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The Worst Programming Language Ever


Mark Rendle is the founder and Chief Developer of Zudio, a web-based management toolkit for Windows Azure storage. Before starting Zudio, Mark …

Programming Languages

Video for Android Wear & YouTube app bringing videos to… your watch?

You know the world has gone nuts when people start watching videos on their smart watches. It’s simply not what Android Wear devices were made for, …


110-Year-Old Man Credits Long Life To His Daily Can Of Beer

We’ve all heard that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but one man who’s reached the lofty age of 110 has entirely different maxim — drinking …


Android Design Anti-Patterns and Common Pitfalls

The more apps behave the way we expect them to, the more intuitive they are to use; the more intuitive they are to use, the easier it is for us to …

UI Design

A conspiracy theory about Jony Ive's 'promotion' just got more juice

Apple updated the bio pages for its executives to reflect new roles and new responsibilities for Jony Ive.

Ive was previously SVP of design. He has since been promoted to chief design officer.

Two people that were previously working for him have been given expanded responsibilities. Richard Howarth …


The meaning of life, according to Google's chatbot AI

Google's chatbot artificial intelligence has some interesting -- and not entirely illogical -- ideas about morality, philosophy and the meaning of …


Raise a Flag—GIF—on July 4th


Step up your GIF game to Founding Father status this Independence Day with this suite of American Flag GIFs. These stars n' bars are more mesmerizing on a Tumblr page than their IRL counterparts, sporadically flapping in the wind and dependant on the weather for their photogenics. Put your hand …

GIF Animations

Is The Selfie Ruining How Women See Themselves?

Nearly every single day, there's a new article about Kim Kardashian (or one of her super-famous sisters) taking "the perfect selfie." Hello, she's even published an entire coffee-table tome dedicated to the subject. Of course we mere mortals take note on how to emulate those flawless pics: from …


“Mint green, black, and now a Red Dot too! Metro has received another prize to add to its growing collection—The Red Dot Design Award. Our…”


“NOMOS in the news: It may be fall before you can try on our new Minimatik and Tangente Automatik models yourselves, but until then we’ve…”

“Making waves at the pool: Ahoi is elegantly stylish, water-resistant to 200 meters, and shines even in the depths of the shallow end (or…”

We need to talk about startups…

We’re partying like it’s 1999 all over again.

“Man, Kevin Systrom really fucked up selling Instagram for a billion.” I was at SFO, about to fly home …


A provisioning profile walks into a bar… http://t.co/KFgv3f7ZVJ

The Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Alcoholic Drink Glass

Red solo cups are fine for backyard barbecues and certain country music artists, but when we're hosting a dinner party or feeling fancy, we prefer to drink our adult beverages out of slightly more sophisticated vessels. And, as if feeling like a badass holding a martini weren't enough, there's …


Levi's x Head Porter 2015 Summer Bag Collection

For its latest set of collaborative bags, Japan's Head Porter has come together with none other than iconic American denim purveyor Levi's. Featuring both backpacks and waist packs, the duo's seasonal collab sees the pieces decked out in blue, khaki and white denim while the signature red Levi's …

Japanese Yen

San Francisco Map Wood Art

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 3 weeks, via USPS

Returns: If you're not happy with this item for any reason, you may return it for …

Northern California

Giant sinkholes spotted on Rosetta's comet

Giant pits nearly 600 feet deep on the surface of Rosetta's comet are likely caused by massive sinkholes, scientists say.

In a paper published in the journal Nature, researchers describe 18 mysterious depressions on the speeding comet that they say could only occur by sinkhole collapse.

On average, …

Rosetta Mission

Rose & Crown Pub on Twitter

just tapped Barrel Aged Rasputin XV keg. WOW! pic.twitter.com/7q6ruJkb2q


Pluto's Black Spots and Charon's Dark Pole Grow in New Horizons View

NASA's New Horizons mission is kicking off its climactic month of July with amazing views that clearly show Pluto's black spots and Charon's dark pole growing in the spacecraft's virtual windshield.

After traveling for nine years and 3 billion miles, the New Horizons probe is less than two weeks and …


1992 QB1: The first Kuiper Belt object opened a realm of 1,000 Plutos

Before Clyde Tombaugh's incredible find in 1930, our solar system was neatly divided into two regions. There were the terrestrial planets like …


“Hold on to your coffee folks! You've almost made it to the holiday weekend and all of our locations will be open regular hours for your…”

I'm a tall guy. This is what my life is like, especially in basements with low ceilings or beams

“The #applewatch is the perfect companion for festivals! #nibe15 #festival #nibe #nibefestival”

rgb dots

Steve Jobs gets dramatic in first full-length trailer

Six weeks after we saw our first teaser trailer for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Universal has released the first full-length trailer for the movie, showing Michael Fassbender as Apple’s co-founder and former CEO. And boy is it dramatic!

Check it out below.

Directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog

Steve Jobs

Watch Michael Fassbender playing Christian Bale playing Steve Jobs

The first extended trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is here and Michael Fassbender still looks absolutely nothing like the Apple co-founder. In fact, he seems to be channelling Christian Bale.

Seth Rogan does a fair impression of Steve Wozniak though.

And the quote in there about the …

Steve Jobs