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5 trends that will change how we use social media in 2016

It’s been a memorable year in social media. 2015 saw the birth of live social streaming, with apps like Periscope and Meerkat winning over early …


Predictive Analytics: Why You Need to Think Bigger Than Quick Wins

Greta Roberts February 8, 2016

When beginning a new predictive analytics project, the client often mentions the importance of a “quick win.” It makes …


Room-service robot called Relay proves a hit with hotel guests

A room-service robot called Relay is wowing hotel guests to such an extent that they’re ordering stuff just to have an encounter with the autonomous …


The Difference Between Business Planning & Experimentation

Experimentation is more productive than planning when designing, testing, and validating new value propositions and business models. In this post,

Business Planning

New Recruiting Platform Uses Anonymous Profiles To Help Tech Companies Find Talent

Woo is betting anonymity will give highly sought after tech workers the nudge they need to find their dream position.

Most working people aren't looking for a new job, but that doesn't mean they aren't open to the opportunity. For example, according to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends Report, 85% of …

Human Resources

Startups Are Personal: Focus On Company Culture

We continue our lessons learned series (co-authored by me and Traklight’s Mike Willee) and move from personal values to company culture. As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you can do for your business is to establish the tone and culture that you want, or at the very least, …


5 Top VCs Predict the Biggest Tech Change Coming in the Next 5 Years

The industry's top names offer bite-size predictions of the biggest changes coming to technology.

If you want to know the future, you can pay a few bucks to get your friendly local psychic to gaze into her crystal ball, but you'd probably do a lot better to ask a venture capitalist.

After all, it's …


Harvard has seen a surge in applicants who want to concentrate in a particular field

For the second year in a row, Harvard College had a record-breaking number of applications — with a particularly big surge in students seeking to major in computer science.

The Harvard Crimson reports 39,044 students applied for around 2,000 spots in the class of 2020, narrowly beating last year's …


Talent Analytics from IBM - The Perfect Balance!

HR news, jobs & blogs | Human resources jobs, news & events - People Management

Shift in business strategy creates significant opportunities for HR

Innovation has become the leading business priority for HR and other business …

Business Planning

These 7 charts show what life will be like in the year 2300

In 2004, the United Nations put its futurist hat on.

In a report simply titled "World Population to 2300," the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs released for the first time its predictions about the state of the world over the next 300 years.

This was a major undertaking, to say the …


HR metrics and analytics fuels employee management, retention

As the manager of workforce planning and performance management at Wawa Inc.,Marc Maiolino felt good about a software application that could analyze …

Innovation breaks into HR business priority hit list

SUMMARY: While HR and business goals are closely matched, HR must work harder on analytics and to drive innovation, according to a new CIPD …

Business Intelligence

Sonja Lyubomirsky and The How of Happiness

Update, April 2015

I continue to find Lyubomirsky's work on happiness tremendously insightful, and I'll be using chapters from The How of Happiness and …


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Projects | London Squared Map

In Brief

The Problem

Geographical maps distort overlaid data

Our Solution

London Squared allows multiple London data-sets to be overlaid and compared …

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Translations: 中文 русский Français

In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. …

Machine Learning

Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful

The way we navigate in cities has been revolutionized in the last few years by the advent of GPS mapping programs. Enter your start and end location …


HR Trends 2016

Die Digitalisierung verändert die Arbeitswelt, der Wettbewerb um Top-Mitarbeiter spitzt sich weiter zu. Welche Themen werden die HR-Abteilungen in …

IT Tech Trends 2016


Create a culture with capabilities to envy

Winners in the digital age do much more than complete a technology checklist. They know their …


[New Research!] HR Trends, Tactics, and Strategies for Improving the Employee Experience

We’ve just rounded the corner of 2016 and you’ve being hearing for the last year that age-old HR practices are dying and hot new trends are arising, …

Human Resources

The 10 most active cities in the US

A recent study by online real estate listing site Trulia revealed the most sinful cities in America.

Included in the list were cities deemed the least lazy — or most active — in the US.

Trulia determined the ranking by looking at the country's 150 largest metro areas and creating a "sloth index", …


The 18 Best Analytics Tools Every Business Manager Should Know

The goal of any business analytic tool is to analyze data and extract actionable and commercially relevant information that you can use to increase results or performance. But with so many tools available it can be difficult to know what to use and when.

I thought it might be useful to look at some …

Data Mining

5th African HR Conference To Be Held In Ghana

Over hundreds delegates are expected to attend the conference from both the private and public sector in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and many other

Human Resources

Leveraging technology for Global Business Services at Akzo Nobel

Recently I was talking to Nico Orie, Director & Global Process Owner People Services at Akzo Nobel, to get a better insight in what’s new in HR. Akzo …

Ten industries using augmented reality and virtual reality

If you're a gamer, odds are you know that augmented and virtual reality are poised to change the entertainment industry. However, entertainment isn't …

Augmented Reality

Resolving the Paradox of Group Creativity

Researchers have been studying creativity for more than 150 years, yet it still remains elusive. We’re not much closer to understanding what it is exactly that sparks unique ideas. One reason for this lack of insight may be that so much research has looked at the wrong things. Until quite recently, …


Are You Communicating or Collaborating?

Where exactly is the borderline between communications and collaboration? Am I confusing the two when I opine about Why Messaging Has the Momentum in Business Collaboration? I was challenged to answer this question recently while participating in a panel discussion moderated by Jon Arnold, an …


This robot changes how it looks depending on your personality

We've already got robot receptionists, who respond to human interactions -- now we have a robot that changes how it looks depending on your personality.

This robot, designed by Sean Andrist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been developed to respond to 'social gaze' -- essentially the …