A Thousand Jokes

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Tomorrow we diet


Jordan Pass - Is it Worth it?

Many cities around the world offer a tourist pass that provides free or discounted entry to attractions. Sometimes public transport is also included. …

This one's for you

A fair fling

I’m in trouble.<p>My wife found out I was cheating on her after she found all the letters I was hiding.<p>She got mad and said she’s never playing Scrabble …

In denial

<i>I was going to invest in the Egyptian tourist industry. They were promising some really attractive returns. My wife took a look and said no, not to</i> …

A Thousand Jokes

I bought my friend an elephant […]<p>Read More »<p>I have the heart of a […]<p>Read More »<p>I’ve had it up to here […]<p>Read More »<p>I’m in trouble. My wife found …