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The best ways to see Alaska's national parks

Alaska is a state of superlatives, so it's fitting that the state's eight national parks contain the nation's highest peak, the largest landmass, and some of the wildest and most remote wilderness areas in the world.

Next year marks the centennial of the national parks, so there's no better time to …

Yukon Quest

8 Wild Finds at Yachats, Central Oregon Coast No One Tells You About

8 Wild Finds at Yachats, Central Oregon Coast No One Tells You About

Published 07/15/2015 at 6:04 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection …


Two Sides of an Oregon Coast Bay: Mountains and Sands of Manzanita, Rockaway

Two Sides of an Oregon Coast Bay: Mountains and Sands of Manzanita, Rockaway

Published 07/13/2015 at 6:04 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection …


Cheap Train Travel

Home :: Cheap Ways to Travel :: Cheap Train Travel :: (Updated 25 July 2015)

Cheap Train Travel
A beginner's guide to rail travel in Europe and …


Tales On Rail: Paris to Provence By Train

#TalesOnRail is an ongoing series in which Rail Europe staff share stories and tips from their travels through Europe. Jackie, the Marketing &

Europe Travel

The Ice Run: Traveling Europe’s Coldest Regions by Train

To end the year with a bang, we’re off again — this time heading into the coldest reaches of Europe on an epic train journey. Perhaps it’s because …

Europe Travel

Top Ten Reasons to Travel by Train and Get a Eurail Pass with Rail Europe

As my regulars know, I was recently sent on a trip to Italy by Rail Europe to explore the train system and blog about it for y’all—my lovely readers. …

How to Get Organized: Traveling by Train in Europe

Road Trip: Manitoba, Canada

This bucolic ramble among the rolling prairie hills, highlands, and river valleys of western Manitoba loops through the heart of the region's richest farm country.


The main attraction of this relaxing prairie drive is the sense of infinite space, with rolling farmlands stretching to the …

Road Trips

Cutting Edge: Virtual used-car dealers gain traction

A move from transit-rich New York to car-crazy Los Angeles prompted Manuela White to spend more than $17,000 on a used Toyota Corolla sight unseen with just a click on her laptop.

White, 25, purchased her car from Beepi, which along with start-ups that include Carvana, Shift, Vroom and others is …

Automotive Industry

Live small to live large: Vintage campers inspire bartender

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Sometimes, smaller is better.

Just ask Deanna Wohlgemuth, who still lives with her children in the small first home she bought …


28 Simple Reasons To Fall In Love With Victoria, British Columbia

Can you make it through this post without booking a ticket?

1. A walk along the incredible Inner Harbour.

A waterfront stroll is all it takes to be enchanted.

2. Swimming in Thetis Lake.

Especially if swimming in the ocean isn’t your thing. Victoria’s got you covered.

3. Flowers!

The streets are …

Western Canada

Airstream Trailer Renovations and Inspiration

There's something so quintessentially American about an Airstream trailer — it speaks of modern design, and summer, and the freedom of the open road. …


10 Foods That Make You Look Younger

These foods pack the building blocks of healthy hair and skin

You can head off a lot of your most common beauty concerns simply by downing the right foods. That’s right—eating well not only does wonders for your waistline and bolsters your immune system but can also provide some very real get-gorg …


The Simplicity of RV Living

I just returned home from almost four months of living in my RV. It was a first. I took the RV south in December and spent a wonderful 2 1/2 months …


Your Ultimate Guide to Glamping Across the U.S.

Hiking boots and marshmallows? Check. Running water and flat-screen TVs? Double check!



Infotainment Overload: Why New Cars Are Crammed With Too Much Crap

You know what you need in a car? A radio and directions.

Take a walk around an auto show and you'll find that every car company wants to tell you about its great new in-car electronics, its apps, and its haptics. At the New York auto show, Jaguar gave a presentation on the system in the new XF, …

Car Tech

Extreme Drives: The 10 Scariest Highways for White-Knuckle Road Trips

Buckle up for a tour of highways with hairpin turns, steep cliffs, narrow lanes, extreme weather, and dizzying heights.


A Couple Good RVing Books

This is just a short post to give a referral for a couple of very good RVing books. I read these recently and have been meaning to pass along a …


The Luxury of Camping in an Iconic Airstream Is Now Open to Everyone

"They are incredibly visually appealing," he says of the vehicles. "When you think about the exposed aluminum on the inside of the trailer and the …


The Grueling Life of a Long-Haul Trucker

Logging 12,000 miles a month, surprisingly clean truck stop showers, and dogs riding shotgun — we go inside the cab with an American road warrior.

Long-haul trucker Josh Giesbrecht lives a strange and solitary life, spending weeks on the road at a time while hauling cargo from point A to point B, …

North Dakota

The Field Trip of Life

DetailsJuly 31, 2015- By Angela White

When Kerry and Amy Langdale tell their kids to take a hike, they say, “How far?” Anyone with kids, grandkids, …


All-American Adventures in Wonderlands

Don’t just see the world, seize it. From paragliding the Grand Tetons to cave exploring in Kentucky, these six wild adventures in the U.S. turn vacations into calls to action.

> Descend Into Mammoth Cave

Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, the longest known cave system in the world, boasts chambers big enough to …

Rocky Mountain National Park

5 Summer Road Trips Worth Filling The Gas-tank For

When making your final vacation plans for this Summer, take our recommendation: skip the stop to your preferred airline booking website and haul out …

Road Trips

National Parks With the Absolute Best Beaches

When you think of national park getaways, what comes to mind?

Maybe your mind goes to epic hikes in Yosemite, paddling the coast of Acadia or camping out under the stars in Zion--but chances are you didn't think of relaxing on a beach.

Most people don't realize that many of our favorite national …


Mountain Biking in National Parks? Hell Yeah.

Revel in National Park System rule changes that give you room to ride a slew of new IMBA-built trails

"There are 40 national parks where you can mountain bike on singletrack or dirt roads, so it’s a lot more widespread than people realize,” says Mark Eller, IMBA's communications director. “Most …

Bicycle Touring

The Wettest Rainforest in the United States Has Gone Up in Flames

The wettest rainforest in the continental United States had gone up in flames and the smoke was so thick, so blanketing, that you could see it miles …

Adventure Travel

Inexperienced Surgeons Give Robotic Surgery a Bad Rap

Robots performing surgery? How is this possible? Is it safe? These were some of the questions and criticisms of robotic surgery back in 2000 when I began as one of the pioneers in the field of prostate cancer adopting the technology.

Over 1.7 million robotic procedures were performed between 2007 …



Alerts and Important Information

ALERT: Big Basin Tent Cabins Concession Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations 6 or less days prior to arrival incur $7.50 …


'It's Part of Who I Am,' Says Boston Doctor with Rare Condition That Lets Him Feel Patients' Physical Pain

A Boston doctor was born with a skill that he never could have learned in medical school.

Dr. Joel Salinas, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, can actually physically feel his patients' pain.

Salinas has a rare condition called mirror-touch synesthesia, which has allowed him to …