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All About... Les Paul

<b>Lester Polsfuss was much more than the iconic guitar that came to bear his name. Les Paul was also a musical pioneer and a recording trailblazer. Huw</b> …


Sgt. Pepper

<i>The New Yorker</i>, June 24, 1967 P. 22<p>Talk story about the Beatles' thirteenth and latest (June, 1967) record album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," which has sold 1,200,000 copies to date, with 95,000 more in back orders. John, Paul, George, and Ringo appear in old-timey band costumes …

Soul Music

Improve Your Guitar Playing by Giving Your Notes Room to Breathe

Often times—when it comes to guitar playing—less is definitely more<p>0<p>SHARES<p>Hi, gang!<p>Let's talk about space. Not studio recording space. Sonic space. …


How to get classic EVH 5150 tones using guitar modelling

<b>The 5150 brand covers a multitude of products, but centre stage is the backline that Eddie Van Halen endorses and he has a major involvement in</b> …

Eddie Van Halen

Beloved Guitar Maker Gibson Faces Crushing $560 Million Debt

Like the blues giant Robert Johnson, whose mastery of a Gibson guitar was said to be the result of a deal with the Devil, the company has come to a …


Guitar Center’s $1 billion in debt reveals truth about musical tastes

Guitar Center, the nation’s leading musical-instrument retailer, is in trouble. Changing musical tastes are partly to blame.<p>Ratings agency S&P Global …


Don't fret, guitar business picks custom building over retail

After 14 years in the retail music business, Ryan Elewaut is returning to his roots. Elewaut’s passion is building guitars. In 2004, Elewaut dropped …


Guitar Interactive Magazine

To view this digital edition you will need to have the latest version of Flash installed. To install Flash, please visit …


T-Bone Shuffle - T-Bone Walker from Aliocha Thevenet

Sheet Music<p>£6 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£4 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£4 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 GBP<p>Sheet Music<p>£5 …

‘Before the Dead’: New box set sheds light on Jerry Garcia’s roots in folk music

Jerry Garcia (L) with his future lyric-writing partner Robert Hunter in the Hart Valley Drifters, 1962<p>Bill EvansMarch 19, 2018<p><b>From the May 2018 issue</b> …


3 Free Slow Blues Soloing Guitar Lessons

Soloing over a slow blues is one of the most challenging things to develop for a blues guitar player. It not only requires the technical knowledge, …

Five Simple Riffs From Five Iconic Bands

Tackle some of the more digestible riffs from the Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC catalogs.<p>0<p>SHARES<p>Sometimes, nothing feels better than playing some …


Samantha Fish: “Not every song needs a solo. Most songs don’t”

After a year that saw her release two very different standout albums, Samantha Fish is making her claim as the next star of the blues. We caught up …


John Mayer: I made the Silver Sky with PRS because Fender couldn’t “bring the vision that I had to life”

<b>It’s fair to say</b> <b>the launch of John Mayer’s PRS Strat-a-like, the Silver Sky</b><b>, earlier this month, provoked some… mixed reactions online. Now, the man</b> …

John Mayer

Strat Bridge Pickup Tone Control

Welcome back to the world of Stratocasters. Originally, I wanted to start by talking about the anatomy of our new friend, the standard Stratocaster …


Learn the Basic Rumba Flamenco Strumming Pattern

122<p>SHARES<p>In this classic GW lesson video, learn the basic rumba flamenco strumming pattern.<p>Shot by our friends over at the Musician's Institute, and …


The Top 10 Guitar Harmonies of All Time

What’s better than a master guitarist pouring their guts out through their strings? How about two master guitarists simultaneously pouring their guts …


Guitar wall hangers - Review & buying guide


Video Lesson: Cultivate Your Standalone Guitar Skills

Bill EvansMarch 17, 2018<p><b>From the May 2018 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY ADAM LEVY</b><p>The acoustic guitar really is a remarkable instrument. In the most …

Electric Guitar

The Tao of Jeff Beck

Here's a crash course in how one of the most eclectic and influential guitarists of all time developed a unique vocabulary through speedy rockabilly …


Video Demo: Neunaber Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus

GW's Tech Editor, Paul Riario, gives Neunaber's latest creation for a spin.<p>91<p>SHARES<p>Close<p>Neunaber recently unveiled its new Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus …


Four Great Amps for Reggae Guitar

Check out these four reggae amp choices—and some thoughts on settings.<p>0<p>SHARES<p>When shopping around for a reggae guitar amp, the factors you are most …


Gear Review: Aero dBuz

Ever deal with that annoying buzz that disappears when you touch your guitar’s strings or bridge? You’ve got ground buzz! In this edition of "Billy's …


Jack White’s unlikely new favourite guitar? The EVH Wolfgang

Pawn shop electric icon makes surprising gear swap


Steve Howe: “Guitars always give me a feeling of complete freedom”

Prog overlords Yes are celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary this year, so what better time to sit down with their legendary guitarist in the place …


Watch New Trailer For Blue Note Records Documentary ‘Beyond The Notes’

The trailer for the forthcoming movie <i>Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes</i> is now available for viewing. The much-anticipated <i>Beyond The Notes</i> is a new …

Universal Music

15 pioneering pickers who invented country guitar

Players who changed the game


Learning the A7 Dominant Chord

An overview of the A7 dominant chord: from its theoretical construction, some of its many uses and different ways you can play it all over the neck …

Electric Guitar