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Peter Diamandis

Power to the new people analytics

The latest data and analytics buzz comes from the field of advanced HR analytics, where the application of new techniques and new thinking to talent …

Data Analysis

From War for Talent to Abundance of Talent?

Last Monday I was able to listen to an inspiring presentation of Claudio Fernández-Aráoz of Egon Zehnder. This week I read his most recent book, …

International Relations

The Problem With Patterns

Humans are natural pattern recognizers. Whether, as in prehistoric times, we were recognizing danger in a telltale rustle of the bushes or skimming a …


Social media: Socialbakers announces analytics, analytics, and more analytics (and Sina Weibo deal)

PRAGUE — In our recent marketing tech finance report, we saw that investment in the 2,400 martech companies we track for VB research went massively and disproportionately into analytics.

Clearly, marketers bombarded with data are dying for simple insights.

It’s appropriate then, that social media …

Sina Weibo

4 Business Models for the Data Age

Organizations have always depended on data — to manage operations, to communicate with customers, to pay employees and suppliers, to plan their futures, and so forth. Those with the best data have enjoyed distinct advantages — in commerce, for example, better understanding the market leads to …


10 Auto Industry Jobs Of The Future

No. 2 Analytics Expert

No. 3 Interaction Designer

No. 4 Web Programmer

No. 5 Autonomous Driving Engineer

No. 6 Customer Care Expert

No. 7 Sustainability Integration Expert

No. 8 Industrial Engineer

No. 10 Alternative Propulsion Engineer

Automotive Industry

Will robot pets replace the real thing?

Sony’s Aibo pet robot dogs (credit: Sony)

University of Melbourne animal welfare researcher Jean-Loup Rault, PhD says pets will soon become a luxury …


8 Eye-Opening Things We Learned About Virtual Reality This Week


That, distilled to a word, was the theme of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality expo this week in San Jose, Calif. The biggest news was a snoozer — Samsung is going to expand the number of Best Buys in which it offers demos of its Gear VR headset — and yet, as befits the colorful world of …

Virtual Reality

Top US scientists want guidelines on editing human genomes

Last month, in a world-wide first, scientists in China edited the genome of a human embryo. Immediately, the response from the scientific community has been a question: What now?

The National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine said this week that they would launch an initiative to …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Will we ever… live in underground homes?

As cities get more crowded, why not build down? Kieran Nash profiles some of the world’s most unusual underground constructions, from Australian rock homes to Beijing’s subterranean spaces.

In many respects, Bernadette Roberts’ three-bedroom house is like any other. “Lounge, dining area, kitchen – …


What Is a Robot, Anyway?

Quick — think of a robot, any robot.

If you’re into movies, you might imagine the android from the new movie Chappie, a machine with artificial intelligence that learns morally questionable behavior. If you think more about industry, you might imagine a mechanical arm programmed to install parts on a …


Expat Pay Is Getting Fatter In China

Expat compensation packages are swelling in China as the rising cost of living and increased pollution make it more challenging to attract international talent.

Mainland China climbed to fourth place and overtook Hong Kong in the latest ranking of expatriate pay packages in the Asia-Pacific region, …


19 Hottest And Most Promising Startups To Watch In 2015

Tech entrepreneurs were busy in 2014, building startups and raising money for products that could make it big in 2015.

While no one can predict the …


The Decline Of The COO

by Gary L. Neilson

In a world where succession planning is increasingly important, it’s good to be the COO — right? The chief operating officer has traditionally been the number two person in the C-suite — the senior executive charged with overseeing all of the company’s business operations. As …

Chief Operating Officers

Big Data in HR?

• Volume: Refers to vast amounts of data• 
Refers to the speed with which new data is generated and the speed of movement of the data – every …

Big Data

What Work Will Look Like In 2025

The experts weigh in on the future of work a decade from now.

Anyone who grew up with the notion that we’d all have jet packs and robot housekeepers by 2015 knows that predicting the future is a risky business. But as technology continues to develop and various trends, demographic shifts, and other …

The Future

Google's HR boss shares 10 secrets to running a company everyone wants to work for

Since joining Google as its senior vice president of People Operations in 2006, Laszlo Bock has seen the company transform into a powerful global company, growing from 6,000 employees to nearly 60,000.

With his team, Bock developed management strategies to make Google one of the most desirable …


Why Is Big Data So Big In Health Care? - BI Insight

Far and away, the industry that pops up the most in discussions of big data is health care. It’s not surprising, if you think about it. Lots of …

Health Care

5 tools and techniques for text analytics

There’s a proliferation of unstructured data on the Internet and coming into customer call centres. But manually going through the haystack to find …

Natural Language Processing

The Future Of Work

We are entering a time of head-spinning, mind-bending upheaval. Work, as we know it, is dying.

Take a look at the amazing opportunities ahead.

Why Today’s Automobile Industry Looks A Lot Like IBM in 1985

Editor’s note: Tien Tzuo is the co-founder and CEO of Zuora.

With the number of mobile phone subscriptions shortly expected to exceed the total global population, what is the next great connected device going to look like? Hint: It’ll have four wheels.

Gartner predicts that there will be 250 million …

Automotive Industry

The Business Economics And Opportunity Of Open-Source Data Science

Editor’s note: David Smith leads the open source solutions group at Revolution Analytics (a subsidiary of Microsoft). He writes daily about applications of R and predictive analytics on the Revolutions blog and is the co-author of An Introduction to R.

Mythology can be a useful tool for uniting …

Open Source

The Top Jobs In 10 Years Might Not Be What You Expect

We talked to three futurists to find out what the hot jobs of 2025 could be, and their answers may surprise you.

For decades, the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Economic and Employment Projections have been the bellwether for predicting what the hottest jobs up to a decade out would be. But with the rapid …


These Are The New Rules of Work

Forget everything you've always known about work. The rules have changed.

Work is increasingly both everywhere and nowhere—more deeply embedded in our lives than ever before, but disappearing as a discrete activity.

The old rules of work applied to an economy of factories and offices, a world of …

Keynesian Economics

This new gadget could transform the office forever

Technology has transformed our offices and revolutionized much about the way we conduct business and do our jobs. As smartphones and smart boards have become ubiquitous, our markers have been left feeling, well, a little dumb. No more.

The "Smartmarker" from Equil uses your pre-existing whiteboard …


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These startups from around the globe are innovating their way to a better world

Over the past week, 1776, a startup incubator focused on public good brought startups from 16 cities in 11 countries to Washington D.C. to compete in its annual Challenge Festival.

The week-long startup competition focused on four areas of public innovation: education, energy & sustainability, …


How to build your analytics talent bench

Access to useful data is cheaper than ever before, but many companies are finding it difficult to generate business value from the increasing …