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Choosing the right trailer hitch

For most of us, unless you are anticipating full-time RVing or a least spending months on the road, having a large expensive vehicle sitting for …


The 10 best national parks in the US

The US is home to 58 national parks, all filled with breathtaking landscapes and rampant wildlife...so narrowing this list down to 10 was difficult.

After considering location, accessibility, and scenery, we picked the 10 parks that must make your must-visit list — whether it be for a week-long …

National Parks

The Hunt for the Best Headlamp

Selecting the Right Product

As headlamps have grown in popularity the number and range of choices have increased to a mind-numbing level. What begins …


Wonder-filled trip of a lifetime along the Alaska Highway

Three friends, an RV and a thirst to explore: Welcome to the ultimate road trip along the Alaska Highway. No billboards or motels, just 3,000 miles of glorious wilderness, scenery and memories.

We crossed the border into Canada in a driving rain at 11 p.m. on June 1. I didn't want to think about the …

Travel (Canada)

20 of the Most Charming Beach Towns Across America

Cape Cod

Managing Gray Water in the Boondocks - Know the Rules

Potty parity - Equal number of restrooms for men and women, yet the line to the women‘s room is out the door and around the corner, while the men‘s …


"Dispersed camping" offers alternative to full campgrounds

— Few things are more disheartening to the camping summer tourist than pulling into a campground and finding all of the sites full. It's especially …


11 Of America's Best Small Towns, Perfect For A Long Weekend Trip

Whether you've got an extra vacation day to spare or not, summer is ALWAYS a good excuse for a long weekend trip. Life moves a little slower, food tastes a little sweeter and everything is just a bit simpler than in the place you left behind.

Luckily enough, America is chock-full of cool small towns …

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A road trip is good for the soul. Thanks to our IG friends @sweetspotskirts for sharing this photo with us! http://t.co/yzKMSGFL1E


Understanding the inner workings of a motorhome generator and how it should be maintained can save time, money and trouble

If you’ve ever endured a


Explore The Diversity Of New Mexico National Parks

From rugged mountaintops to grassy plains to lowland desert, New Mexico is indeed a true Land of Enchantment.

Encompassing six of the world’s seven …

New Mexico

Riding the Chetco Winds – Avoiding Heat Waves on the Oregon Coast

It’s high summer, and since I follow the nice weather I am restricted to places where the temperature is reasonable until after Labor Day. Right now …

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Trips of a lifetime: USA

Big, bold, beautiful America celebrates its independence this week. How to plan the perfect trip for you? With these knock-out itineraries, of …

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When old meets new. #TBT #ThrowBackThursday http://t.co/jWCNsvrW0i


It was a beautiful day as we drove north on the 101 freeway towards Santa Barbara. The rugged sandy bluffs rose high along the California coast while …


How To Build A World Ready Rig - Can't Break This

How To Build A World Ready Rig: Part 2

DetailsJuly 02, 2015- By Angela White

The Heimbigners do their best to break their Phoenix Custom Camper and …


A Rookie’s Road Trip Through Montana, Wyoming and Idaho

If you long to answer the call of the open road but lack experience behind the wheel, look no further than the rental lot at Billings Logan International Airport in Montana.

On this sleepy strip of pavement you can spend a leisurely half-hour trying to deactivate the electronic parking brake you …

Road Trips

A Weekend Escape to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Green islands and white sailboats dot the water. Dogs frolic along the rocky beach. Children sit on benches with their feet dangling above the ground, licking ice cream cones as big as their heads. This is Bar Harbor, a quaint town on Mount Desert Island off the coast of eastern Maine, and a …


Awesome Camping Food Recipes - Bon Appétit

June 24, 2015 /

Written by Amiel Stanek Photographed by Kyle Johnson Illustration by Anje Jager

Here at Bon Appétit, we’re tote-baggers, not backpackers. So when we do strike out for a weekend in the woods, it’s more Bourbon Trail than Appalachian. That means: We’re bringing a car, maybe two. There’s


Airstream Sport 22 Travel Trailer Review [w/video]

Airstream. That riveted aluminum capsule of postwar optimism, in which nuclear families explored the country with smiles as wide as the brand new interstate highways. The company even made those newsreel-like commercials that made building its travel trailers feel like developing a futuristic …


Camping for a Week Is Only $160 at These National Parks

Some of the most awe-inspiring places to camp across the United States are in the National Park system, which means that staying inside their …


7 monumental landscapes you can only see in Wyoming

Think of the American West and it’s hard not to immediately focus on Wyoming — home of cowboys and rodeos, big history, big culture, and big …

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How to Get the Most Out of the National Parks This Summer

Last year saw a record number of visitors to the National Park Service’s more than 400 parks, monuments, battlefields, seashores and other sites. Those numbers are expected to increase as the agency approaches its centennial on Aug. 25, 2016.

The wealth of visitors is great but spreading it around …

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Happy Campers Interview: Nick’s 10 week, 10,000 mile road trip

There are countless travel blogs and forums these days […]

Road Trips

Ideas for a cheap vacation

This article is by staff writer William Cowie.

It’s been a long time since my wife and I had the luxury of thinking in terms of vacation. When we came …

Personal Finance

540 Campsite Recommendations For Your Next Trip

DetailsJune 29, 2015- By Angela White

Long time Truck Camper Magazine reader and 2011 calendar winner, Ramblin’ Ralph Goff, has compiled a Google map …


12 Incredible American Mansions That Are Open to the Public



June 21, 2015: We spent the night of June 11 in Roseburg, Oregon, where we camped at Twin Rivers RV Park on the banks of the Umpqua River. This is a …


Camping In The National Parks: North Rim Campground At Grand Canyon National Park

The North Rim Campground at Grand Canyon National Park, a Traveler favorite/Kurt RepanshekWhile it can be fairly easy to name a poor campground in …