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If you’ve never seen the sunset at #GreatSmokyMountains #NationalPark (located in both North Carolina and Tennessee), you’ve been missing out. If you have seen one, you’re probably dreaming of the next one. The gentle curves of the forested mountains, the rising fog in the hollows and the glowing colors painting the cloudscape create a scene so beautiful, you’ll never forget it. Photo @greatsmokynps by Rick Sereque (www.sharetheexperience.org). #findyourpark #usinterior

The Anxieties of Vacation Life (and How to Survive Them)

Sometimes, when life in the trailer seems chaotic, demanding, and upside down, it's tempting to think about selling Artemis the Airstream and moving back home.<p>I had a spell like that earlier this year. First, we woke to a flat tire on the truck, with a hole about the size of a nickel. After that …


Compact, multi-personality camper van makes easy work of outdoor living

Citroën has proven pretty adept at making flashy vans that turn heads at auto shows. But everyone has their superior. German camper specialist Pössl …


It might be spring, but we can’t wait to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets at #Yosemite National Park’s #TuolumneMeadows. Here at one of the largest high-elevation meadows in the Sierra Nevada, visitors can see the Tuolumne River meandering quietly through its meadow channel against a backdrop of rugged mountain peaks and glacially carved domes. The area @yosemitenps is currently closed to cars for snow and reopens in the summer. Photo by #NationalPark Service. #findyourpark #usinterior

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SP Campground Review – John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo, FL

A tight, but superbly-located state park on Key Largo at the very northern end of the Florida Keys, FL.<p>Link to campground here: John Pennekamp Coral …


Free admission to National Park Service sites in April

Most of the country's national park sites don't charge visitors an entrance fee, but those that do will be waiving that cost for the weekends that bookend National Park Week, April 15-23.<p>The freebies — an annual tradition — are good April 15-16 and 22-23 this year. Other free dates later in 2017 …

National Parks

Happy first day of #Spring! Let’s welcome the season with a blanket of wildflowers at Carrizo Plain National Monument in #California. Only a few hours from Los Angeles, #CarrizoPlain offers visitors a chance to be alone with nature. Prominent features of the monument include the white alkali flats of Soda Lake, vast open grasslands and a broad plain rimmed by mountains. When conditions are right, numerous #wildflowers can carpet the valley floor, creating a beautiful, but temporary landscape of color. Photo by Curtis Kautzer (www.sharetheexperience.org). @mypubliclands #usinterior

This is The Most Beautiful Waterfall in America You've Never Heard of

The Grand Canyon is one of Southwest America's greatest icons and natural wonders. Welcoming over 4.5 million visitors a year, it's surprising how …

Vlog #9: The T@B 400 and other Tiny Trailers

Who is looking forward to views like these? #SpringIsComing Thanks @laurenhursttt for tagging us on this one.

Owner of retro-cool Texas RV museum wants people to 'remember the road' | Texas Travel

When it comes to camping, we Americans like to get away from it all by taking as much of it as we can with us. To that end, inventors created …


The Absolute Minimum Clothes You Need for a Life of Adventure

My drawer in Artemis the Airstream measures seven inches by 15 by 20. You could probably fit three or four cantaloupes inside it, provided they were small ones. When we hit the road full time, this was my new wardrobe. It was about the size of one shelf in our walk-in closet at home. Decisions had …


An Inside Look at a Homegrown Trailer

It’s no secret that we love teardrop trailers here at <i>Outside</i>, especially when they are solar powered, hand-built, and adventure-friendly. Homegrown Trailers, a small company based in Seattle, makes solar teardrops that will get you off-grid while turning heads with their unique design. We caught up …


The mystery of cougar M198: Episode 3 of our #TelemetryPodcast is available at go.nps.gov/m198 (photo courtesy @drewtrush). And be sure to follow @yellowstone_cougar_project to see frequent updates from the field.

Shots like this just makes us want to...

