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PHOTOS: NASA's Cassini Probe Just Got Closer to Saturn Than Ever Before

We can't stop staring at these pics!<p>NASA's Cassini probe is plunging to its death. The nuclear-powered spacecraft has orbited Saturn for 13 years, …


ESPN for Apple TV can now live stream four games simultaneously

ESPN is launching a new version of its Apple TV app that lets viewers watch up to four live streams simultaneously. The new MultiCast feature is designed for following multiple games at the same time so you don’t miss key plays or have to flip between streams to see a score.<p>MultiCast supports five …

Smart TV

RANKED: The 21 best heist movies of all time

There's something about a good heist movie that makes going to the multiplex worthwhile.<p>With the high stakes, and the top-shelf actors and directors who seem to gravitate to the genre, when it's done right, it can be a thrilling cinematic experience.<p>As Steven Soderbergh dives back into the genre …


Smart lock vendor accidentally bricks its own locks through firmware update

A perk of connected devices, or at least what gadget manufacturers will tell you, is they can receive over-the-air updates to keep your device current. Those updates don't always go as planned, however. In fact, they can go horribly wrong. Take a company called Lockstate, for example, which …

Home Automation

Client-side validation. https://t.co/ZUiWxGfM4c

Facebook Messenger now makes Spotify suggestions based on your conversations

Prompted by a variety of phrases<p>Facebook Messenger’s intelligent assistant M now delivers Spotify suggestions when music is brought up in conversation. The prompts are triggered by a variety of phrases and specific words. For example, type “play some music” or “listen to music” in Messenger, and M …


The two states of being a developer. https://t.co/evpRCrAGwk

The US nuclear arsenal is a gigantic accident waiting to happen


nailed it https://t.co/XGoaCQg79e

Never forget: Windows 95 beer https://t.co/q1FEvqJp35

A Wall Street analyst's 'hot mic' upstaged Snapchat's CEO and stole the show

A Wall Street analyst upstaged Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on the company's second-quarter earnings call thanks to a classic "hot mic" snafu.<p>It happened toward the end of Snap's hourlong call on Thursday, lending a comedic, and perhaps fitting, finish to the discussion about the business' underwhelming …

Evan Spiegel

This Is the First-Ever Photo of a Total Solar Eclipse

Millions of Americans will see a total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, and many of them will point their cameras skyward to capture the celestial event.<p>But …

Total Solar Eclipse

HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard)

Uber’s new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver

:Thumbs-up emoji:<p>It was always a bit weird to wait for your Uber driver and then suddenly receive a text from an unknown number. “Where are you?” Often the driver would skip the anonymous text altogether and just honk their horn until you got the hint. (Literally while I’m writing this, a black car …


16 secret WhatsApp features that everyone should know about

Whatsapp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users.<p>While you may use it every day, you might be unaware of the cool tricks and secret features hiding in the app.<p>Here are our favourite 16.<p>Use the new typewriter font<p>To …


I call this countertop design, "Jpeg artifact" https://t.co/IGU7pCHKdi

The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe

In the early spring of 1977, Larry Zottarelli, a 40-year-old computer engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, set out for Cape Canaveral, Fla., in his Toyota Corolla. A Los Angeles native, he had never ventured as far as Tijuana, but he had a per diem, and he liked to drive. Just …

Space Exploration

Instagram now lets two people go Live in the same stream

Instagram today announced it’s testing a new feature which allows users to go Live with friends.<p>To be more clear, this apparently doesn’t mean going Live with a friend sitting next to you — which is my preferred way to show the Internet I’m not a recluse. This means you can invite another person to …


EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pratt Learns How to Work a Zune in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Deleted Scene

Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt ponders the primitive Zune in Guardians of the Galaxy deleted scene

‘Show me how to work this thing’<p>In <i>Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2</i>, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), trades in cassette tapes for another piece of bygone tech: Microsoft’s Zune. The Zune, one of Yondu’s Ravagers tells him, can hold up to 300 songs and is a hit back on Earth. In a scene cut …

Chris Pratt

Foursquare’s redesigned Swarm app is a journal for capturing your travels

The check-in app is moving away from games and leaderboards<p>Swarm, the check-in app from social mainstay Foursquare, is pivoting once again. Foursquare is calling Swarm’s latest incarnation the “lifelog,” and it’s meant to offer a new way of thinking about the trademark check-in process that’s less …

Four Square

Apple Joins Instagram, Highlights Photos Shot on iPhone

Apple launched an official Instagram account today, @apple. Rather than opting to promote general company news, the primary focus of the account appears to be functioning as an extension of Apple’s long-running ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign.<p>Nearly all of the initial posts from the account are …


Inside the world of Silicon Valley's 'coasters' — the millionaire engineers who get paid gobs of money and barely work

• <b>The most open secret in Silicon Valley is called "resters and vesters," or "coasters" – which refers to engineers who get paid big bucks without doing too much work, waiting for their stock to vest.</b>• <b><br>We talked to engineers in the "rest and vest" world who explained how it happens and how they spend</b> …


The secret rhythm behind Radiohead's "Videotape"