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How to Score Cheap Amtrak Tickets | Amtrak Blog

Looking to score cheap Amtrak tickets? Here are 6 ways to pay less for your trip.

1. Join Amtrak Guest Rewards
Every time you ride with us, you can …

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How to Make the Most of Your Amtrak Connection

You’re on a long-distance Amtrak adventure and have some time before catching your connecting train. What do you do? Make the most of it, of course! …


A road trip is good for the soul. Thanks to our IG friends @sweetspotskirts for sharing this photo with us!


Understanding the inner workings of a motorhome generator and how it should be maintained can save time, money and trouble

If you’ve ever endured a


American Glamping: Three Great Finds

Lodge in nature without sacrificing comfort.

> Treehouse Point B&B (Fall City, Washington)

Backdrop: The western foothills of the Cascade Mountains, beside the Raging River.

Best for: Couples seeking lofty hideaways and Wi-Fi–free nights.

Creature comforts: Six hand-built wooden tree houses with …

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A Trippy Central Oregon Coast Labyrinth: Strawberry Hill, Near Yachats

A Trippy Central Oregon Coast Labyrinth: Strawberry Hill, Near Yachats

Published 09/16/2013

(Yachats, Oregon) – Somewhere between Yachats and Florence, …

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Explore The Diversity Of New Mexico National Parks

From rugged mountaintops to grassy plains to lowland desert, New Mexico is indeed a true Land of Enchantment.

Encompassing six of the world’s seven …

New Mexico

Riding the Chetco Winds – Avoiding Heat Waves on the Oregon Coast

It’s high summer, and since I follow the nice weather I am restricted to places where the temperature is reasonable until after Labor Day. Right now …

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Trips of a lifetime: USA

Big, bold, beautiful America celebrates its independence this week. How to plan the perfect trip for you? With these knock-out itineraries, of …

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When old meets new. #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

In Battle of Streaming Music Services, Simplicity Is the Killer Feature

Now that we can all finally acknowledge that streaming music is a “thing,” I keep wondering why the companies that offer streaming music services are making things more complicated for consumers as they compete for our ears.

That was my first thought when I tried Apple Music earlier this week. My …


It was a beautiful day as we drove north on the 101 freeway towards Santa Barbara. The rugged sandy bluffs rose high along the California coast while …


How To Build A World Ready Rig - Can't Break This

How To Build A World Ready Rig: Part 2

DetailsJuly 02, 2015- By Angela White

The Heimbigners do their best to break their Phoenix Custom Camper and …


A Rookie’s Road Trip Through Montana, Wyoming and Idaho

If you long to answer the call of the open road but lack experience behind the wheel, look no further than the rental lot at Billings Logan International Airport in Montana.

On this sleepy strip of pavement you can spend a leisurely half-hour trying to deactivate the electronic parking brake you …

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Top 10: best cities to visit and things to do in Canada

From Toronto to Montreal, Vancouver to Ottawa, the Yukon to the Canadian Rockies, these are 10 best cities and places to visit in Canada

1. Toronto

The largest city in Canada and arguably the best-known, Toronto is not the country's capital (Ottawa is), but it is the Ontarian. Like a more civilised, …


A Long Walk's End

When fugitive James T. Hammes went on the run, he went for a hike

On a Saturday morning in May, 2015, a group of law enforcement agents, the FBI among them, knocked on the front door of the Montgomery Homestead Inn in Damascus, Virginia. The proprietor, a retired kindergarten teacher who lives …

Blue Ridge Mountains

“The Third Man”: Why this masterful 1949 Euro-noir about the age of American arrogance and power is more relevant than ever

Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten play Cheney and Bush (almost) in Graham Greene and Carol Reed's restored thriller

British director Carol Reed’s 1949 Euro-noir “The Third Man” is justly famous among movie buffs and film scholars for its black-and-white cinematography, its memorable zingers, its …


A Weekend Escape to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Green islands and white sailboats dot the water. Dogs frolic along the rocky beach. Children sit on benches with their feet dangling above the ground, licking ice cream cones as big as their heads. This is Bar Harbor, a quaint town on Mount Desert Island off the coast of eastern Maine, and a …


How To Celebrate Canada Day 2015

Canada Day is July 1. Above, a fan wears sunglasses with the Canadian maple leaf on Canada Day in 2013.July 1 is Canada Day, which commemorates the …

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You think $10 is expensive for an e-book? ;)

You think $10 is expensive for an e-book? ;)I think many people have gotten used to the idea that some e-books are going to cost more than ten …


Court upholds ruling that Apple led e-book pricing conspiracy

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld a ruling that determined Apple to be the leader of an industrywide conspiracy among book publishers to raise prices of digital books.

By a 2-1 vote, the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it agreed with the conclusions of Judge Denise Cote of U.S. …

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Awesome Camping Food Recipes - Bon Appétit

June 24, 2015 /

Written by Amiel Stanek Photographed by Kyle Johnson Illustration by Anje Jager

Here at Bon Appétit, we’re tote-baggers, not backpackers. So when we do strike out for a weekend in the woods, it’s more Bourbon Trail than Appalachian. That means: We’re bringing a car, maybe two. There’s


A Handy Guide To The Best Cycling Routes In Toronto

Cultured and cosmopolitan, Toronto’s vibrant neighbourhoods, ever-evolving culinary scene, and year-round program of festivals offer visitors an …

Bicycle Touring

Yosemite Park: Come for the Views, Stay for the Food

Food will never be what draws 293 million visitors to America’s national parks each year. The waterfalls, wildlife, canyons, and forests get full credit. But those people gotta eat, and they’re what the industry calls a “captive audience.” They are in the middle of the wilderness, at the mercy of …


There may be a way to 'turn off' chronic diseases with electricity — and it could be the future of medicine

Imagine a world where we treated deadly diseases with electricity instead of pills or chemo.

We might not be as far from this reality as you think.

Normally, our nervous systems send signals to our tissues and organs to suppress inflammation, a phenomenon known as the inflammatory reflex. But …


Kindle Paperwhite Review (2015): The E-Reader You Should Buy

The Kindle Paperwhite just updated to a higher resolution screen for the same $120 price. I probably don’t need to tell you it’s better than the last …


Kindle Paperwhite gets one small improvement, but it's an important one

The new Kindle Paperwhite takes one small step forward. But the small step brings the Kindle much closer to closing the gap between e-readers and …


Kindle Paperwhite Express Review: Good upgrade, but for new buyers

In the Indian market, the Amazon Kindle has been able to get the better of its competition. The Kindle brand is surely becoming synonymous with the …


Kindle Paperwhite Review: Your New Beach Buddy

Charles Dickens loved to read outdoors. It’s said that he even practiced public readings of his work in a garden at his home where he penned “Great Expectations.” If Dickens had read on an iPad, however, we may have never gotten Estella and Pip’s unrequited love story.

The glare on the screen, of …


The Argument for Road Tripping in a Truck

There is a certain set of cars that naturally fall into the category of road trip vehicle, in the public's eye. None of those tend to be pickup …

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