Shots like this just makes us want to leave it all & live in a van! 😍

The vast, wild landscape of #BighornCanyon National Recreation Area offers visitors unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural world, and experience the wonders of this extraordinary place. With over 120,000 acres in #Montana and #Wyoming, one can find an astounding diversity in ecosystems, wildlife and more. It’s also an amazing place to greet the new day. Photo courtesy of Aaron Selig (@aaronseligphoto). #usinterior #findyourpark

Best Time to Visit Glacier National Park: A World of Lakes and Mountains

Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye, yet also includes the inner pictures of the soul. Same happened with me when I went to the Glacier …

National Parks

J.R. and I practice the same sacred ritual every evening before bed. - We climb into our sheets, sandy feet, bodies weary from running through the desert or scrambling through river rocks. The air is still and dry, or heavy and damp, or windy and crisp. No matter the conditions, what happens after is the same, and it is based around an important question. - "What made you happiest today?" - One of us initiates this daily conversation with those words every day, 365 days a year. - Sometimes the answer is wonderfully curt. "Sunshine" or "that coyote" or "loose valves." - Others, the response is paragraphs long, verbal poetry, love letters to each other, musings built after days of pensive reflection. - This ritual is one of our greatest successes as a couple and as human beings. Asking this one simple question every day has made us conscious of what we truly value, the secret desires of our yearning souls. Through daily evaluation of our own happiness, we have been able to continually build the life of our dreams.

Touring New Zealand on a Budget? Try a Cushy Camper Van

IN NEW ZEALAND, a few pieces of driftwood were all it took to keep my three iPad-devoted daughters occupied for hours. My wife, kids (a 15-year-old and 8-year-old twins) and I were on day four of our two-week RV trip through the country, and we had just pulled into a beachfront campsite on the …

New Zealand

It takes bravery to remain quiet. After all, when we are silent, we are admitting we don't know. - And we need silence more than ever. Today, in a fast-paced world, natural soundscapes might be endangered even more than the lands they inhabit. - Between traffic noise and road construction, you have to hike a ways from a trailhead to hear the unimpeded auditory wonders offered by the national parks. - And then there's the human noise imposed on wilderness trails. Loud group discussions and laughter can drown out the gentle trickle of a stream, the tweedle deedle of a canyon wren. And, to that hiker carrying a speaker that blared dubstep music 3 miles into a slot canyon: Please, Don't. - When we hike, we should aim to remain quiet and receptive. Then, we are alone to face ourselves, and the natural places that create us. - Isn't that why we came here in the first place?

Beetle Tracks: Alaska 45 Years Later

Share Email Comments<p>In 1971, Dan Daddieco drove to Alaska in a VW Beetle. 45 years later, Dan returned to Alaska with his wife, Sheri. For this trip, …


The desert at #sunrise seems so peaceful and still, but if you look closer, the sights and sounds of Organ Pipe #Cactus National Monument in #Arizona reveal a remarkable community of plants and animals. Human stories echo throughout this #desert preserve, chronicling thousands of years of desert living. A scenic drive, wilderness hike or a night of camping will expose you to a living desert that beautiful and thriving. Photo by #NationalPark Service. #findyourpark #usinterior

RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While owning an RV offers countless opportunities to make wonderful memories and see the beauty of our country, it also requires routine checks and …

Climate Change

I don't know where we're going today. - I don't give a damn. - Knowing doesn't matter much to me. - It's the search that counts, only the search, and I'll tell you something I've realized in all my years of searching for who-knows-what in god-knows-where: - No matter what they might tell you, a true search never ends.

Just 75 miles from the bustle of Washington, D.C., Shenandoah National Park (@shenandoahnps) is your escape to cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas and one of the best drives on the east coast. There are 75 overlooks along the park’s #SkylineDrive that offer stunning views of #Virginia’s #Shenandoah Valley to the west or the rolling Piedmont to the east. So roll down your windows, feel the breeze and experience every curve and turn of this beautiful drive. Photo from The Point Overlook at milepost 55 by #NationalPark Service. #findyourpark #usinterior

California is about to explode with a spectacular wildflower display

California's parched, drought-stricken landscape was soaked this winter by ceaseless storms, creating the perfect conditions for a spectacular floral display.<p>In coming weeks, wildflowers will bloom in colorful profusion, carpeting the state's undulating hills and grassy valleys, especially in …

North America

Many visitors to #GreatSandDunes National Park and Preserve (@greatsanddunesnps) are mystified: Why is there a Sahara-like dunefield below alpine peaks that reach over 13,000 feet in #Colorado? The answer is complex, but the two essential elements are here: Avast, arid, closed basin that lakes once covered and a mountain barrier with a low curve to funnel winds into this natural pocket. Photo by Patrick Myers, #NationalPark Service. #usinterior #findyourpark

The 25 Best Campgrounds of The West

Share Email Comments<p>After camping at over 600 campgrounds in his Lance Camper, Ralph Goff picks his favorite 25 BLM, USFS, and NPS campgrounds across …