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Breaking Bad Restaurant in Kuwait

omg elane dated both walter white and saul goodman


Heisenberg's hat from Breaking Bad now lives in the Smithsonian

Walter White's signature porkpie hat has found a new home at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, <i>Variety</i> reports. Sony Pictures Television donated the hat to the museum this week, along with Walt and Jesse Pinkman's hazmat suits and gas masks, marking the props officially becoming …

Breaking Bad

You'll get addicted to 'Breaking Bad' and 'Bates Motel' faster than other shows, says Netflix

It apparently doesn't take long at all for Netflix users to get sucked into marathons of <i>Breaking Bad</i> or <i>Bates Motel</i>.<p>According to the streaming service, it takes a mere two episodes of those shows for its users to go from walking/talking members of society to couch potatoes with a mission. Or, to use …


Actor Bryan Cranston's Green Beach House Renovation

The star of Breaking Bad opens the doors to his family’s recently completed beach house located just outside of Los Angeles.

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Yo, like Jesse Pinkman's house from 'Breaking Bad' is for sale

If your weekend Netflix plans include a marathon binge of the AMC series “Breaking Bad,” you’ll be seeing a pair of homes that have come on the market in New Mexico.<p>In Albuquerque, a historic home used as the fictional residence for Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman, is listed for sale at $1.6 …


Breaking beans: Walter White-themed cafe opens in Istanbul

Coffee is brewed in a 'lab' by men in yellow jumpsuits at Walter's Coffee Roastery<p>Nearly two years since the final series of Breaking Bad, its legacy lives on: in the form of a novelty cafe in Istanbul.<p>Walter's Coffee Roastery opened in March 2015 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on …


This Is Vince Gilligan’s Series Bible For ‘Breaking Bad’

The year was 2007, and no one yet knew what great things lay ahead for ‘Breaking Bad.’ Creator Vince Gilligan had lightning in a bottle...he just …


'Breaking Bad' bar in London will summon your inner Heisenberg

Wanna cook? Would-be Heisenbergs in London can finally live the life of a king pin — well, sort of.<p>A pop-up bar called ABQ, named after the setting of <i>Breaking Bad</i> in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will offer an intoxicating drinking experience. No, blue meth will not be served. Just delicious …

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wants to make a Jack and the Beanstalk movie

After <i>Breaking Bad</i> wrapped up series creator Vince Gilligan wasted no time jumping back to TV, but now he's looking to the big screen with a very different kind of project. <i>Deadline</i> reports that Disney has purchased <i>Beanstalk</i>, an updated version of the <i>Jack and the Beanstalk</i> fairy tale based on a …


This Guy Mocked Up Perfect VHS Cover Art For Modern TV Shows And Movies

Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and The Wolf Of Wall Street all get the retro treatment. H/T: Golem13.<p>Julien Knez, aka Golem13, has designed fake VHS covers for modern TV shows and movies, such as <i>Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad</i> and <i>Gravity</i>.<p>He told BuzzFeed: “I created them for April Fools’ Day, …


Breaking Bad fans are throwing pizza on an old woman's house

In a podcast dedicated to <i>Better Call Saul</i>, the <i>Breaking Bad</i> spinoff show, Gilligan begins the show by saying, "I'm opening with a bit of a downer. The Walter White house is a bit of a tourist attraction and normally the people who live there are fine with people stopping by to have their picture …


People Won’t Stop Throwing Pizzas On Walter White’s House

Apparently, Breaking Bad is just a TV show and that house belongs to a nice woman who is not in fact Walter White. “Let me tell you, there is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof,” said the show’s creator Vince Gilligan.<p>Remember the iconic scene from <i>Breaking</i> …


Saulbacks: An Exhaustive Compendium of All the 'Breaking Bad' References in 'Better Call Saul'

Or are they Saulforwards? Either way, we've rounded up the hints from season one.<p><i>Better Call Saul</i> may be a spin-off of <i>Breaking Bad</i>, but it's become clear you don't need to know the original to enjoy the prequel. That said, familiarity with <i>Breaking Bad</i> makes <i>Better Call Saul</i> better by turning it into …

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A 'Breaking Bad' Art Show Opens Tomorrow - Creators

Images via<p>Bat country moves to Albuquerque, NM tomorrow as iconic <i>Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas</i> artist Ralph Steadman's bombastic series of <i>Breaking Bad</i> illustrations hit London's 71A Gallery. Originally designed for a special release of <i>Breaking Bad</i> DVDs, Steadman worked closely with the show's …


Better Talk Saul: an in-depth, spoiler-y analysis of the first two episodes

<i>Better Call Saul</i>, the genetic successor to <i>Breaking Bad</i>, is here — and it’s really, really good. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes, which aired over the last two nights, we highly recommend you read our (mostly) spoiler-free take.<p>Alright. With that out of the way, what follows is a …


Inside China’s 'Breaking Bad' village

After China's biggest drug bust was made last month, Tom Phillips visits the tiny village responsible for producing a third of the country's Methamphetamine supply<p>A smashed lock and a scuffed red doormat reading, “Stay safe!” adorn the entrance to the unusually opulent three-story villa.<p>It was here …


Bryan Cranston returns as his 'Breaking Bad' character in a Super Bowl ad

"Breaking Bad" fans don't have to wait for the premiere of "Better Call Saul" to get their fix.<p>Bryan Cranston reprised his role as Walter White in the Super Bowl commercial for Esurance.<p><b>Follow BI Video:</b> On Facebook


Better Call Saul's creators talk about the show in this new preview

Creating a successful spinoff is never easy, and that must be particularly true for Vince Gilligan, who's tasked with following up the enormous success of <i>Breaking Bad</i> with a new series focused on one of its standout characters. We've seen bits and pieces of <i>Better Call Saul</i> over the past few months, …


Schumpeter: The “Breaking Bad” school

SchumpeterThe “Breaking Bad” school<p>The best show on television is also a first-rate primer on business<p>print-edition iconFrom the print edition | …

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