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First annual Global Collaboration Day hopes to connect every school

Daylong event focuses on classroom collaboration in a globalized worldMark your calendars — this September 17 schools around the world are going …


Despite The Headlines, The Future Has Never Been Brighter

It’s easy to get depressed about the world these days. Watch the news for five minutes or more and you’re bound to see signs of the apocalypse. War, …

The Future

What Really Motivates Workers in Their 20s

As we all know, young workers are a contemptible bunch. They’re “lazy,” and lack the admirable work ethic of their elders. They have an overblown sense of entitlement, believing they have some kind of right to walk right into a plum job in their early twenties rather than working their way up. They …

Social Media

Data-Driven Management Can Also Be Compassionate

Should he desire, Jeff Bezos has a simple, powerful and culturally-compatible way to combat accusations that Amazon is a soulless, dystopian workplace: double down on being data-driven. Preempt bad employee vignettes with better empathic analytics.

Amazon should explicitly measure for the care, …


Big Data for Marketing? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

The data that informs your marketing today is probably the equivalent of a few quick notes quickly jotted down on a sticky note on your desk.I know, …

Big Data

Robots are using wikiHow to figure out how to cook us breakfast

If there’s anything you’ve ever needed to know how to do, from building a birdhouse to tying a bowtie to dressing like a “pastel goth,” you’ve probably ended up on wikiHow. Now, robots are using the user-generated advice site to learn how to do all sorts of tasks for us—including making pancakes …


How to Build an HR Analytics Team [Infographic]

In the age of Big Data, business leaders and HR professionals are still learning to combine age-old intuition with analytics when it comes to making …

The Rise of Algorithmic HR

Why companies are turning to data-driven AI for hiring

A group of researchers — Nathan R. Kuncel, Deniz S. Ones, and David M. Klieger — analyzed 17 …

Human Resources

Robotics will hit finance jobs harder than offshoring

Financial services giants AMP and Westpac are exploring the possibility of automating back office and finance functions, some of which are offshored …


A Machine Learning Framework to Identify Students at Risk of Adverse Academic Outcomes

This is the first of a series of papers from the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD’15) conference that we’ll look at this week. Today’s paper …

Machine Learning

Mapping America's Westward Population March Over 220 Years

Watch Manifest Destiny unfold from 1790 to 2010 with this interactive data viz.

In 1790, just a few years into America’s independence, the country’s 10 most populated cities were tightly packed into the Northeast with just one exception (Charleston, South Carolina). Fast-forward 220 years and the …


Five things you need to know about the future of work

Since the start of my career I’ve witnessed considerable change in the way that we work and how we manage our people. I’ve been lucky to work and …

Human Resources

Companies Like Amazon Need to Run More Tests on Workplace Practices

A recent New York Times article about the business culture at Amazon triggered spirited reactions and a lot of media attention. Some “Amazonians” backed up the article’s description of a brutal, unrelenting workplace. Others — including CEO Jeff Bezos himself in a memo to his employees — questioned …


Unique Ways Big Data is Making Our World Better

Today’s post is a guest post from freelance contributor, Lindsey Patterson, who specializes in business technology, customer relationship management, …

Big Data

Big Brother is watching: Why the workplace of 2016 could echo Orwell’s 1984

Wearable health trackers

Activity-tracking devices made by companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit are increasingly popular gadget purchases, but …

Big Brother

Same Day Cancer Treatment By 2020? Data Scientists Think So

It has long been the goal for cancer doctors to analyze patients’ specific problems and begin a course of targeted treatment the same day.

With big data, scientists believe this could be a reality by 2020 , at least if institutions are able to compute and securely share information successfully …


What Separates Great HR Leaders from the Rest

HR seems to have become every manager and employee’s favorite corporate punching bag, vying with IT for the dubious title of most-irritating function. We have seen a parade of articles recently calling for HR to be blown up, split in two, or at the very least, redesigned.

Perhaps this is a good …

Human Resources

Big Data Scientists - How to Hire the Perfect Fit for Your Company - Social-Hire

Big Data Scientists are quickly becoming number one on many companies’ wish lists. According to 2012 projections by Gartner, 4.4 million jobs will be …


Blog Post: Global mobility is “the biggest HR role of 2015”

Opportunities skyrocketing as businesses search for growth overseas – but the expat model is a thing of the past, say practitionersThey organise the …

Human Resources

Companies Collect Competitive Intelligence, but Don’t Use It

The first requirement for being competitive is to know what others in your space are offering or plan to offer so you can judge the unique value proposition of your moves. This is just common sense. The second requirement is to anticipate response to your competitive moves so that they are not …


The Talon Is Like A Wii For Your Ring Finger

Created by Titanium Falcon, this smart ring aims to make any hand a motion controller.

Almost a decade ago, Nintendo unveiled the next big thing in game controllers: the Wiimote, a gyroscopic Bluetooth wand about the size of a ruler that allowed you to control video games across the room, just by …

Nintendo Wii

The Reason Brain Diseases Have Quadrupled in 21 Years

Given the power of modern medicine, why have brain diseases increased by four times?» Continue reading: The Reason Brain Diseases Have Quadrupled in …

The Brain

How to learn 30 languages

Some people can speak a seemingly impossible number of tongues. How do they manage it, asks David Robson, and what can we learn from them?

Out on a sunny Berlin balcony, Tim Keeley and Daniel Krasa are firing words like bullets at each other. First German, then Hindi, Nepali, Polish, Croatian, …


An honest guide to the San Francisco startup life

Stationed on the West Coast of the United States, flanked by the blue hues of the Pacific Ocean, is a city that’s home to some of the greatest …


5 Popular Personality Assessment Tests for Your Sales Team

To manage an inside sales team to success, you not only have to recruit the right talent, but also utilize that talent effectively. While there isn’t …


The Periodic Table Of Human Resources Tech

Investor interest in human resources technology companies continues to rise, especially in light of the impressive pace of funding and valuation …

Human Resources

What does the university gender gap mean for the future of our society?

As any university lecturer can attest, the £9,000 fee regime has had a series of negative impacts on student, institution and teacher alike. Students, particularly outside the Russell Group universities, are often exhausted or absent from class owing to the multiple jobs they have to take on in …


3 Reasons To Visualize Your Recruiting Metrics

Data is boring. The definition of data is “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis” — there’s nothing even remotely …

Information Architecture

Is The American Dream Dead For Millennials And Gen X?

View Enlarged Image

The 2008 financial crisis hit when Shelley Finke was a senior in college. "I remember completely freaking out to my dad, 'I'm …


Melbourne, Australia, is the most liveable city in the world... still

Melbourne gets global bragging rights after scoring the world's most liveable city gong for the fifth year in a row.

The Australian city wins the top honour in the annual Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) with an almost perfect score of 97.5. The report lists 140 cities …