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12 of the Best OCD Style Pedals

Fulltone OCD - £149<p>When I got back into guitar, the OCD was actually the drive I played the most with initially for whatever reason. After a few …

Mixing Bass Guitar: Step-by-Step

Learn 12 vital steps for turning a raw bass guitar recording into the finished, rock-solid foundation that your mix deserves. From phase alignment to …

Bass Guitar

Sweet Soul Music

Get inside the style and sounds of Cropper, Jamerson, Dupree, and more.

Soul Music

Modulation Nation: Chorus, Phasing, and Flanging

Explore the history and mystery of three classic effects.


Twang 101: Scotty Anderson’s Double-Stop Sorcery

<b>Chops:</b> Advanced <b><br>Theory:</b> Intermediate <b><br>Lesson Overview:</b><br>• Dive deep into hot-rod double-stops.<br>• Strengthen your CAGED vocabulary.<br>• Learn to outline chords …


Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb review

<b>You might have noticed it’s been a while since EHX launched a new reverb pedal, but last year’s release of the Canyon delay paved the way for the</b> …

Jazz Guitar Corner: Learn to Play Three Classic Jazz Blues Licks

Anyone learning how to play jazz guitar will know that the blues makes up a large part of the jazz soloing, comping and writing traditions.<p>From the …

Blues Music

Meet the Battery-Powered, Backpack-Friendly Jammy Travel Guitar

Have you ever found yourself yearning for a travel-size guitar that was a bit more, well, travel-size?


Incorporating Groups of Five 16th Notes in Guitar Solos

This week's lesson will be particularly tough.<p>Matching the finger pattern to notes makes sense: three-note patterns if you're playing triplets, …


Get creative with your guitar chord playing in 20 minutes

<b>You know the open shapes! Now you can turn C and G into barre chords and give your rhythm playing a boost.</b><p>Of all the open shapes, C and G are perhaps …

Electric Guitar

More Approaches to Soloing on a Pair of Adjacent Strings

Last month, I introduced the concept of soloing on a pair of adjacent strings and remaining on them while traversing up and down the fretboard. We …

Blues Music

Guitar Interactive Magazine

To view this digital edition you will need to have the latest version of Flash installed. To install Flash, please visit …

The History of the Guitar & Guitar Legends: From 1929 to 1979

In the age of the Classical Education, students pored over and memorized the works of “authorities,” exemplars of grammar, rhetoric, logic, etc. …

Jimi Hendrix

In pictures: Fender's rarest guitar finishes

<b>Regular readers will recall</b> <b>our recent feature</b> <b>where we opened the doors to an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage guitar greatness that is the Songbirds Guitar</b> …

Using First-Inversion Chords to Create Smooth Bass Motion

Some musically appealing ways that great songwriters have used first-inversion chords to craft progressions behind their melodies.


30-day guitar challenge, day 20: Improve your guitar solo improvisations

<i>The 30-day guitar challenge culminates on</i> <i>World Guitar Day 2018</i><i>, a massive 24-hour online celebration of the guitar on 29 September.</i><p><b>30-day guitar</b> …

Guitar Solos

Supro and Keeley Collaborate on New Amp Designed Specifically for Use with Effect Pedals

The Supro 1970RK Keeley Custom is a 25-watt all-tube combo unit.


30-day guitar challenge, day 18: Expand your mind with these ingenious prog chords

<i>The 30-day guitar challenge culminates on</i> <i>World Guitar Day 2018</i><i>, a massive 24-hour online celebration of the guitar on 29 September.</i><p><b>30-day guitar</b> …


30-day guitar challenge, day 19: Strengthen your fretting fingers with these slick legato workouts

<i>The 30-day guitar challenge culminates on</i> <i>World Guitar Day 2018</i><i>, a massive 24-hour online celebration of the guitar on 29 September.</i><p><b>30-day guitar</b> …


Signal to Noise: Rockin’ the Reactive Load

The key to direct recording is to get an amp to behave realistically. So how do you accomplish this?


MOD Duo review

<b>The MOD Duo’s stylishly minimal stage-proof casing houses two backlit LCD screens, two footswitches, two selector knobs, two analogue inputs/outputs,</b> …

Funky Grant Green Lick Lesson

When learning jazz guitar licks, there are few better jazz musicians to study than Grant Green.<p>Grant Green was a master of both the bebop and blues …

Jazz Guitar

The Coolest New Gear from the 2018 Summer NAMM Show

From EVH, to Martin, Fender, D'Addario and Taylor, GW dishes on the best this year's Summer NAMM had to offer.


Chord Voicings: In Search of Lost—and Overlooked—Chords

Most guitar played spend something like 80 percent of their time playing chords, yet few of them take enough time to work on their chord vocabulary. …


Outlaw Effects’ Nomad pedalboards feature built-in rechargeable power supplies

<b>Montreal’s Outlaw Effects looks to be on to a winner with its new range of Nomad pedalboards, which boast built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery</b> …


Autumn Leaves Melody & Solo Study

Autumn Leaves is one of the most popular jazz standards on record, in jam sessions, and on pick-up gigs, and is a must-know tune for any jazz …

Sarah Longfield Premieres 'Cataclysm' Video

Sarah Longfield—one of the world's best seven and eight-string guitarists—has announced a new album, <i>Disparity.</i> GW readers can get an exclusive first …

Cover Art

Tritone Chord Substitution For Jazz Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the concepts that comes up time and time again is the tritone substitution. Tritone substitution is a …

Electric Guitar

What is the greatest guitar riff of the 21st century?

<b>World Guitar Day 2018</b> <b>is fast approaching and we’re really getting into the celebratory mood here at MusicRadar. On the big day, 29 September, we’ll</b> …

Deep Purple

The 11 best compressor pedals for guitar

<b>A compressor pedal can often make the difference between a good guitar tone and a great one.</b><p>Compressors balance out your guitar signal, attenuating …