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Get in free to all California National Parks on Presidents Day

No plans yet for Presidents Day? How about visiting one of California's many beautiful, historic national parks?<p>Entrance fees to all 124 National Parks that normally charge for tickets will be waived on Feb. 20 in honor of the day. The California parks participating in the free day are:<p>Cabrillo …

National Parks

The Downside of Life on the Road? Celebrating the New Year a Week Late.

For years, my wife, Jen, and I have strived to find interesting adventures for ringing in the New Year, from midnight ski runs and champagne-addled hot spring soaks to backcountry hut trips and full-moon fat bike rides. This being our first year in our Airstream, Artemis, we hatched a plan to …


#Zion #NationalPark in #Utah boasts some of the most scenic landscapes in the southwestern U.S. Within its 229 square miles are high plateaus, a maze of deep sandstone canyons and the gorgeous Virgin River. The soft scents of pine and juniper drift on the air. A winter #sunset coloring the sky above this dramatic scene is an unforgettable experience. Photo @zionnps by David Curry (www.sharetheexperience.org). #findyourpark #usinterior

When visiting #Alaska’s #Denali #NationalPark (@denalinps), be sure to look up for a chance to glimpse the #NorthernLights. Also known as the #auroraborealis, these fantastic displays of color occur when a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields interact with Earth's atmosphere. Different colors depend on whether electrons collide with atoms of oxygen (red/green) and nitrogen (blue/purple) and the altitude at which these collisions occur. Photo courtesy of Carl Johnson (@arcticlight-ak). #usinterior #findyourpark

5 Stunning National Parks in Ontario to Visit Now

Canada turns 150 this year and to celebrate, all National Parks in Canada have free admission for 2017. Due to this, Lonely Planet and the New York …

National Parks

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: A Presidential Tribute

Rising above the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a stunning sight to behold. Audacious in scale and magnificent in …

American History

America's #publiclands can provide awesome experiences -- from taking in the great scenery of our natural landscapes to learning about our nation’s rich history. Monday, February 20, is the perfect day to explore your national parks and other public lands with free entrance for Presidents’ Day. Photo of Hazel Mountain Overlook at #Virginia’s #Shenandoah National Park (@shenandoahnps) by #NationalPark Service. #findyourpark #usinterior

Why Buyers are Choosing Smaller RVs on Purpose

Look around any full RV park and you might wonder if more Class Bs and Class Cs are on the highway these days. If so, you would be correct. Choosing …


The Costs Of Fulltime RVing (Part II) – Specifics & Links

If you’ve landed on this post hopefully you will already have read the intro post that I wrote a few days ago (HERE). If not, I definitely recommend …


The secret side of the Sierra Nevadas

On the less-traversed eastern slopes of the mountain range is a complex environment of geothermal activity, volcanic forces, salt lakes, desert hills and ghost towns.

National Parks

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

<b>February 10, Friday</b><i>Let’s see. Clothes duffle, shower bag, three gallons of water, sleeping bag…</i>I’m up for sunrise this morning, and what a pretty one …


It‘s amazing what a little rain will do to a place like White Pocket in the extreme northern portion of Arizona. Photograph by Brian Baril. #explore #arizona #photography #whitepocket #vermilioncliffs #arizonahighways

A 25-year-old spent $250 turning his truck into a camper van to travel across the US

<b>The INSIDER Summary:</b><p><b>• John Charles Putrino built a bed and storage unit into the back of his truck.</b><b><br>• He's driving to national parks across the US.</b><b><br>• It took some getting used to, but he enjoys the solitude of low-maintenance travel.</b><p>John Charles Putrino wanted to keep his cross-country trip …


America’s public lands are wonderful places to love and be in #love. Experiences in national parks, wildlife refuges and scenic wildernesses are even better when shared with the people you care about most. We’re celebrating these great love stories with a cute video of #romantic moments on #publiclands. Watch our annual #Valentines Day video at www.doi.gov. Photo of a proposal at Hawaii Volcanoes #NationalPark (@hawaiivolcanoesnps) by Janice Wei. #usinterior #findyourpark

Australian Truck Camper for the Birds

11 Shares<p>Share Email Comments<p>Australian’s Irwyn and Rosemary Doherty bought an imported 2015 Lance 825, mounted it to a VW Transporter diesel …


