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Astronauts in space have recorded a breathtaking new video of Earth's aurora

Auroras are one of the most beautiful and bewildering natural spectacles on Earth. But the view is even better from above.<p>The faint green glow of auroras is caused by high-energy particles from the sun plowing through Earth's atmosphere. Bands of the aurora dance, bob, and weave as the flow of …


Easily Create Vocabulary Quizzes With “Wordsmyth”

Wordsmyth seems like an exceptional online dictionary that lets you create several different types of vocabulary quizzes. Teachers can get accounts …

Language Learning

Less Tech, More Talk: Moving To A Discussion-Based Classroom

<b>Less Tech, More Talk: Moving To A Discussion-Based Classroom</b>by <b>Emily Long</b>Sometimes I feel like the integration of new technology in the classroom is …


The Secret, Deadly Life of Seashells

Think seashells are just pretty ocean ornaments? Think again. Shells, and the mollusks that live in them, can be deadly.<p>Their geometry captivated Sir …


Octopus studies detail strange behavior and genetics

UC Berkeley marine biologist Roy Caldwell first saw the intriguing octopus in Panama, in 1977. It was pretty, and striped, and about the size of his little finger. He brought a few specimens back to his lab, and one of the females surprised him: Unlike most octopuses he had seen, she didn't die …

The genetic technology that's going to change everything is at a critical turning point

There weren't many people studying that system then, especially compared to now, and those working in that area were doing what's called basic, or fundamental science, investigating something for the sake of curiosity or interest — not because they knew that research would have a practical or …


Scientists in Iran clone endangered mouflon – born to domestic sheep

Poaching has driven the Isfahan mouflon close to extinction in Iran, where scientists are hailing the rare successful example of interspecies cloning<p>A domestic sheep has given birth to a baby mouflon in a rare successful example of interspecies cloning, according to scientists in Iran.<p>The wild …

Middle East

These tiny fish can survive in volcanoes and they’re the stuff of nightmares

No matter how technologically advanced we are, we keep discovering wondrous and frightening new forms of life. Just recently, a team of scientists …

How big is the Universe? An awesome interactive explanation

With all of the commotion and intrigue surrounding the New Horizons spacecraft approaching Pluto, the <i>BBC</i> recently highlighted an incredible …


Everything Teachers Need to Know about Project Based Learning- 6 Must Read Books

'A practical guide to Project Based Learning. Designed for middle and high school teachers, the PBL Starter Kit contains down-to-earth, classroom …


Scientists discover lizard that changes sex in the sun

A lizard that can change its sex in the sun has been found in Australia<p>A lizard that changes sex in the sun has been discovered by scientists.<p>It is the first time the phenomenon has been seen in reptiles in the wild and could have implications for other animal species because of climate change.<p>The …

Orchestrating in Logic Pro (Ep. 1)

How To Write a Film Score (Behind the Scenes)

Five chemistry inventions that enabled the modern world

What do pencillin, polythene and Mexican yam have in common?<p><i>This article was first published on The Conversation.</i><p>Did you know that the discovery of a way to make ammonia was the single most important reason for the world’s population explosion from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7 billion today? Or that …


Our dogs can read our minds: The new neuroscience of animal brains and understanding

Understanding emotion in others is basic to survival, grounded in evolution. Animals have the skill just as we do<p>In the quest to identify what might be unique to the human mind, one might well ask whether non-human animals have a theory of mind. In fiction, perhaps, they do. Eeyore, the morose …


Here's why we don't have nuclear fusion yet

If fusion power were harnessed directly on Earth, it could produce inexhaustible clean power, using seawater as the main fuel, with no greenhouse gas emissions, no proliferation risk, and no risk of catastrophic accidents.<p>Radioactive waste is very low level and indirect, arising from neutron …


Top 10 new species for 2015 (pictures)

Fabulous sea slug


60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

<b>60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom</b>by <b>TeachThought Staff</b>Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology.It may …

Education Technology

Why Teachers Make The Best Entrepreneurs

The best innovators, fundraisers, and problem solvers are often found at the front of a classroom.<p>These days more teachers are launching their own startups and developing products that may transform the educational landscape for good.<p>Great educators, unhappy with outdated books and off-the-shelf …


This Jay Is Evolving in a Very, Very Weird Way

The scrub jays of California's Santa Cruz Island really love a good peanut. "It's like crack to them," says Katie Langin, a biologist at Colorado …

How I Use Flipboard as an Educator

When <b>Flipboard</b> invited magazine readers to create their own magazines, I jumped on the bandwagon and immediately began compiling my own. Most of my magazines are targeted for the education field. I believe Flipboard is the perfect tool for educators to create magazines for themselves, their students …

Social Media

L.A. School District Cancels iPad Pearson Curriculum, Asks Apple for Refund

Following the end of the $1.3 billion education initiative that would have seen all students in the Los Angeles school district outfitted with an iPad, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has notified Apple that it will no longer be using or paying for the Pearson Education curriculum …

Extraordinary rainbows of the natural world


Do Denominational Differences Really Matter?

When it comes to church denominations, who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who cares?<b>I'm a little bit confused. I'm a Christian; I believe that Jesus died on</b> …


Plants Use Sixth Sense for Growth Aboard the Space Station

The Plant Gravity Sensing study may have implications for higher crop yield in farming and cultivating plants for long-duration space missions.

Space Exploration

21 remarkable new animal species that will freak you out (pictures)

A see-through Kermit


The New York Times

The most frequently trafficked mammal is the pangolin, an insectivore with a tongue longer than its body and a tail so powerful it can hang upside …

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

Students can better understand math and physics problems by acting them out. This type of embodied learning can help open up the mind to abstract …