Earth Day: Inspiring Renewable Tech Stories

Celebrate Earth Day 2022 with Renewable Tech that will help curb Climate Change. Learn how different experiments and advances in technology will shape our future.

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Earth Day:  Inspiring Renewable Tech Stories


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    Can States Run on Renewable Energy? California proves its very possible.

    California’s energy mix was powered 97% by renewable energy on Sunday, April 3 at at 3:39 p.m., the highest contribution of renewables to the state’s grid on record.

    California Briefly Runs on 97% Renewable Energy—Reveals a Future in Which Oil and Gas Dictators Can Be Defunded

    California Briefly Runs on 97% Renewable Energy—Reveals a Future in Which Oil and Gas Dictators Can Be Defunded

    A world of 100% green energy and electric cars is not only a healthier and more comfortable world, it is a world where oil and gas dictators like …

    EV Industry Shift to 800V Batteries (What are the benefits?)

    Automakers and suppliers agree that there are advantages to faster-charging 800-volt architectures. When will it be available?

    Energy Technology - See The evolution over the past 200 years

    The economic and technological advances over the past 200 years explained.

    Electric Vehicles - Reasons why Tesla is so far ahead.

    A radically different business model and a solid product are just two of the keys to Tesla's success in the US market. Learn what's planned for the future.

    It's Electric - The Growth of e-Bikes and which ones to consider

    Electric bike (sometimes called an e-bike) is one of the most convenient modes of transportation available today.

    Wind Energy and Tech, Blowing Stronger

    Vestas partners with Microsoft to us AI to make wind power more efficient.

    Charge an EV as fast as pumping gas?

    Quantum technology is focused on making EV charging faster and more convenient for consumers.

    Don't Forget the Power of GeoThermal

    This could be Earth's unlimited energy source. Learn the latest advances.

    Solar Panels with Moisture Wicking Technology - New Type of Solar Farm

    Could this latest technology make Solar Farms a reality providing both Energy and Sustainable Farming in remote/dry locations?

    Learn about EV Technology from Lucid's Nerdy CEO

    Probably one of the best detailed overviews of EV Technology from an up-and-coming EV Brand.

    Advances in Solar Cell tech could increase production by 1000x

    The photovoltaic effect of ferroelectric crystals can be increased by a factor of 1,000 if three different materials are arranged periodically in a lattice.

    Can Solar Tech improve the efficiency of Water Desalination

    Passive solar evaporation system could be used to clean wastewater, provide potable water, or sterilize medical tools in off-grid areas.

    Ultimate Goal: Bring nature back to cities/urban environments

    As cities expand faster than ever, how can we grow green spaces and nature?

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