Towers of Mammon

By Tigerulze | The monetization of everything

Everyone has a different excuse for the electricity stuff-up

The electricity market is such a mare's nest of stuff-ups and problems it's impossible to see the deeply divided Turnbull government making much …


Insanely Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Our Prosperity

Remember Smaug the dragon, in <i>The Hobbit</i>? He hoarded up a vast pile of wealth, and then he just hung out in his cave, sitting on it (with occasional …


Gary Cohn Is Giving Goldman Sachs Everything It Ever Wanted From the Trump Administration

Steve Bannon was in the room the day Donald Trump first fell for Gary Cohn. So were Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, and Trump’s pick for secretary of …

Gary Cohn

Cartoon of the day

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Chelsea Manning

Capital.150 part one: measuring the past to gauge the future

About 230 people attended the Capital.150 symposium that I, along with Kings College lecturers Alex Callinicos and Lucia Pradella, dreamed up some …


The end of QE

It’s an historic day in global central bank monetary policy since the end of the Great Recession. The US Federal Reserve Bank feels sufficiently …



Reports today that the Turnbull Government intends to proceed to appoint John O'Sullivan as Chair of ASIC threaten the independence of and bipartisan …


Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world

The word has become a rhetorical weapon, but it properly names the reigning ideology of our era – one that venerates the logic of the market and strips away the things that make us human. By Stephen Metcalf<p>Last summer, researchers at the International Monetary Fund settled a long and bitter debate …

John Maynard Keynes

Turnbull's three word slogan "Economics of Opportunity" explained... #auspol

Tax cuts for the rich don't help the rest. Don't take my word for it, ask the IMF

IMF study finds that the type of tax cuts introduced last year are too weak to raise the welfare of most of the population and never pay for themselves<p>A new study by the IMF examining the impacts of tax cuts has found that while lowering tax rates for the rich will stimulate the economy, it does so …


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Cartoon of the day

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Jeff Sessions

Should the rich be taxed more? A new paper shows unequivocally yes

Measuring tax paid against share of income earned and wealth owned reveals the US tax system has become less progressive – and in Britain it is a similar picture<p>Denis Healey never actually said he intended to squeeze the rich until the pips squeaked. The man who would soon be Labour chancellor was …


One reason why some are not pro #ssm

Dark Money review: Nazi oil, the Koch brothers and a rightwing revolution

New Yorker writer Jane Mayer examines the origins, rise and dominance of a billionaire class to whom money is no object when it comes to buying power<p>Lots of American industrialists have skeletons in the family closet. Charles and David Koch, however, are in a league of their own.<p>The father of these …


Australians now paying 'desperation price' for gas, Orica boss says

Energy companies should look to source gas on international markets to fulfil their commitments to international customers - or be forced to do so - …


Trump’s right about one thing on trade

<b>Correction:</b> An earlier version of this op-ed misquoted Rob Atkinson of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation on the extent of China’s reported subsidies for its semiconductor industry. The actual figure is $160 billion. This version has been updated.<p>There is much to dislike in …


The new economic science of capitalism’s slow-burn energy collapse

And why the struggle for a new economic paradigm is about to get real<p>By Nafeez Ahmed<p><i>Published by</i> <i>INSURGE INTELLIGENCE</i><i>, a crowdfunded investigative</i> …


Ricardo’s Vice and the Virtues of Industrial Diversity

That specialization is the primary source of economic gain has been accepted by economists ever since the famous example of the pin factory with …

Australia moves to regulate bitcoin exchanges

Australia has said it will move to regulate exchanges that deal in the cryptocurrency bitcoin, as part of its crackdown on money laundering and …


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Russia is back in the news again in the United States, with the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election as …

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?’

<b>Economics and economic theories are both a passion and a livelihood for Paul Gambles, an expatriate Briton who heads up the MBMG Group in Bangkok.</b> …

Embattled CBA chief Ian Narev to stand down

The Commonwealth Bank has announced that CEO Ian Narev will retire by June 2018, as a money laundering scandal engulfs Australia’s biggest bank.<p>Mr …

The loanable funds hoax

from <b>Lars Syll</b><p>The loanable funds theory is in many regards nothing but an approach where the ruling rate of interest in society is — pure and simple — …

A Lesson In Fraud: How Companies Avoid Tax, And Rip Off The Rest Of Us

How much tax do large corporations avoid in Australia and how does this impact higher education and in turn democracy? Simon Foale …

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Supply-Siders Still Push What Doesn't Work

The case for supply-side economics is by now so familiar that it’s almost a catechism. First, the supply-siders will point out that economic growth …