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Ep 010 — When the Tides Change [Part I of II]

There Goes the Neighborhood…and the Fishing

How long do you have to live somewhere to earn the right to say: “There goes the neighborhood?”<p>Do you need a multi-year subscription to the local …

Real Estate

When The Tides Change, Part I

Working a Pound Trap On a Calm Gardiner's Bay

Working a pound trap is like no other kind of fishing; traps wait for the fish to come to them. For this reason, the ancient gear - part fence, part …

A Farewell to Russell Drumm, Star Columnist, Author, Founder of Oceans Institute

Russell Drumm, a senior writer for The East Hampton Star, who for 33 years wrote about commercial and recreational fishing among a range of subjects …

Men's Lives

An eloquent portrayal of a disappearing way of life of the Long Island fishermen whose voices--humorous, bitter and bewildered--are as clear as the …

Understanding The World's Most Misunderstood Car Culture: Donks

That 1980s Caprice you saw drive past you on chrome wheels, polished to a mirror finish? Here’s why it looks that way, as explained in the most …


Ep. 009 — It Ain't Easy

It Ain't Easy

These Cars Matter

The Story of Oakland’s Car Culture<p>In a way, you could say that human nature prevented Henry Ford from world domination.<p>His car, the Model T, was made …

Northern California

Shaft (1971) - Trailer


Blue Dot Sessions - An Accumulation


East Hampton

<b>East Hampton</b> or its variants may refer to:<p>United Kingdom[edit]<p>Easthampton, Herefordshire, see List of places in Herefordshire<p>United States[edit]<p>East …

Phantoms of the Hamptons

Story by Kelly Ann Smith<br>Photos by Tara Israel<p>10.31.13<p>Share:<p>In one of New York State’s oldest settlements, a quirky town crier and his shy Wiccan wife …

Interview with Arnold Leo


Not to be confused with Trolling (fishing).<p><b>Trawling</b> is a method of fishing that involves pulling a fishing net through the water behind one or more …

Fees Take A Leap

Fishermen are beginning to realize that the cost of commercial licenses will increase between 300 and 500 percent in 1998. The rise is hard to …

Striped bass

"Striper" redirects here. For other uses, see Stripe (disambiguation).<p>The <b>striped bass</b> (<i>Morone saxatilis</i>), also called <b>Atlantic striped bass</b>, <b>striper</b>,</b> …

Billy Joel - The Downeaster 'Alexa' (Official Video)

Music Videos

Recalling the Striped Bass War, 20 Years On

East Hampton baymen and supporters, including, from left, the singer Billy Joel, Arnold Leo of the town Baymen’s Association, and East Hampton Town …