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DIY-ify: Calendar Work Station for $15

In just a few short weeks the OFFICIAL start to Fall will be here. That means school starting, less vacation, and yeah… less sunshine (at least in …

I’m a Big Kid Now: 13 Ways to Repurpose Baby Furniture

After your little one is all grown up, you’re faced with an enormous decision: What should you do with all that furniture?! You could toss it, donate it or our favorite option… repurpose it! From awesome chalkboards to classy beverage carts, here are 13 super creative ways to repurpose baby …


A DIY Desk That Can Organize Your Life

Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern shows how easy it is to make a multi-tasking desk for small living spaces using just a single sheet of plywood.

In a small apartment, a desk is used for many things. It’s often more than just a workstation. It can double as a craft table, a dinner table for one, a …


Spice Organizer Idea: How To Create a Mason Jar Drawer System

Is your spice drawer a wreck? Follow along as I show you how to create a mason jar spice organizer that will leave you smiling every time you are in …

Organize! 12 Functional & Darling DIY Projects For Your Desk

Whether you command a table in your home for work or you're stuck behind a desk all day in an office, there's no disputing that these hard surfaces …


Make the Most Colorful Cord Organizer Ever

What You’ll Need

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extension cord
• washi tape
• Leather scraps
• sew on snaps
• decorative embellishment
• scissors
• Thread
• Glue
• paper


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Before you begin organizing, it's imperative to have a game plan for what exactly you're going to organize. To that end, I've create this checklist …

99 low-cost organizing tips

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We can use technology to organize our home. In this article I'll show you 10 ways to organize your home with Evernote.

11 office organization ideas for your home + office workspaces

11 ideas that will help your better organize your home or office workspaces, including tips to manage paper and cut clutter.

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Recycled Paper Roll Desk Organizer - HP Communities

My craft desk is an absolute mess. It’s hard to find anything, and it’s time to get my act together and get more organized for the New Year! I’ve …

Organizing your family in the New Year - Today's Parent

Photo: iStockphoto

Research shows that people who focus on making changes at the New Year have a ten times greater chance of success than at other …

Ten Tips for Workshop Organization and Optimization

I have set up workshops in many different places and for many different applications. The process of organizing your workshop is both personal and organic. Setups vary wildly depending on one’s specialty, while organization and workflow are often an organic process that can take months or years to …

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Make Ahead Cold Lunches {A Weeks Worth of Lunches in a day!} - Happy Money Saver | Homemade | Freezer Meals | Homesteading

Tweet I am re-posting this awesome way to save money by doing make ahead cold lunches! Not only will this save you time but cold lunches can also be …

The End of Reinventing the Meal- Menu Planning and The Ultimate Menu Board

The Creative Mama welcomes Clair Dickson with this guest post.I grocery shop weekly. That used to mean that I would menu plan weekly too. You know …

52 Home Organization Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Home keeping projects that can be done in a weekend. From the kitchen to your closets, these will help you organize your home one task at a time.

10 Ways to Organize your Back to School Home

Every room in your home can use organization when back to school season is here Now that the summer is almost over it is time for families to start …

Home organization 101: Holiday cleanup

Christmas is over, and now it's time to refresh your home. Get organized with these home organizing tips.

Are you so tired after the holidays that you …

How to Organize Your Nightstand or Bedside Table

Turn A Basic Storage Box Into A Practical First Aid Kit

Ask anyone who has ever worked retail, and they will tell you just how easy it is to spend hard-earned cash on the copious amount of items they are …

How to Fold T-Shirts

Junk Drawer Organization

Everyone has one. Well, I assume everyone has one. A junk drawer. Where the miscellaneous and random items in one’s home ends up. Ours has always been …

Wrap iT - The Best Gift Wrap Storage Organizer Commercial

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

So you’ll spend less time cleaning, organizing, and searching, and more time nomming.

Use empty soda boxes to store soup cans.

Find out how to make it all pretty here.

Shoe holders become excellent snack holders.

Snacks vs. shoes, discuss.

Cut off the ends of plastic hangers to DIY chip clips.

Never …