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42 Visions For Tomorrow From The Golden Age of Futurism

It's 2015. But sometimes it feels like our futuristic dreams are stuck in the 1950s and 60s. And there's actually a good reason for that.<p>The period …

Lost treasures reclaimed from 2,000-year-old Antikythera shipwreck

The Art of Movement is a monthly show that highlights the most significant innovations in science and technology that are helping shape our modern world.<p><b>(CNN) —</b> In the azure waters off the rocky coast of Antikythera, a remote island in the Mediterranean with a population of less than 50, an …

The Delicious Health Benefits of Beer

Beer, it's the nectar of the gods — and it can help your health, too.<p>Though there's not a nutritional label on the bottle, there are some small …

Pictures of the Week 8.21.14

Makoto Azuma Uses the Stratosphere as a Backdrop For His Latest Floral Art | Colossal

<p>Last week Japanese botanic artist Makoto Azuma attempted to go where most artists only dream of going: to space. In a project titled Exbiotanica, …

Gary Salerno’s Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

X-Rayed Toys by Brendan Fitzpatrick | Colossal

<p>Photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick whose floral x-rays we first featured back in 2012, just released three new collections of x-ray photos including …

Dizzying optical illusions by Akiyoshi Kitaoka – in pictures

Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, has spent more than a decade creating his collection of moving optical illusions. Images: Caters News Agency

22 Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Damn Future

The future is now, y'all.

What’s the August birthstone?

Happy birthday August babies! Your month has 2 birthstones, peridot and sardonyx.<p><b>Peridot</b><p>Peridot is a gem-quality transparent variety of olivine, a …

Ancient History

Week's Best Space Pictures: Galaxies Stretch, Stars Tilt, and Mars Beckons

Secrets of a frozen moon, gravity playing tricks on galaxies, and the watery past of a desert world are spotlighted in this week's best space pictures.

15 Pictures Of 'The Most Alien-Looking Place On Earth'

Because of its extreme isolation from other land masses, Socotra has very unique plant life, a third of which can be found nowhere else in the world.<p>Not only are the plant endemic to Socotra, but they look weird as can be, causing people to refer to it as "the most alien-looking place on earth."

The Truth About the Black Knight Satellite Mystery

There are around 3000 human-made satellites in working order around the Earth, however if the debris of old and damaged satellites are taken into …


Ringtool is dubbed as the World´s most compact multi-tool. Backed by a successful kickstarter campaign, the handy Ringtool is now available for …


NASA Cuts Live Feed From The I.S.S As 13,000 Year Old Black Knight Satellite/U.F.O – They Didn’t Pull The Plug Quick Enough!

Astronaut Snap Shot from the ISS –…<br>Black Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object …

Time Magazine Report on the Black Knight Satellite/UFO, Transmitting Data, Disneyland of the Gods | Alternative

<b>Story Views</b><p>Find me on Facebook –<p>Monday, Mar. 07, 1960 <br>Time Magazine<br>Three weeks ago, headlines announced that …

I urge all of you to research the black knight satellite. Open your eyes

The Black Knight Satellite