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New Apple Watch Sport band colors revealed in Italy

Brand new colors for the Apple Watch Sport band emerged during an event in Italy on Friday.

Posted to the Instagram account of Umberta Gnutti Beretta, the new Apple Watch Sport bands colors include red, yellow, light pink and one that appears to be either purple or dark blue.

Retired professional …


Washboards for days out here! Spot the Sprinter #vanlife #homesweetvan #buttermilks #climbon #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #bishop

I'm good... @Pebble #wearables #smartwatch #AppleWatch v. #Pebble http://t.co/YRJhfCWdZV

Lost In Emoji Translation: Apple vs Android — Matter — Medium

Lost In Emoji Translation: Apple vs. Android

How to make sure you know what you’re actually saying before you press send.

By Alana Levinson

When you …


April 16, 2011 - April 16, 2015

Courtesy of @ryanolsonk http://t.co/zBBwfEcxUI

Flipsters at an @alt_J show! http://t.co/WWLoczRgT8

Golden. @ Golden Gate Park

Spotted: a wild pineapple in its natural habitat @ Pacific Palisades Coastline

@ Linea Caffe

“Sneak peek of tomorrow's brunch. Cherry pie crepes topped with cashew cream and strawberries served with tofu scramble and tempeh bacon. We…”

Coffee Ed: The Facts About Filters

We are huge fans of filtered pour over coffee around here – and we’re big on experimentation, too. So we decided to do a little coffee filter …


What time is it?

VOID V03D (gold/black)


VOID V03D (gold/black) | Designer Watches | Dezeen Watch Store

Autodromo - Monoposto Watch


Jack Spade Men's …

“Good morning”

@ Golden Gate Bridge

Δ @ Greek Theatre-University Of California, Berkeley

The Hatcher Pack, perfect for all your multi-day weekend camping trips! Photo by: @kirbayjo #alite #alitefreshairclub

Good beer – bringing great people together one day at a time. Until next year #cbc15 #pdxbeer #craftbeer #traveloregon #travelportland #portlandia #cbc2015

Find your favorite color combinations on danielwellington.com! (Photo via @marketstreetgold) #danielwellington @ danielwellington.com

“#eggporn at brunch (pretending to be @randwiches)”

The winner of our Losing Your Outdoor Virginity giveaway is @missjulie nominated by @gmcnulty90. We hope you can lose your outdoor virginity in a nice gentle way at an amazing campsite near you. It's a shame that people have never pitched a tent or felt the warmth of being inside of a sleeping bag. We hope this helps you get outside. Direct message us your contact info so we can ship this camp kit to you. Another Outdoor Virgins Giveaway next month.

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GDocs, the Dancing Bear

I’ve told this story a few times the last couple of days, so figured I should write it down.

I will get a lot of flak for this, but I think that …


10 Best Java IDEs of All Time

Java is an extremely common programming language, used nearly everywhere – Android apps, game consoles, even supercomputers. It is known for its …

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