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Morning Light - Golden Gate Birdge Aerial

Golden Gate From Above

The Foggy Line Up II @tobyharriman #pegasusaerials #🚁 #alwayssf

One of the most incredible and lucky mornings I have ever had. Flying around the Golden Gate with low fog was a dream, that came true!! Photo by: @tobyharriman @pegasusaerials #alwayssf #PegasusAerials #🚁

New Years Fireworks San Francisco 2014

Anyone planning to shoot fireworks on New Years Eve? If so I have some basic starter and post blending tips on my site. http://tobyharriman.com/basic-fireworks-tutorial/

Sunset tonight at Rodeo was fire!

SFO Aerial


The Golden View

An older SF Fav! • #alwayssf #🚁

Follow The Sun - @vufilters #vuvisionary

Trident missile over San Francisco

woke up to rain and thunder this morning. can I please stay in bed instead of go to work? 😩

Boom 💥 sunset at Sutro Bath tonight with @shainblumphotography was killer to say the least! #alwayssf #vuvisionary

The drive home. I'm really looking forward to driving over this bridge in a couple days. It means I'll be done driving for a bit!! #alwayssf @facet.nation

Feels amazing to be back home in San Francisco. Over the past 5 months I have only been home for a max 20 days. Over the past month I put 10,000 miles on my car. In the past 2.5 days I did 3,100 😟 Now it's time to start digging through all this content!! I guess it's Halloween so happy Halloween everyone!! #alwayssf

Over the past five months, I've only been home in San Francisco 15 to 20 days. This road trip has been amazing, but can't wait to be back Home this weekend! @vufilters #alwayssf

Above the Fog

A clip from sunrise the other day. Was an incredible morning with an incredible amount of like minded people around, to witness it for themselves! Music by @jteveringham #AlwaysSF #SanFrancisco #timelapse

The Office View #🚁

A Gotham City Music @jteveringham Amazing support from @rhinocg @emotimo @indurotripods #AlwaysSF #SanFrancisco #timelapse

A #SanFrancisco night. #AlwaysSF #aerial #🚁

Toby Earth II

I guess I have a hard time to sticking to a theme. One day I post an image from middle of nowhere Alaska and the next, I'll post the complete opposite from cities like this! This is what some of us call the Spaghetti Bowl. The 101 x 280 interchange. Taken with #pentax645z #alwayssf #SanFrancisco #aerial #verticalcfi #🚁

Aerial SF 4K Reel

My favorite drive into the city. #SanFrancisco #aerial #video #alwayssf

Got a bunch of new 4K aerial clips coming. Here is a small sample. Music: @jteveringham Snapchat: @tobyharriman #alwayssf #SanFrancisco #aerial

The Bridges of #SanFrancisco Music: @jteveringham Snapchat