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Riding High on Colorado's Highway to the Sky

After leaving Rifle Falls, we continued our homeward trek east through central Colorado. We’d been up in the San Juans, the Western Slope, and the …


RV to 8 of the Best U.S. Destinations This Summer

There is nothing that compares to the freedom of the open road, especially when following it takes you to some of the most magnificent scenery and …

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"I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of it's own unfolding."~John O'Donohue. What would you love to live like? #river #mygtnp #findyourpark #grandtetonnationalpark Photo: L.Craft/NPS

How to Create A Travel Journal (Worth Reading Again)

I have to admit something: I am an adamant journaler. Since 2nd grade, I have meticulously constructed words, labored over my ideas, and happily written down the random thoughts that came to mind in my weathered notebooks. Not only is it therapeutic for me, but it's also a great way to look back …


Just imagine sleeping right under the stars. Thanks for the great photo @yes_kamp . . . #RV #rvlife #rvliving #RVing #wanderlust #travel #traveling #traveler #instatravel #travelgram

40 American Towns You Haven't Heard of But Should Visit ASAP


How Do I Turn My Car Into a True Adventure Rig?

Like the rest of you, I constantly daydream about buying a Sprinter van. Alas, it’s not in the budget, but that’s okay: There’s a less expensive way to turn a normal car into an adventuremobile. All you need are a few smart add-ons. We used $3,300 worth of gear to trick out my wife’s Honda Element …


Time For One More Camping Trip? Try A National Park

It’s already late-July and it feels like the summer is slipping away.<p>Remember summer as a kid, the fun, carefree nights, and family weekend camping …


A Tent With a View: Meet Yakima’s New Roof Top Option

Having a super sick view of nature from your tent is often the unexpected gravy on any camping trip. Come next spring, you could discover a host of …


Surviving a summer hailstorm in your RV

Ever been in a serious hailstorm? No? Neither had we.<p>Sure, most of us have seen occasional pea-sized hail. My wife, Susan, even encountered …


Man quits his job to travel Australia in a campervan with his cat

Sometimes the simple life is all a person and a feline really need.<p>That's what Richard East and his rescue cat Willow have done, with East giving up the hustle bustle of a corporate job and a relatively comfortable existence for a life on the road in a campervan.<p>"I wasn't happy at work," East told</i> …

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An Unassuming RVer – #2

Two weeks into this trip and we’re starting to feel like pros. RV’n is a team sport, much like parenting, and Mike and I have exchanged lots of high …


RVing in the Big Apple

When I told our family and friends we would be pulling our trailer into New York City, most of them thought we were insane. And honestly, it’s likely …


10 RV DIY Hacks You Need To See

Everyone loves a good DIY project. And for some reason, RVers more than almost any other group of people, seem to flock to DIY solutions for simple …


A storm splits the sky over #Canyonlands #NationalPark (@canyonlandsnps) in #Utah as cotton-candy clouds mellow yellows, oranges and pinks move above the desert landscape. Photographer Claudia Castillo got creative and used loose pebbles to make a tripod for her camera to ensure she captured this incredible moment: “It was so surreal -- the colors were incredible, and I have never seen anything like it before or after.” Photo courtesy of Claudia Castillo (@ccchurri). #usinterior #findyourpark

Turn Your Dodge into a Camper—For $4,700

The American propensity for the preposterously gargantuan should leave no doubt as to why Winnebagos and other Greyhound-bus-sized RVs rule the road. Testament to this: the discontinuation of Volkswagen's Eurovan and Westfalia—two of the most popular small camper vans ever made.<p>That's where Ian …


Exploring Sun Valley ID -> Best Hiking, Biking & Outdoors With Paws

Believe it or not we’re about to finish our 4th week in Sun Valley, ID. In the time we’ve been here I’ve teased you with sunrises, I’ve hinted at fun …


10 Epic Drives in the U.S. National Parks

Pack your hiking shoes, your camera and some camping gear, because some of the most epic drives in the United States are hidden inside National Parks …


What's it like to use bear spray? In this short video, three park employees share their story about encountering a grizzly in Yellowstone. #yellowstone #grizzly #grizzlybear #bearspray

The Mobile Cabin

To my mind, RV parks are like prison-yard time: better than being locked indoors, but not something you do voluntarily. Even campgrounds, with the lights, traffic, and babble of campers, are a poor substitute for true woods. Which is to say, the blueprint for making life on the road sustainable, at …


Write, edit, play, repeat has been our mantra recently. - Living in Sunshine, we're able to set that work/play cycle spinning wherever we are, parked by a river or a lake or an open grassy field. - This balancing act allows us to spend mornings working and the afternoons exploring and renewing, sustaining an ongoing equilibrium as we create and grow. - 📷 supported by @hydroflask #unexpectedrefreshment

"The most memorable sunset I've ever seen." @laurenelise007 Thanks for sharing it with us! #GlacierNPS

A golden #sunset graces the sky over the #BlueRidgeParkway in #NorthCarolina. The rolling #mountains, thick forests and amazing cloudscapes make this park a wonder to experience. Photo @blueridgenps by Chris Mobley (www.sharetheexperience.org). #usinterior #findyourpark

#TravelTuesday #travel https://t.co/F6DrU6lFkY

Thanks to @bryankercher for the reminder to get outside even if the weather doesn't look perfect. Just make sure to always have the proper gear! #GlacierNPS

Oregon: FINALLY!

It’s been a long time coming, and I am arriving about a month later than I had originally thought, but I finally crossed the state line into Oregon! …


The Latest Trend

Winnebago goes a different direction for 2017 by adding a slideout to its popular compact Class C motorhome<p><b>The destination kept changing but the</b> …


Tour of America Day 11 - Bighorn National Forest

• Enjoying our dog friendly travel series? Visit our road trip home page for all our daily recaps as we tour the USA with our Golden Retrievers in …

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