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Three Winter RV Destinations for Endless Summers

The Farmer’s Almanac just released its highly anticipated winter weather forecast. Critics say the pseudo-science behind the annual weather …


Understanding Lithium Batteries for Your Solar Power Solutions

<i>Am Solar is proud to sponsor this article.</i>In simple terms, lithium batteries effectively store solar power from the sun and act as an energy buffer …


The #moon sets over Cottonball Basin at #DeathValley #NationalPark (@deathvalleynps) in this otherworldly scene. Watching these delicate, salt-crusted formations under the moonlight transports one from #California to a world where stories of dragons 🐉, kings 👑 and unicorns 🦄 come to life. Photo courtesy of Sangeeta Dey. #usinterior #findyourpark

It feels so right sometimes to linger under the old blankets a little too long. - The world outside teeters on the brink of winter already. - It's only October, but the cold nights are thin enough they just might shatter before I rise from the comfort of my own private slumber land.

Meet The Couple About To Break The Record For The World’s Longest Road Trip

Grab a paper and a pen, I want to try something. Think about some things that have been on your mind for a bit. Goals or dreams that have been tucked in the farthest reaches of your brain. I’m talking about the things that, for one reason or another, you’ve never actually acted on. Once you …

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The Case for Killing the Campfire

Early on the morning of August 17, 2013, Keith Matthew Emerald found himself cold and hungry following a hunt in a remote section of the Sierra Nevada, near Yosemite National Park. So he did what countless generations of outdoorsmen before him have done—he started a campfire. Nine weeks later, the …


Tvan Camper Trailer

Tvan Camper Trailer is an upgrade on the previous model and has several interesting new features. Lets not forget that this thing was designed and …


Rising like a castle wall above the surrounding desert, the #GuadalupeMountains are an impressive sight on the plains of West #Texas. Guadalupe Mountains #NationalPark (@guadalupemountainsnps) provides over 80 miles of extraordinary hiking trails through a beautiful and diverse #wilderness. Here you can see amazing fossils, take awesome pictures and climb to Guadalupe Peak: the “Top of Texas.” Photo courtesy of Aaron Bates (@aaronbates ). #usinterior #findyourpark

Even though the higher elevation sections of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are closed for the year, there are still plenty of views to enjoy! Thanks to @adams_adventure_ for this great shot from the east side! #GlacierNPS

The Most Haunted Places in Every State

Get your freak on.<p>An unexplained chill in the air, a whisper in an empty room, a flicker of movement in the corner of your eye: ghost-hunters and paranormal experts have dedicated their lives to tracking down evidence that there is a life beyond the one we live now, and, sometimes, spirits from …


Airstream Nest Camper Trailer

Got a mid-size SUV? This camper was made for you. Coming Summer 2017, the highly compact fiberglass travel trailer is a perfect fit within the</b> …


"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." -Bernard Williams NPS Photo/ Aaron Chapman #findyourpark #badlandsnps #americasbestidea #sunset #happysunday #travel #explore #discover #adventure

With a little planning, you can capture some amazing moments at national parks. After checking the weather, Eric Neitzel (@tiggerlovesyou) drove 3 hours to Tuolumne Meadows -- the one place in #California’s #Yosemite #NationalPark that’s flat enough for the perfect #sunset. Braving the mosquitoes, he carefully laid down on the meadow grass to try and make sure the beautiful flowers of the meadow were shown as well as the the sunset and Pothole Dome. “For me, laying in the flowers of #TuolumneMeadows taking this picture made me feel like half John Muir and half Ansel Adams.” iPhone photo @yosemitenps courtesy of Eric Neitzel (@tiggerlovesyou). #ShotOniPhone #FindYourPark #USInterior

Classic Ride: 1998 Winnebago Rialta

<b>This compact Class B Winnebago is easy to maneuver and represents the motorhome of a lifetime for one happy Colorado couple.</b><p><b>B</b><b>igger isn’t always</b> …


Five things to consider before buying LED bulbs

Know what you're getting into before investing in LED light bulbs.<p>As your incandescents burn out, it's a good time to consider switching to LED bulbs.<p>…


Glacier National Park Fall Photo Tour

Fall. Such a beautiful time of the year. Visiting the State Parks during this time is one of the best trips you can give yourself. I was lucky enough …

Still my favorite hotel room #mgkra

5 Reasons You Should Build a Bed in Your Car

<i>photography by Erik Hedberg</i><p>If you’re a surfer, climber, or general mountain person, you likely already know that building a bed in your car opens up …

What to See and Do in Zion National Park

Zion was Utah’s first national park, and thanks to that heritage it remains popular as ever. In fact, the first thing Aly Baltrus, Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services at Zion, told us when we called was that she’d suggest folks check out other beautiful American parks instead! (Zion is …


Desert Dwelling Van Lifers

It seems most Americans these days are content to pump their gas with a scowl on their face and headphones in their ears, happy to let the world …


At #Washington’s #NorthCascades #NationalPark, you can experience a full range of seasons in a single day. That’s what happened to Brian Stowell (@brianstowell) while hiking Heather Maple Pass Loop last week. “Warm and sunny at the start. Wildflowers that made way for autumn colors. And we got snowed on during our descent. It instantly became one of my favorite hikes ever. Right behind Angel's Landing in Zion, maybe.” 😀 Photo @ncascadesnps courtesy of Brian Stowell (@brianstowell). #FindYourPark #usinterior

One Couple’s Journey from Canada to Argentina in Their Sprinter

In 2014, Nikki and Jakob Celnik left their corporate jobs in New York City and bought a used Sprinter. They spent the following seven weeks designing and building the van, and then planned a two-year drive from Canada to Argentina. Highlights include mountain biking throughout Canada, climbing in …


Battle over RVs in Mountain View is latest sign of housing crisis

Image 1of/4<p>Caption<p>Close<p>When Scotty Whaley, 59, looks out the window of his recreational vehicle in Mountain View, he sees apartments. They look cozy, …


From mountains to sand dunes to wetlands, #GreatSandDunes National Park & Preserve in #Colorado has a terrific diversity of ecosystems. Each landscape is affected differently by the seasons. With fall descending on @greatsanddunesnps, that means patches of aspens in the alpine ranges are starting to show their gorgeous yellow colors. What a view! Photo by Patrick Myers, #NationalPark Service. #findyourpark #usinterior

I was leaping crunch crunch through the sagebrush and what did I see on the next ridge over but a pack of coyotes. - There were six of em and they played and rolled and yipped and yowled for about a half hour. - Those pups didn't notice me even for a minute, and standing there even I forgot I had a body for a little while.

Special Report: Mobility and Truck Camper Design

Share Email Comments<p>Truck Camper Magazine examines the importance of mobility in current and future truck camper design. With 85 million Baby Boomers …


This Ringbrothers-Built 900 HP Winnebago RV is The Perfect Roadtripper

We can't think of a better way to take your family on a cross-country road trip.<p>So, you're finally planning that long-overdue summer road trip with your family. You want to visit all of the wonderful places this country has to offer, and you need a vehicle that'll get you and your family there …


The last bits of fall color before the winter storms rolled in this weekend by @andipoo2. 😢🍁🍂 #GlacierNPS

The majestic South Fork of the #SnakeRiver pictured here flows 66 miles across southeastern #Idaho, through high mountain valleys, rugged canyons and broad floodplains to its confluence with the Henry’s Fork near Menan Buttes. Located near some of the world’s best known recreation areas, the South Fork is home to 100+ bird species, moose, deer and other wildlife. And it’s a great place to see fall colors in full bloom! Photo by Jessica Gottlieb, @mypubliclands. #usinterior