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The updated Stylophone Gen X-1 synth comes to the US

The little Stylophone toy synth has made the rounds since it was first manufactured in 1968. David Bowie used one on "Space Oddity," Kraftwork played one on "Pocket Calculator" and They Might Be Giants had one on <i>The Else</i>. An updated version of this cult classic, battery-powered synthesizer — the …


This Beatles Poster Breaks Down the Instruments Played in Every Fab Four Song

If you're a Beatles fan who has memorized every second of every one of the legendary band's songs, from instruments to vocals, Pop Chart Lab has got …

David Bowie

You can download David Bowie and Kurt Cobain’s handwriting as a font

David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen, and other rock icons have had their handwriting turned into fonts, <i>NME</i> report.<p>The Songwriters Font project, which also includes Serge Gainsbourg and John Lennon, uses “original handwritten letters and notes” to turn the musicians’ penmanship into digital …

Kurt Cobain

Comment on Debussy On Modular Synthesizer – Clair de Lune by LDT

I believe you may be correct. The time involved in learning a modular system would be a huge factor. Another might be each artists own sonic …


Nine Essential Ryuichi Sakamoto Collaborations to Know

Ryuichi Sakamoto has spent more than four decades writing music for symphonies and player pianos, for temple blocks and laptops, articulating from his home bases in Tokyo and New York his vision for music that transcends but doesn’t ignore culture and geography. While perhaps best known for a few …

David Bowie


Photographs made with the Phonodeik - Dayton Clarence Miller [1908]<p>'The Phonodeik was a sound recording apparatus invented by Dayton Miller in 1908. …

More than your average Music Box!

Made to bring absolute tears of joy to the analog synth lover, the Bivalvia Synthesis is a tiny wooden box that fits a remarkably powerful …


A Conversation With Brian Eno About Ambient Music

Visiting Brian Eno’s studio in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, there’s plenty to catch the eye. Shelves sag beneath books and records, a spiral staircase climbs up toward the rafters, and a kitchen table is filled with wine bottles in preparation for a party. Standing in front of a computer …

MacBook Pro

The revolutionary Minimoog Model D synth is now available as an iOS app

From Kraftwek and Michael Jackson to Nine Inch Nails and Dr. Dre, the Minimoog has spanned musical genres and decades. Released in 1970, it was one of the first synthesizers to include a keyboard. It gave musicians the ability to step up to the instrument and start composing instead of figuring out …

iOS Apps

Teenage Engineering introduces three new pocket synthesizers

Teenage Engineering, maker of the very cool OP-1 keyboard synthesizer, introduced three new pocket synthesizers that cost $89 each.<p>With ">PO-33, …

Moog releases 25 limited edition $35,000 synthesizers

An exclusive reissue of one of Moog's most legendary pieces


The Audiophiliac picks the best receivers and amplifiers

Rotel RA-1592 integrated amplifier


Ambient music at 40: Lawrence English examines the future of a drifting genre

<i>As Brian Eno’s seminal ambient classic</i> Music For Airports<i> turns 40 this year, Lawrence English examines the genre’s impact, its initial manifesto and</i> …

Ambient Music

The Recording of Elliott Smith's Either/Or

This year marks the 20th anniversary of <i>Either/Or</i>, the third album by my late friend and co-conspirator Elliott Smith. I was asked by his family and …

A Look Inside the Mellotron - an Early Analog Sampling Synthesizer

Bell Tone Synth Works provides a look inside a keyboard that predates the digital sampler. The Mellotron used multiple strips of magnetic tape to …


Teenage Engineering adds vocal and sampler options to pocket synth line

We've been massive fans of Teenage Engineering's affordable pocket-sized synthesizers since their debut. The company has added new, more capable models over the last couple of years, too, adding more sounds to individual units and import/export capabilities. They've always come in at an …

Korg Prologue: The New Analogue Synth With Limitless Customisation

Korg has had us swimming in announcements over the past two days, but perhaps the most exciting is the announcement of a new flagship analogue synth; …


5 Mix Bus Plug-ins Which Just Make It Sound Better

I don’t get to use hardware very much these days and while that’s a pity, I do love a bit of outboard, it is a testament to the fact that software is …

Music Production

Moog unveils $599 semi-modular drum percussion: DFAM

First, there was Mother-32. Now, Moog has another affordable patchable desktop (“semi-modular”): Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM), for percussion …


Mattel Optigan Repair

Here's a look inside the rare Mattel Optigan sample playback keyboard.... … Read More Mattel Optigan Repair


Yamaha CS-80 Hands-On Demo

Heres a look at the classic Yamaha CS-80, one of the most expressive synthesizers ever created.… Read More Yamaha CS-80 Hands-On Demo


InnerFidelity Top Ten Best Headphones of 2017

Had a cruise through the last year of posts; pulled some cans off the Wall of Fame for a listen; and put together a list of the 10 best headphones of …


Music Mastering Masterclass with Joe Lambert |

Sufjan Stevens: Spokesman for Sanity

“The universe is telling me to leave New York.”<p>Sufjan Stevens is lamenting the fate of his old office and recording studio in Brooklyn, which he was unceremoniously kicked out of while on tour for his last album, when his landlord decided to renovate. Sitting in his publicist’s penthouse suite in …


These are the best wireless headphones you can buy

Bowers & Wilkins, Audio-Technica, Sony, Beats, and a whole lot more<p>One of the ironies of headphones is that we often end up owning multiple pairs while busily pursuing the single ideal set of cans that will suit all our needs and circumstances. Never mind that the perfect headphones don’t exist; we …


Remembering AC/DC's Malcolm Young, Band's Unassuming Mastermind

Rhythm guitarist's grasp of the swing at the heart of the hard-rock masters' sound powered the group for four legendary decades<p>"There's very few rock …

iOptigan brings you an iOS recreation of the optical organ from the 1970s #MusicMonday

The demons and obsessions of jazz genius Thelonious Monk

He played angular and slow when the fashion was for fast and sun-drenched. And a misdiagnosed bipolar condition meant he retreated into silence for the last years of his life. But now the pianist’s singular talent is finally being heard<p>Consider this: both Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk were …

New Jersey

Ableton Live 10 introduces some long-desired features

.MP3 export, note chasing, and tags<p>Developer Ableton has announced Live 10, the next version of its popular music production software. Live 9, Ableton’s last major upgrade to the title, came out in 2013 alongside the debut of Push, a hardware controller for Live with 64 pads designed to play and …

Music Production