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xkcd: Photos

[[A man in a hat stands next to another figure on a roof. There's a sunset; in the distance, there are three people taking photos of the skyline as …

Geek Humor

the return of the orange glasses.

Bjork Explaining Television Is Everything You'd Imagine Bjork Explaining Television to Be

"This is what an Icelandic poet told me. And I became so scared to television that I always got headaches when I watched it. Then, later on, when I got my Danish book on television, I stopped being afraid because I read the truth, the scientifical truth and it was much better."<p>Björk.<p>Ethereal, tiny, …

Nothing is yet in its true form — but does it float

Life of Pooh

pull up a seat. (photo shoot with @xlrant)

A meditation on the mechanism of the imagination — but does it float



Glitché is the evil twin of all those old-film, toy-lens, Instagram-style apps. Pick a photo, then glitch it all to Hell with broken NTSC emulation, …

BioLite CampStove

Woodburning stove charges a phone<p>I’ve had this amazing camp stove for about 6 months now, and it lives up to the hype (which in this case is saying a …

Ik sta op de rand der wereld en roep: “Waar zijt Gij?” De echo antwoordt

Use the Force | Blue Bottle

Making coffee isn’t quite taking on the Death Star, and my beard isn’t grey enough yet to fancy myself a Ben Kenobi, but sometimes it’s important to …

Few things in life are more sophisticated than masturbating on an airplane

Few things in life are more sophisticated than masturbating on an airplane.

one of Tony's favorite mugs.

Architecture of Density

3 Comments Leave A Comment<p>This series of photos got me into photography, what was that, almost a decade ago now. At the same time it turned me …