Everyone's got a favorite: color, food, activitiy, hobby. Sunsets are an easy favorite when thinking about the outdoors. For those who brave the colder temperatures, winter sunsets can provide some of the most vivid colors in the sky, clouds, and on the rocks. Sometimes we like to use colors of food to describe sunset tones; apricot, salmon, and watermelon are frequently used! What is your favorite sunset and "foodie" description? #yosemite #nationalpark

Doorway to Forever: Badlands National Park in South Dakota

A lot of people have asked us to name our favorite national park after visiting all of them--a very difficult thing to do as they are all so unique and wonderful in their own way. It is much easier to select parks that we really want to return to and explore and learn more about... Badlands …

National Parks

Some research has shown you actually increase the quality of your sleep cycle in a hammock and boost brain wave oscillations. Pad is also a game changer. Would recommend.

Our home/studio affords us 80 square feet of combined living and working space. - However, this whole work-in-the-bus full time lifestyle was new to us this past year. - For 3 years, we hustled odd jobs and farm work to make an income as we traveled, which meant that we only worked in the bus occasionally, when J.R. got the occasional video gig or when we bit off a personal project. - Last year, we found ourselves writing and editing photos in the bus 40 hours a week, a drastically different flow. We created an entire 240 page book in here across 2016, no desk, no AC, no heat. Yes, it was a challenge. And yes, next time we think we'd modify our living space to accommodate a desk-work lifestyle. - However, that's not to think about today. Today, we're finishing the last step of the preorder segment of our book project. 75 of you all preordered special annotated books from us last spring, which I am marking up with cartoons, doodles, and backstories. Thank you guys. They will all be sent out by the end of this week. - With the book published and released, we're looking forward to what's next. Which is: wide and open space. After so much sitting, we don't plan to work 40 hours a week in the bus throughout 2017. We are ready to go and use our bodies again. Might go back to scraping together odd jobs for money. Who knows. - That's the beauty of all of this. Every phase of life is drastically different, and diverse possibilities are what keep us alive and hungry. The future is open, beckoning, and forward we will march, into the unknown. #orangeisoptimism

Boardman park is a scenic wonder on the Oregon coast

It's hard to pin down a specific stretch of coastline as the most scenic - isn't the whole thing beautiful? - but then again, it's hard to argue …

Pacific Northwest

The best places to winter camp in California

Winter time can be polarizing for fans of the outdoors: some venture out in colder temperatures, with the idea that surviving (and thriving) in the …

The Most Exhilarating Drives in Arizona

Arizona isn’t just desert and sky. Arizona is chock full of brilliant roads for serious driving enjoyment. Every driver with three pedals or a direct …


Olympic #NationalPark's 73-mile long wilderness coast is a rare treasure. The tidepools and sea stacks found along #Washington’s shore teem with wildlife and color. Photographer Bryan Moore’s favorite spot in @olympicnationalpark is Shi-Shi Beach, where he captured this amazing #sunset. The Pacific waves crashing past Point of Arches is really spectacular. Photo courtesy of Bryan Moore (@bmo_fo_sho). #findyourpark #usinterior

How You Can Save Zion National Park from Oil and Gas Drilling

The St. George field office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have recently announced a proposal to offer two oil and gas leases approximately …

National Parks

Zion National Park Winter RV Camping

8 Prettiest National Parks to Visit in America This Spring

If you're feeling stir crazy, we totally get it. Winter can be long in the majority of states, and often void of anything even remotely cool to do. …

The moon is full. - I'm making soup while J.R. whittles. - The nights are growing warmer. Even so, this fire is damn welcome. Its embers comfort me. This winter, fire has felt more like home than even the sheets of my bed, up there in the pop-top of this home on wheels. - Soon, we'll eat. The moon will mosey across the sky at her steady lunar pace. Everything is as it should be. Every damn thing.

Winter brings peace and solitude to Arches #NationalPark (@archesnps) -- gone are the crowds or scorching heat that can plague summertime visits. It’s a great time to explore Balanced Rock and some of this #Utah park’s legendary rock formations. Sunset photo courtesy of Brock Slinger (@brockoli6). #usinterior #findyourpark

The Costs Of Fulltime RVing (Part I) – Budgeting & Planning Your Spend

<i>Pre-Post NOTE/ THANK YOU for all the awesome comments on my last post regarding our NE trip this summer!! We’ve spent lots of time digesting them and</i> …

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