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By TimesRecordNews | A look back at all the things that happened throughout Texoma during 2013.

Your pick of the top 2013 local story

It was quite a year around Texoma in 2013. We asked our readers which stories were the biggest and you answered.

Memorable local events of 2013

Wichita Falls had its fair share of memorable events in 2013. From live concerts and events, downtown festivals, shopping expos, charity events and …

The year legends died


People making a difference in WF

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There's a lot of folks who go about the business of making Wichita Falls the economic bedrock of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma – and …

North Texas

Year in Review: Making an impact

The Times Record News is always looking to recognize the people making a difference in the Wichita Falls community and surrounding areas.

Top entertainment performances of 2013

Memorable local sports

There were no shortage of memorable moments in local sports this year. The highlights were numerous, whether talking about basketball, football or …


Saying good-bye to great area coaches

Print Media

Offensive Player of the Week winners

While Crowell might have been the lone local school to come away with a championship in 2013, it was still a memorable and highly successful season …

Game of the Year: WFHS edges Everman

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Heading into 2013, there was little reason to believe the Coyotes' football team would go on to play in the "Game of the Year," much …

Year in Review: Health trends

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2013 saw its fair share of health and exercise crazes, and thanks to a few businesses in Wichita Falls, residents were able to take part …


Obamacare's roller coaster ride in 2013

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A key piece to President Barack Obama's signature legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, launched Oct. 1 when …

Roller Coasters

The word of the year

Word of the Year

The year's leading social media stories

From flesh-eating salt water bacteria to sexting by a prominent New York politician, here are some stories of the past year that captured clicks of …


Hello, Wichita Falls

When I made the decision in July to move my family from Los Angeles to join the Times Record News as the Director of Digital Media in Wichita Falls, …

North Texas

A new version of CSCOPE

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An online Texas public school curriculum called CSCOPE was the darling of 875 Texas superintendents at this time last year.




Top TV characters who were killed in 2013

Spoiler alert: This story contains information that some viewers may not want to know if they haven't finished watching the shows included.