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Chicken in motion

Chicken in motion

Quite the bounty

The subtle spectrum that makes up #backyardchicken eggs




Madge and the gang

Madge and the gang

Mama Jo

Baby Billina out for an evening stroll

Billina and Agnes

Winter Break scratch

Bon voyage Boys

Last week the boys moved to a new farm, where they will each have their own flock of hens to look after.<p>The "babies" have gotten quite big, and have …

Mama Josephine and Julie Bean move in

Mama Josephine and Julie Bean have moved out of their little coop and moved back in with all the other hens.<p>Julie Bean is already fitting in with all …

Julie Bean is getting bigger

The whole family.


After giving Mama Joesphine a day and night off with the other hens, she became more affectionate toward Julie Bean when we had them out …


Yesterday morning one of the eggs pipped and by the evening a chick had hatched.<p>The chick spends most of its time tucked safely under Mama …

Greetings from General

Jason Heisel

Flowers and Chicks

Took the babies out for a stroll through the garden bed today.<p>Posted by<p>Jason Heisel at<p>4:51 PM<p>Labels: Week 5

Winifred, flowers, wind...

Winifred, flowers, wind...

If the YouTube video does not play, view the video here.<p>Posted by<p>Jason Heisel at<p>3:49 PM<p>Labels: Week 4

A relaxing Friday afternoon in our backyard

While James sat and pet our bunny ,Stewie, Adele Dazeem flew up to relax in the cup holder, while Winifred had a go at scratching up the ground with …