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How to avoid going full screen in OS X Yosemite

As of OS X Yosemite, the little green button in the upper left-hand corner of all your apps and windows has recently undergone a change in function. Instead of maximizing or re-sizing the windows, as in all previous versions of OS X, now the green button will take your window or app full screen.

If …


Afternoon coffee run. @ Pocket HQ

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New for spring/summer from @herschelsupply is the Parker Backpack in Cobalt Blue. Availabl… http://bit.ly/1EqWtRG pic.twitter.com/qYL7csUB2M

This one chart perfectly sums up why companies pour billions of dollars into messaging apps

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Facebook dropped $19 billion on WhatsApp, Snapchat is valued at $15 billion, and even the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak, despite being a little over a year old, is already valued between $300 million and $400 million. Messaging apps are big business, and here’s why.

Based on new data …


Jenn De La Vega

San Francisco real estate has gotten so crazy that this startup founder was offered stock options for his house

From million-dollar teardowns to homes selling for 70% above their asking price, there have been plenty of crazy stories about the San Francisco real estate market.

This one might take the cake.

Joe Fernandez, cofounder of social influence startup Klout, was looking to sell his Noe Valley home before …

Real Estate

Motorola's selfie stick is a work of art

A carpenter's workshop, lit in soft amber tones, provides the scene for our earnest, moustachioed narrator. "To me, the selfie stick is not just an accessory," he says thoughtfully, "it's an extension of who you are." He then looks wistfully into the distance past the camera. In another, more …


Microsoft launches MS-DOS mobile to reboot its struggling smartphone efforts

Microsoft is going back to the basics for a joke at the expense of Windows Phone today. What do you do when your smartphone operating system has less than three percent market share worldwide? Reboot. While the software giant isn’t quite dramatically rebooting all over again, it has genuinely …

Microsoft Windows

How Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Saw the Computer Differently


In a joint interview for Fortune magazine in July 1991, the co-parents of the modern computer had it out over the PC's potential.

In the book Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart Into a Visionary Leader, authors Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli draw on

Bill Gates

GitHub is back after 5 days of DDoS attacks

The code management platform GitHub has emerged victorious after enduring almost a week of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The company managed to get workarounds in place to settle the site and return to normal operations after experiencing crashes since March 26.

Everything operating …


Factory-worker-turned-Apple-supplier is named China’s richest woman

Here’s a pretty incredible story: The CEO of Apple touchscreen glass supplier Lens Technology has been named China’s richest woman, after demand for her company’s output saw shares climb 10 percent in a single day.

What’s impressive isn’t just that an Apple supplier rakes in enough cash to …


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fancy coffee is a ~thing~ at a lot of booths at #NYIAS. here are grumpy coffee pour overs being served by Infinity pic.twitter.com/vxzGPLqYxg

“Downtown at the right time.”

New Back to the Future Crossover Trailer


crying http://t.co/mQ3LLDjadj

Breaking: A high speed chase ensues over in Dachshund-ville! #Dog #gif #lol

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Here Is the Most Popular Programming Language in Each State

Fun fact: There is only one state in the US where Python is the most popular programming language, and that’s Wyoming.Fractl recently released a …

Programming Languages

Introducing the selfie shoe

Because selfie sticks weren't annoying enough, here's a product with the potential to make you lose all hope in your fellow humans.

In a completely serious campaign that's definitely not in anyway related to April Fools' Day, Miz Mooz has unveiled its latest shoe innovation: selfie shoes.

With …


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The last twenty years building the web no-one asked for in two wireframes pic.twitter.com/dwO97ZADN0

For Your Liver's Sake, You Should Probably Keep Drinking Coffee

More than half of American grown-ups drink coffee every day. Their non-sipping counterparts may want to follow suit.

The health benefits associated with drinking coffee are plenty: The brew is packed with antioxidants and downing a cup can help wake up the brain and make a person feel more alert and …


Checkie 2.7 with Apple Watch support has been submitted http://t.co/yYVOgeKUbj

Introducing Amazon Dash Button: Place it, press it, and get it.

Genius Faceplate Puts USB Ports on Your Wall With No Wiring Needed

The days of having to wire up a complete replacement outlet to add a USB charging port will soon be long gone.The same folks behind the SnapRays …


Coffee Ed: The Facts About Filters

We are huge fans of filtered pour over coffee around here – and we’re big on experimentation, too. So we decided to do a little coffee filter …


Tomorrow's breakfast inspiration to counteract the honey fried chicken biscuit we posted earlier this week, because balance. Featuring @pressedjuicery 💚. 📷: @shutthekaleup #shutthekaleup

Love this picture my friend Jules took of her cat standing on a glass table. @remodelistajc

Friday's classy smart lock speaks many languages

The attractive Friday Smart Lock trims off the bulk found on many other smart deadbolts and still manages to pack in plenty of features. Currently …

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