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Mark Zuckerberg on how Facebook's AI will be "better than humans"

Mark Zuckerberg has talked about how artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies being developed at Facebook will change the world.

In a …


Robots at work: SoftBank plans to take Pepper to stores, offices

SoftBank Group is promising new services for its Pepper robot that will appeal to business users and help bring the humanoid to storefronts and …


What HR analytics can do for your benefits scheme

The term ‘big data’ brings with it many connotations and is heard more often in benefits programmes. Owain Thomas examines the potential of HR …

Human Resources

Bologna Celebrates One Year of a Bold Experiment in Urban Commoning

Bologna's Mayor Merola about to give civic collaborators keys to the city at the recent Civic Collaboration FestIt all began with park benches.


This Insanely Hard, Self-Driving Robot Race Takes Place In A Parking Lot

SparkFun's annual autonomous vehicle competition pushes the limits of cheap tech

The challenge of the Autonomous Vehicle Competition, hosted by hobbyist electronics vendor SparkFun at its Boulder, Colorado, headquarters, seems simple enough: Build a robot that can navigate itself around the …


In Nairobi, garbage trucks are 'data collection ants': a very cool traffic tech solution for African cities

IN November 2013, IBM opened its first research lab in Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was only IBM’s 12th full-scale, industrial laboratory in the …


The impact of big data on HR strategy

HR, and specifically recruiting, is increasingly being asked to use big data sets to be more consultative. Instead of just going on gut-instinct and …

Human Resources

HR can show succession is under control

If you would count the number of hours I have spent preparing and reporting succession management plans, I could probably have learned Mandarin and …


Learning from Google’s digital culture

For traditional companies, making the transition to thinking and acting digitally is easier said than done. Yet digital natives must also continually …


HR Trend Institute in HR Strategy and Planning Excellence magazine June 2015

Tom Haak’s article “Do Start-ups need HR” was also published in the June 2015 issue of “HR Strategy and Planning Excellence”, of Read the …

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Do Start-ups Need HR?: The typical evolution of HR in organizations

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In the first phase, the founder or founders do everything themselves. After a while, when the organization …

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The Internet of Everything: Is your company ready for machine intelligence? (webinar)


Join us for this live webinar on Thursday, June 25 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free.

Machine learning and device intelligence are about to change everything – or, at least, a lot of things. From retail and transportation to service providers and automotive, …


The psychology of simple

Why is simple so damn hard to get right?

For a concept that we all understand, ‘simple’ is deceivingly difficult to pin down.

We may ‘know it when we …


75% of Cross-Functional Teams Are Dysfunctional

When I was in the midst of researching what caused cross-functional teams to succeed — and finding that many of them failed — I discovered a deeply dysfunctional development project in a huge multinational IT company. The company had invested $100 million in the project, which involved three …


Manus Machina Is Building Gaming Gloves For VR

Immersive headsets continue to lift off company drawing boards, in the hopes of powering a new wave of virtual reality in the consumer space — whether it’s the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Microsoft’s Hololens or HTC-Valve’s Vive, to name a few VR devices in the works (some …

Virtual Reality

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever

The renewable-energy boom is here. Trillions of dollars will be invested over the next 25 years, driving some of the most profound changes yet in how …


Architect's future 'Vegetal Cities' merge nature with the man-made (Video)

For this architect, the city of the future is not built -- it's planted, grown, pruned and grafted.

Sustainable Design

Predictive Analytics: The Future of Smart Recruiting

As technology advances, one major development that is worth noting is the rise of big data and the advent of analytics in all aspects of life.In …


4 Marketing Analytics Trends That Are Shifting Power Back To Brands

Since the Internet’s infancy, customers have been gaining power and control over the purchasing process. Armed with unprecedented amounts of information and enabled with new digital technologies, they’ve experienced a giddy generation of greater control. For marketers, this changed everything. …


Deep Learning And The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

The concept of deep learning or deep structured learning has been a frequent topic of conversation in recent months because of the commitment and advancements of some of the world’s largest and most prolific search companies. With organizations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu (a Chinese …

The Future

IBM's Latest Move Signals A New Era For Data

In The Innovator’s Solution, Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen argued that, during the early stages of an industry, firms with wholly proprietary products have the advantage. New technology is always glitchy, so engineering the entire architecture is the best way to ensure quality.

However, as an …


7 future web design trends

Too many articles will tell you what is cool in web design. I’m going to take you past the obvious to make some real predictions.

1. Gestures are the …


MIT's World's 50 Smartest Companies -- Where Is Apple?

Nowhere. That’s right, nowhere.

If that comes as a surprise to Apple fans, there is an even bigger surprise about this list. Apple’s China competitor (imitator?) Xiaomi is #30 on the list!

Is that an aberration, or bad weighting criteria that favors a young versus an established technology …

Institutional Investors

How Do Holacracy and Freedom Collide?

This is a good way to think about Holacracy:“…Holacracy is not a governance process ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ – it’s governance …


Personalized Technology Will Upend the Doctor-Patient Relationship

In a few years, the idea of receiving medical treatment exclusively at a doctor’s office or hospital will seem quaint. Wearable technologies, implanted devices, and smartphone apps allow continuous monitoring and create a ubiquitous, 24/7, digitized picture of your health that can be accessed and …

Medical Technology

Data Storytelling, or the art of making numbers talk

Jeanne is the head of digital analytics at a large e-commerce company. Her daily routine is set to the rhythm of tagging plans, optimisation tests, …


It's time to ban personal cars in New York City

On Thursday, New York City came one step closer to banning cars completely from the city's two major parks.

City Hall reporter Erin Durkin tweeted from a news conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio that Central Park north of 72nd Street and the West Drive of Prospect Park would be car-free starting …

New York City

It's a Trend: More Businesses Are Choosing Downtowns and Walkable Locations

As I reported earlier this year, more and more businesses are choosing to locate in downtowns and walkable suburban locations, in part to attract younger workers who prefer a less car-dependent, more urban lifestyle.

In some cases, as with hospitality giant Marriott, the preference is being …

Urban Ecology

Let’s Shape AI Before AI Shapes Us

Illustration: Andrzej Wojcicki/CorbisArtificial intelligence is like a beautiful suitor who repeatedly brings his admirer to the edge of consummation …

Artificial Intelligence