Harley - To Go

DetailsAugust 18, 2015- By Angela White

With his Phoenix Custom Camper rig, Hugh Benscoter tows his 1963 Corvette to Corvette FunFest, or his Harley …


This Is Your Brain On Nature

John Muir, one of America's most influential conservationists, once wrote that "going to the woods is going home."

If you've ever emerged from a hike or camping trip only to find with a clearer mind, you know exactly what Muir means. Nature has a way of providing comfort when you need it the most. …

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