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The digital debate is done, and the reading public are the winners

When I started writing this column three-and-a-half years ago, the digital publishing revolution was just starting to filter down to public consciousness.

From a pub lunch where someone was showing off their new Kindle to the 8.53am slot on the Today programme, conversations revolved around the same …


In his last months of life, Oliver Sacks left us with powerful thoughts on death

Oliver Sacks, a world-renowned neurologist and author, died on Sunday Aug. 30 at the age of 82.

When diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dr. Sacks didn't hide away. He opened up and announced his fate in February, beginning a spurt of writing — arguably some of his best work — contemplating life, love, …

Oliver Sacks

Man In Nature: How Going to the Woods Strengthens Your Brain Power

Going on a forest walk or simply strolling through a park will do you a power of good. Not only physically by improving cardiac health and blood …


Trump's mass deportation idea was tried in the 1930s

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for mass deportation of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, as well as their American-born children, bears similarities to a large-scale removal that many Mexican-American families faced 85 years …


Dining in the Wilderness: The Restaurants in America’s National Parks

What does it take to feed 292 million visitors a year?

If the Jordan Pond House restaurant in Seal Harbor, Maine, stopped serving its signature …


25-minute walk could add seven years to life

New research shows that exercise can delay the ageing process, with experts suggesting one walk a day could halve the risk of heart attack death and add seven years to the lifespan

Just 25 minutes of brisk walking a day could add to seven years to your life, heart experts have said.

Researchers said …


Hikers behaving badly: Appalachian Trail partying raises ire

BAXTER STATE PARK, Maine (AP) — When Jackson Spencer set out to tackle the Appalachian Trail, he anticipated the solitude that only wilderness can bring — not a rolling, monthslong frat party.

Shelters where he thought he could catch a good night's sleep while listening to the sounds of nature were …


A Guide to Off-Roading For The Uninitiated

So you own a 4x4 but don't know how to really use it. We're here to help get you off-road the right way, without breaking your truck ... or yourself.

​Today's trucks are amazing machines. They're built to comfortably handle highways, but are just as adept once your turn off the pavement and onto the …


What Does Your Car Camping Vehicle Say About You?

As rent skyrockets in most ski towns, and the trend of mobile tiny homes continues to proliferate, more and more disgruntled ski bums are flocking to …

Installing An Air Conditioner

DetailsAugust 28, 2015- By Angela White

TCM installs a low profile Coleman Mach 8 RV air conditioner on their project camper. Step one was figuring …


30+ Badass Women That Changed The World We Live In Today

Marie Curie Was A Polish Physicist And Chemist Famous For Her Work On Radioactivity And Twice A Winner Of The Nobel PrizesourceA Woman Hitting A …

Amelia Earhart

The 43 Best Hidden Hikes In The U.S.

Read the full list on Greatist.

Sure, hiking the Appalachian Trail is an experience no one ever forgets. But the United States is a pretty big place, with tons of opportunities for hiking and camping in spots that don't attract millions of tourists every year. If you like the feel of going where …


I Can't Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

The National Park Service turns 99 years old on Tuesday. To celebrate, the Department of the Interior has waived admission fees for all NPS sites for …

Liberal News

Cancer tumours 'reprogrammed' back into healthy tissue

Cancer researchers have demonstrated a method to reprogram tumour cells into benign cells in what could be a dramatic breakthrough in the fight against the disease.

Scientists warn the method has only been trialled 'in vitro', and has not been tested on live human patients. But the hope is the …


Many people don't bother using in-car technology, survey says

Technically Incorrect: At least 20 percent of drivers say they've never used more than half the tech features in their cars, according to new market …

Car Tech

RV Rental Marketplace Outdoorsy Provides The Impermanence Millennials Seek For Summer Travel

Add recreational vehicles to the so-called sharing economy. Outdoorsy is a startup that provides an online marketplace for motor home and trailer owners to rent out their vehicles when they’re not using them. It’s set to tap into a market of young and upwardly mobile 20-somethings in search of new …


Running The National Parks


Last month, I found myself faced with a running emergency. There was the familiar itch in my legs, the one that tells me I’ve been sedentary for too long and it’s time to get out and go. However, Roger Federer was playing an important match in what looked at the time to be a winning run …


The Best Place to Celebrate the National Park Service’s 99th Birthday

Today is the 99th birthday of the National Park Service, and to celebrate, entry to all 408 parks is free. I just got back from a week at Glacier …

National Parks

10 Luxurious Cabins That Are Well Worth the Trip

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• cabins

These far-flung resorts bring new meaning to getting away.

When you need to get away, a trip outside town isn't going to cut it. You need remote, you need relaxation, and you need luxury. We've picked out the world's most luxurious cabins, all of which are a flight …


7 Great American Road Trips for a Long Weekend

[section]Labor Day is right around the corner, the quintessential long weekend for road trips. The perfect last hurrah of summer in which to toss …

U.S. Travel

5 Spots To Have Beer & Cocktails In Style - Long Beach/Astoria WA/OR

5 Spots To Have Beer & Cocktails In Style – Long Beach/Astoria WA/OR

by libertatemamo Leave a Comment

One of the many things we’ve been doing during …


Eagle Cap Campers - Luxury On the Line

Eagle Cap: Luxury On the Line

DetailsAugust 25, 2015- By Gordon White

Continuing on the 2015 “Never Seen That” tour, TCM lands at Adventurer …

Assembly Lines

5 of San Luis Obispo County's Best Coastal Campgrounds

Morro Strand State Beach | Photo:Luis Ramirez/Flickr/Creative Commons LicenseThis guide is part of KCET's California Coastal Trail project, which


15 Liberating Ways to Experience Paris: A Walking Tour for the August 25 Anniversary of its Liberation

Few guests checking into the charming Scribe Hotel in Paris realize that during WWII it was the press camp for the Allied invasion forces, that the last person to check out before the Allies walked in was Joachim Hugo Klapper, Gestapo, and the German broadcasting studios there remained intact for …


30 Of The World’s Most Breathtaking Hiking Trails You Must Visit

Hikers brave the harshest climates, the highest peaks and most forbidding terrains to experience the Earth like no others possible could. Whether …

#Vanlife: The Wanderlust-Inducing Lifestyle of Roaming across the Country in a Home-on-Wheels

What is #vanlife? For some, it's just a hashtag on Instagram, but for others, it's a philosophy, a way of life that says, "Home is where you park it." For members of the #vanlife community, there is no greater pleasure than driving down empty roads in their home-on-wheels, sleeping under the stars, …


Polarmond’s cocoon-like All-In-One combines 3 camping essentials into one

Finding camping gear that's lightweight, waterproof, and warm can be hard, especially since sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents are often sold …


Get Your Propane Tanks Recertified, Kids!

Americans recount French train attack: 'He was ready to fight to the end. So were we.'

“He seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. So were we.”

Spencer Stone, the U.S. serviceman who was the first American to tackle a gunman aboard a Paris-bound train, spoke to reporters for the first time Sunday and described a fierce struggle that neutralized the attacker but left Stone with …


Skin Cancer or Just a Spot? What to Do When You See Something "Strange" On Your Skin

When it comes to our skin, spotting something unusual could be a frightening dilemma. So, how do we distinguish exactly what the strange spot is and what specific actions do we take upon noticing it (without totally freaking out)? We spoke with dermatologist Melanie D. Palm, MD, MBA, to learn …