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Schematic overview to understand the complexity of the Innovation Ecosystem (Infographic)

The Innovation Ecosystem

The Innovation Ecosystem is one of the most under-researched topics. One the one hand because policy researchers usually tend …


Lean Six Sigma in HR – Understanding HR Process Streamlining by Mitch Millstein

Contributor: Mitch Millstein
Posted: 10/31/2011 12:00:00 AM EDT

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Misunderstandings about Lean Six Sigma

A focus

Human Resources

Six Sigma Projects in the Human Resources Department

Human resources is no different than any other aspect of a business in being able to deliver Six Sigma projects with significant financial benefits …

Six Sigma

The 25 best tech companies to work for in America

Facebook employees rated their company highly in pay, job satisfaction, and job meaning.

Sacrificing great pay for a job you love — or vice versa — is a thing of the past, especially in the tech industry.

Business Insider teamed up with employer-information website PayScale to find US companies that …

Business Technology

The Myth of the Top Management Team

Companies all across the economic spectrum are making use of teams. Self-directed work teams, product design teams, sales account teams, cross-functional teams, process redesign teams—you name it, you are likely to find it. And you are just as likely to find the group at the very top of an …


How to Think About the Future of Cars

The average American in prime working age drives more than 15 thousand miles a year. For these commuters, the thought of not owning a car is ludicrous. With hours each day spent in transit, it’s no surprise they often obsess over what type of car to own and what routes to work to take.

But despite …


5 HR Case Studies in Predictive Analytics

Idea in Brief: Are you a HR professional looking for ways to apply predictive analytics to your work? What are some examples you may be able to draw

Human Resources

Five urban design mistakes that create unhealthy and inactive communities

We all want to be fit, healthy and happy but the best intentions – whether it’s to jog to the shops, eat a balanced diet or strike a better work-life balance – can often elude us.

At least some of the blame can be laid at the feet of those who design the city spaces some of us call home. Many …

Urban Design

Less is more with HR analytics at the Four Seasons

Using data from HR analytics software helped the Four Seasons hotel chain reduce its applicant numbers, but also increase the quality of candidates

Human Resources

Can Human Potential Be Measured? A Psychological View

The idea that science can be used to quantify our future performance is unpopular. The main reason is that it tastes of determinism and questions the strong lay conviction that we are completely free to decide over our destiny, a conviction that is obviously irrational. It is not the same whether …


Potential vs performance

What’s more important to your company, it’s future or its past? Any business leader worth their salt isn’t going to think twice before answering. The …

Human Resources

Minimalist HR

I’m about 15 years into my HR career at this point and as each year goes by I find that more and more of the traditional HR systems, processes and …

Human Resources

Lean Innovation Management — Making Corporate Innovation Work

I’ve been working with large companies and the U.S. government to help them innovate faster– not just kind of fast, but 10x the number of initiatives …


How HR Analytics Can Help You Predict Work Accidents - Case Study

Even in the most advanced safety-oriented organizations, current safety practices generally involve the analysis of historic (descriptive) work …

Human Resources

How To Make The Whole Organization Agile

Surveys show that most Agile teams report tension between the way the teams operate and the way the rest of the organization is run. Is it possible to make the whole organization Agile?

In Agile, the role of the manager is to enable those doing the work to contribute their full talents and …

Agile Development

How Software Will Transform Employee Engagement

Managers: have you wanted to know what drives your employees well before their scheduled review cycles? What if you could encourage a peer review process that takes place more frequently? How about incentives: do you ever feel like you’ve run out of ideas on rewarding your employees? Or perhaps you …

Employee Engagement

The Company That's Figured Out How To Help Call Center Employees Not Hate Their Jobs

Tenacity's blend of social science, medical research, and big data analytics is transforming the toughest workplaces.

It’s been called the "electronic sweatshop" and its employees "digital slaves." It’s the call center, and if you’ve ever been on the other end of a (scripted) call from a …

Big Data

In The War of 2050, The Robots Call The Shots

In April, thought leaders from the Defense Department, the U.S. Army Research Lab, the Institute for Defense Analysis, and national security thinkers …

International Relations

Build A Culture of Trust: Sharing Financials With Your Team

The open sharing of company financials can still be a touchy subject for many leaders. For years, it was generally accepted that a company should have closed books. No one questioned a company’s success if they were able to please investors, and employees certainly did not need to have access to …


The 5 Types Of Innovation For The Future Of Work, Pt. 1: Employee Innovation

As the world of work continues to evolve at a rapid pace innovation continues to become both a top priority and a top challenge. For most companies, innovation is handled behind closed doors in a secluded part of the company that only a few have access to. This type of innovation is no longer …


The Clearest Trend in the American Workforce Is Not an Encouraging One

It’s been a while since I posted data on US employment trends, so here’s a chart created with FRED’s snazzy new graphing interface. It shows the …


Which Country Has the Most Productive Workers?

Are Americans the world's most productive employees? Not even close, according to recent research.

Germany is probably still celebrating the national team's recent World Cup triumph, but locals raising a bier stein in honor of soccer triumph might also consider sparing a toast for another (admittedly …

Diminishing Returns

loosening group boundaries

“When a society is too grouped, people do not have any social contact with people from other groups,” [University of Pennsylvania’s] Centola said. …

University of Pennsylvania

Revolution in the Driver’s Seat: The Road to Autonomous Vehicles

A forthcoming report by The Boston Consulting Group, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, examines the societal, legal, and regulatory …

Car Tech

There’s No Such Thing as Corporate DNA: Why You Have to Be Prepared to Change Everything to Endure

The phrase “corporate DNA” trips off the tongue of many CEOs these days. In unsettled times, staying true to a company’s defining essence is seen as …


Industry 4.0: The Future of Productivity and Growth in Manufacturing Industries

Technological advances have driven dramatic increases in industrial productivity since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine …

The Future

29 HR Analytics books you should read! (Part 1)

We receive a lot of requests from HR professionals and HR students which books we could recommend to get into the HR Analytics expertise field. Two …

Human Resources

Lack of confidence in skills and tools stall HR analytics uptake

SUMMARY: Strategic use of HR analytics still a pipe dream for many firms, notes Fairsail survey.

There’s a huge gulf between intent and action when it …

Human Resources

10 tips to getting started with HR Analytics

Despite being one of the most talked about concepts in HR and predictions from industry luminaries like Josh Bersin that 2015 will see its widespread …


Is Facial Recognition Technology the Future?

A decade ago, social media was just beginning to bloom and people were only sharing their photos and thoughts with handfuls of trusted family and friends. Ten years later, social media dominates our lives and sharing every moment through photos snapped instantly from the mobile phones that never …

The Future