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Software Engineer Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet to decipher what your software engineers are really saying<p><b>“It’s a non-trivial amount of work”</b> = I won’t be able to copy and paste<p>…


My shirt of the day. https://t.co/2iHGOm5C3k

Stranger Things just got a second season

The second season of Netflix's surprise summer hit <i>Stranger Things</i> is officially on its way. The streaming service just revealed on Twitter that the next run of episodes will premiere next year.<p>Today's announcement comes with a video revealing what may or may not be the names of next season's …


Still the only watch I trust at a trade show: big numbers, weeklong battery life, no complications. https://t.co/qW0GNNTKj0

The Dropbox hack is real

Earlier today, Motherboard reported on what had been rumoured for some time, namely that Dropbox had been hacked. Not just a little bit hacked and …


Pebble's latest firmware update brings an improved health app and interface enhancements

Pebble has released version 4.0 of its smartwatch firmware, which upgrades its entire range of timepieces with some handy new features and interface tweaks.<p>For starters, the Pebble Health app has been revamped: It has new activity cards that display your step and sleep performance, and you can …


SSL/TLS and PKI History

A comprehensive history of the most important events that shaped the SSL/TLS and PKI ecosystem. Based on Bulletproof SSL and TLS, by Ivan Ristić.


Hackers Stole Account Details for Over 60 Million Dropbox Users | Motherboard

Hackers have stolen over 60 million account details for online cloud storage platform Dropbox. Although the accounts were stolen during a previously disclosed breach, and Dropbox says it has already forced password resets, it was not known how many users had been affected, and only now is the true …


You can now order pizza from your Apple TV

Do you know what goes great with binge watching Netflix? Pizza. At least, that’s one reason why Papa John’s has today launched a new application for Apple TV which allows you to order a pizza, select from past orders, and pay, right from your television set. The future is now, my friends.<p>The new …


Pebble - Unlock Your Best Health, Quick Looks, and Fast Actions with Pebble 4.0 Apps and Firmware

Team Pebble is proud to share the latest big update to our software and mobile apps. Version 4.0 is all about maximizing your ability to “glance and …


Apple might finally refresh its MacBook lineup, and in a big way

If you're looking to buy a new MacBook, iMac or a Mac Pro computer, we feel for you.<p>Apple hasn't launched any major updates to any of these devices in ages, and buying anything now feels like a wrong move as everyone feels a major update is in order.<p>But when is this sorely needed update coming? …

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Space Mono by Colophon

Space Mono is an original monospace display typeface family designed by Colophon Foundry for Google Design.<p>It supports a Latin Extended glyph set, …


The Global Coffee Shortage Is Already a Huge Headache

Image: baranq / shutterstockHope you’re ready to face the day with nothing but your own unsharpened wits about you. Soon, they will be all you have …

Luigi The PoopBot Wants To Know What You're Ingesting

The bot will help ​scientists collect information on drug habits and other hard-to-measure population data.<p>Over the last few years, scientists have turned to a new source to discover statistics about everything from diet to drug usage: your poop. Taking samples from sewers is a fantastic way to …


6 things people who go to Burning Man have in common

This weekend, over 70,000 people will descend on Black Rock Desert, Nevada, to sweat, dance, and find themselves at Burning Man.<p>The 30-year-old counterculture gathering has become a go-to destination for the Silicon Valley elite, including Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, …


Love the Aeropress upside down method!! https://t.co/z99vFqcyuf

These coders used 13,000 old photos to make a Google Street View map of San Francisco in the 1800s

If you've ever wondered what it'd feel like to travel back in time and walk the streets of San Francisco, this might be the closest you'll get.<p>Two developers, Dan Vanderkam and Raven Keller, had the brilliant idea to take all the old photographs from the San Francisco Historical Photograph …

San Francisco Bay Area

How I built a Slack bot to help me find an apartment in San Francisco

site – the Craigslist site that we want to scrape. The site is the first part of the URL, like https://sfbay.craigslist.org.<p>area – the subarea within …

San Francisco Bay Area

NASA's Juno probe gets its first close look at Jupiter

Soaring about 2,600 miles (4,200 kilometers) above the planet's clouds, NASA's Juno space probe had its closest-ever look at Jupiter Saturday.<p>The pass was the first of 36 planned orbital flybys, NASA said in a statement. Soaring at 130,000 miles per hour (208,000 kilometers per hour), it was the …


Finally! A professional selfie camera has arrived!

Finally! A professional selfie camera has arrived! In terms of taking the absolute best picture of yourself, this selfie camera is a real …


Rosetta Dazzled by Spectacular Comet Eruption

Europe's Rosetta spacecraft has captured dramatic imagery of a comet outburst that may have been caused by a landslide on the icy body.<p>The outburst …

Rosetta Mission

PowerMac G5 - Is it Obsolete?

Apple Keyboard Evolution - Part 2

Apple Keyboard Evolution 1983-2015 Part 1

A brief, terrifying history of America’s nuclear mishaps