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Britain's schools need support for 'influx' of immigrant children, chief schools inspector warns

Sir Michael Wilshaw says giving schools extra support to deal with foreign-born pupils is a 'big issue' for Government

Britain's schools need more support to cope with an "influx" of immigrant children, Osted's chief schools inspector has said.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said it was a "big issue" for …


'He's going to shoot me': Last 999 call of John Lowe victim

Lucy Lee turned around to help her mother and returned to John Lowe's farmhouse, where she too was shot dead

Harrowing audio has been released of the final 999 call made by one of John Lowe’s victims, moments before she was murdered.

Lucy Lee called 999 to report that her mother Christine Lee, 66, had …


Harriet Harman taunts David Cameron over feminism t-shirt in House of Commons

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman wears Fawcett Society t-shirt bearing slogan 'This is what a feminist looks like' on front bench in criticism at Prime Minister

David Cameron has come under further pressure to wear a t-shirt featuring a slogan celebrating feminism after Harriet Harman appeared on …


David Cameron defends 'stunning' Tower of London poppy memorial amid criticism from Guardian writer

Prime Minister says sea of poppies remembering First World War fallen is 'extremely poignant' after Guardian critic said it creates 'inward-looking mood that lets Ukip thrive'

David Cameron has praised the "stunning" sea of remembrance poppies outside the Tower of London amid criticism of the display …

Tower of London

Cameron to offer British help for Qatar World Cup

Britain will offer assistance to help build Qatari stadiums in 2022 World Cup

David Cameron will offer British experts to help build stadiums for the Qatari world cup, amid mounting concerns over human rights abuses in the Gulf state.

The Prime Minister will make the offer when he hosts the Emir of …


Facebook removes mother's breastfeeding photo

Shropshire mother's photograph showing her breastfeeding her premature baby for the first time is removed by Facebook after complaint about 'offensive' nudity

A picture showing a new mother breastfeeding her premature baby for the first time was removed by Facebook after a user complained it …


Why is North Korea trying to charm the West?

Big Question: North Korea has been conducting a charm offensive this month, but the real test is how the international community responds

On Tuesday, the United Nations Special Rapporteur Marzuki Darusam presented to the General Assembly the findings of a report detailing North Korea’s large-scale …

Kim Jong-un

I am Africa's first white democratic leader, says Zambian vice-president

Exclusive: Guy Scott, a white Cambridge-educated economist, has been appointed acting president of Zambia

Zambia installed a white leader on Wednesday when a Cambridge-educated economist became acting president of the country after the death of the incumbent.

Guy Scott, previously vice-president, was …


Jeb Bush: he’s pragmatic and pro-immigration, but is America ready for President Bush Mk III?

Six years after George W Bush left office as one of the most unpopular US presidents in living memory, his younger brother, Jeb, is mulling a run for the White House

It is a question that is on every politico’s lips these days as Republicans search for a candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton in …

Jeb Bush

UK faces 'debt timebomb' from ageing population

Institute of Economic Affairs calls for radical measures, including a smaller NHS, to bring Britain's debt mountain back to sustainable levels

Britain's ageing population has created a "debt timebomb" that can only be defused through a combination of significant spending cuts, faster increases in …

UK News

How American QE has changed the world

As the Federal Reserve winds down its money-printing, has quantitative easing helped or hurt the global economy?

The Federal Reserve has ended its asset purchasing programme. It is a quiet end to one of the most radical monetary policy experiments in modern times.

Since the financial crisis, the …


Tesco to be investigated by Serious Fraud Office

Serious Fraud Office launches formal criminal investigation into Tesco scandal

The Serious Fraud Office is to investigate Tesco over the accounting irregularities that created a £263m shortfall in the company’s profits.

The SFO has notified Tesco that it will launch a formal criminal investigation …


The 10 best fictional fathers


Are some humans born evil?

Scientists believe they’ve identified the genes responsible for high levels of rage and violence – does that make some men evil from birth?

There are many theories about why humans commit unspeakable evil, but none of them are particularly comforting. If the childhoods of serial killers are filled …


Men who shout sexual abuse at women won’t read this article – but they should

A video has shown a woman being catcalled 108 times as she walks through New York. Radhika Sanghani looks at how men have reacted to it online and says we all need to spread the word that street harassment just isn't acceptable

Every female will be able to relate to this video. The secretly filmed …

New York City

Holocaust survivor: 'I did my best acting during the war - it deserved an Oscar'

Ruth Posner, 84, is starring in a new play that tells the remarkable story of her escape from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. She tells Radhika Sanghani what life was like under the Nazis - and how it feels to relive it on stage

Ruth Posner was seven years old when her life started to …


Our immigration problems are a result of Britain's success

Most new arrivals aren't after benefits - they're after jobs. Let's stop pretending otherwise

In today’s Daily Mail, there is a harrowing account of the struggles faced by asylum-seekers in France. Due to the overly bureaucratic system, it takes six months for claims to be processed, during which …


How often do we talk about immigration? Quite a lot, it turns out

For something we supposedly can't talk about, we talk about immigration with astonishing regularity

One of the truisms of the British debate about immigration is that it is new. An awful lot of people say it is only recently that we have been able to talk about the issue, that for many years, a …


Andy Murray swats aside Julien Benneteau to reach third round of Paris Masters

British No 1 beats Julien Benneteau in 71 minutes in Paris as his winning streak continues to help him find form and fitness in bid to reach ATP Tour Finals

This has been a year of stresses and strains in Andy Murray’s camp. And yet, as we move into the final weeks of the season, a sense of calm has …

Andy Murray

NFL executive vice-president says London-based team 'will happen' as Government prepares to offer tax breaks

NFL’s executive vice-president says planets are aligned for formation of a London-based franchise as Government admits a US franchise could be offered tax breaks

A London-based American football team was billed as all but inevitable on Tuesday after it emerged it could be worth more than £100 …


Robin van Persie's Manchester United career is in decline, right? Wrong - his recent scoring rate is better than ever

Statistics show the notion that Robin van Persie has struggled for form at Old Trafford since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson is simply not accurate

On the face of it, Robin van Persie's Manchester United career could be defined by Sven-Goran Eriksson’s legendary summation of another uninspiring …

Robin van Persie

Crystal Palace manager Neil Warnock to escape censure for telephone converstaion with referee Mark Clattenburg

Neil Warnock to escape disciplinary action after private telephone conversation with Mark Clattenburg, though referee will have to wait to discover his fate

Neil Warnock will not face disciplinary action for his telephone conversation with referee Mark Clattenburg that has led to England's highest …

Crystal Palace FC

Why did Liverpool sign striker Mario Balotelli when he is so unsuited to Brendan Rodgers' playing style?

I feel sorry for Mario Balotelli but he is not the elite striker Liverpool need – and had in Luis Suárez – and Brendan Rodgers must already be thinking about replacing him

It was a much needed goal for Mario Balotelli on Tuesday, but I remain unconvinced he is the long-term answer for Liverpool as …

Mario Balotelli