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Bitcoin Set for Biggest Gain in 2 Weeks as Cryptocurrencies Jump

Bitcoin headed for its largest increase in two weeks on Monday, as major cryptocurrencies kicked off the week with a broad rally.<p>Amid a steady drip …


The GameCube controller’s A button subtly taught us how to play

Button of the Month: The GameCube controller A button<p><i>In today’s digital age, it can sometimes feel like hardware has taken a back seat to the software that drives devices.</i> <i>Button of the Month</i> <i>is a new column that will look at some of these buttons and switches on devices both old and new to</i> …



This project aims to be a functional re-creation of the classic Mac OS Finder. Now you can experience a pixel-for-pixel clone of the original …


Wouldn’t it be great if Apple started putting handles on computers again? https://t.co/7IG4pLxeAk

An "Asteroid" Discovered Last Year Just Turned Out to Be Something Way Cooler

Double the fun!<p>An asteroid discovered orbiting the Sun in December last year has revealed a fun surprise: it's not one asteroid, but two, locked in …


Apple’s new MacBook Pros have the latest Intel processors and quieter keyboards.

Slightly more than just spec bumps<p>Apple is updating its top-tier MacBook Pros today with newer processors, more configuration options, True Tone displays, and a “quieter” keyboard design. The updates won’t fully address all of the concerns that have surrounded the MacBook Pro lineup in recent …

MacBook Pro


Exclusive: Apple to deploy 1Password to all 123,000 employees, acquisition talks underway

Apple acquires an average of 15 to 20 companies a year, according to CEO Tim Cook. Of that number, we only hear about a couple, as most of these …

Tim Cook

On this day in 2008: App Store launch App Store sales: 2017: $38.5 billion 2016: $28.5 billion 2015: $20 billion 2014: $15 billion 2013: $10 billion 2012: $4.9 billion 2011: $2.9 billion 2010: $1.8 billion 2009: $769 million 2008: $206 million Sources: Apple, IHS, Sensor Tower https://t.co/HizgnnFHUE

Mozilla wants to make Firefox your iOS password manager

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Waze will provide traffic data to US cities to help make roads safer

The new program allows cities to use Waze’s data to help make infrastructure decisions<p>Waze’s crowdsourced traffic data that helps you steer clear of accidents and avoid busy streets may soon be used to help change the infrastructure issues that create these problems in the first place. Today, Waze …


How San Francisco became an afterthought in the scooter wars

‘Every city in the world is going to have small shared electric vehicles’<p>Something funny happened while San Francisco was in the throes of its “scooter wars”: the city became a sidenote.<p>San Francisco’s temporary ban on the shared electric two-wheelers that appeared on streets and sidewalks …

San Francisco

Tech savvy drug users are relying on Apple Watch and Fitbit to keep them safe during cocaine binges

Apple and Fitbit both like to tout the potential health benefits of their wearable devices. For a few hundred bucks, users get access to a number of sensors that chart and track everything from blood pressure to caloric intake. For some, wearables provide much-needed encouragement to get off the …

Apple Watch


Time capsule app Timehop suffered a July 4th data breach that affected 21 million users

Timehop, an app that resurfaces social media posts of the past, suffered a data breach on July 4th, the company revealed on Sunday. The data of 21 million users was stolen, including names, email addresses, and some phone numbers.<p>The hacker entered Timehop’s cloud computing account (which wasn’t …

Social Media

Mick Gordon Talks About DOOM’s And DOOM Eternal’s Soundtrack

The Doom Original Game Soundtrack will be available on Amazon on July 13. While its release date is closing in, we want to know more about this epic …



NASA put its famous planet-hunting telescope to sleep because it’s almost out of fuel

The Kepler Space Telescope’s life is finally coming to an end<p>The Kepler Space Telescope is almost out of fuel, which means its life is coming to an end, NASA announced today. The space agency says it put the planet-hunting spacecraft into a “hibernation” safe mode this past Monday, and that a plan …


Jul 5, 2018 at 10:40pm UTC