The Year in Review on Flipboard

By TimesRecordNews | A look back at all the things that happened throughout Texoma during 2013.

Your pick of the top 2013 local story

Memorable local events of 2013

From the Color Run to concerts to the Hotter'N Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls was the place to be this year.

The year legends died

People making a difference in WF

Some folks go about the business of making WF the economic bedrock - and they do it without getting much attention.

Year in Review: Making an impact

Top entertainment performances of 2013

Memorable local sports

Saying good-bye to great area coaches

Offensive Player of the Week winners

Game of the Year: WFHS edges Everman

The Coyotes lost to No. 1 Aledo 69-14 Monday night. Without winning the TRN Game of the Year, however, they wouldn't have made it there.

Year in Review: Health trends

From organic foods to CrossFit to the 5:2 diet, new wellness strategies continued to pop up in 2013.

Obamacare's roller coaster ride in 2013

The word of the year

Miley Cyrus took 'twerk' mainstream, but it was another term that earned honors from Oxford Dictionaries.

The year's leading social media stories

From flesh-eating salt water bacteria to sexting by a prominent New York politician, here are some stories of the past year that captured clicks of …

Hello, Wichita Falls

A new version of CSCOPE

An online Texas public school curriculum called CSCOPE was the darling of 875 Texas superintendents at this time last year.

Top TV characters who were killed in 2013

Breaking Bad antihero Walter White wasn't the only prominent figure to get taken out this past year.