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Serial is getting a third season next spring

Months after Serial creator Sarah Koenig announced that the wildly popular podcast would get a second season, the show's producers announced this week that a third is already being developed. In an email sent to Serial newsletter subscribers, the team stated that it's working on two brand new …


Google I/O starts today! Stay tuned for some #AndroidAdventures live from the conference. #io15 @ Google I/O

#tbt Someday photos of you will be vintage! Come get the gear that your grandkids will be #stoked to use! #thejourney #forgenerations #fjallraven

What the Heck Happened to Google?

It was nearly four and half years ago that Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced he would be stepping down and passing the keys to the search kingdom to co-founder Larry Page. I still remember Schmidt’s jubilant proclamation “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!” echoing across the …


Apple is reportedly building a Google Now rival into iOS 9

The latest scoop from 9to5Mac suggests that Apple is getting serious about taking on Google Now and providing users with information precisely when they need it. The report describes a "major new iOS initiative" that goes by the codename Proactive and pulls together data from Siri, Contacts, …


Snap a selfie, and this startup will make a custom shirt that fits perfectly

Experts say men with high-pressure jobs need to look their best if they want to get ahead. But they also say those same professionals should expect to work long hours.

That leads to a problem: How can men find the time to look great in well-fitting clothes when they're sometimes working up to …


This watch has more raw computing power than this desktop computer. I live in the future! http://t.co/s0IhIdel98

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One of the most inspirational quotes I've heard

Goo.gl shortened URLs can now direct users to your app or site

Google announced today that links created using its goo.gl URL shortening service will direct users to the appropriate deep linked Android app, iOS app or site.

That’s good news for developers who want an easy way to guide users to content within their mobile apps, along with a fallback link to the …


This woman’s Instagram of perfectly arranged fruit totally blew up after celebrities became obsessed with it

Instagrammer Jenny Zhang is trying to get more fruit into your daily internet diet.

Two years ago, Zhang, a 21-year-old university student, started taking pictures of her afternoon snacks from her dorm room in London and posting them on her Instagram account.

Today, the account — @myfruitplatter — …

Food Photography

New Spacecraft Photos Reveal a Rich and Complex Pluto : DNews

Three new observations captured on May 8th, 10th and 12th by NASA's New Horizons probe of the dwarf planet Pluto. At flyby in July, the resolution of …

Space Science

Pebble Time review: the simple but effective answer to Apple Watch

Pebble Time is the latest smartwatch crowdfunding success story, having broken records by hitting $2m in 58 minutes and ultimately raising more than $20m. But is the watch that works with both Android and iPhone – making it a direct Apple Watch competitor – worth the hype?

This is the second time on …

Apple Watch

“Ever wondered about those tasting notes on our menus? Learn more about coffee tasting and palate development on the Cartel blog.…”


It's a "the manhattan" kinda day #nofilter #mnmlst (individual watch faces are now available for purchase on our website! Check em out!)

McKenzie | Arctic Blue www.thealpinedivision.com

The top 15 gaming products you can buy

The approach of summer might mean it's time to unfurl the Slip N Slide, but there's only so much gaming you can do while flopping around in the water. Yes, you should get outside while the weather's nice, but there are also worlds to explore back in the air-conditioned confines of your home. If that …


One more #SASQUATCH 📷: Cole Elsasser TONIGHT we play Monterrey!!! #mø

“A new coffee from Ethiopia is currently being transformed into something tasty. We can't wait for you to try this one when it's released!”


Boyla #rainplustrains #norway #bergen #travel #🇳🇴 #mahbeer @ Grieghallen

The #peach pink #kanken, what would #summer be without one?!? #dogsofinstagram #pupslovekanken #fjallraven 📷: @alisonvagnini @ Kånken Happy Hour

The Pebble Time is the company's best smartwatch yet. Read our review on the site!