Ready. Set. Cook. EAT!

In our first-ever cooking school, we have culled our deep library of recipes and instructional content, and built a 4-week, self-guided program that will help you become your own personal chef.

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Ready. Set. Cook. EAT!
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    The Spruce Eats’ Weeknight Cooking School: Ready. Set. Cook. EAT!

    The Spruce Eats’ Weeknight Cooking School: Ready. Set. Cook. EAT!

    The workday was long and hard, yet there is one confounding question that still needs an answer: ”what’s for dinner?” Only you have the answer, but …


    This first week is all about taking stock in yourself and your household by getting answers to some foundational questions, including what you like to eat, how you like to eat, and some of your personal constraints to consider. The answers to these questions are the very backbone to the following three weeks.


    In the second week, you will continue to pour your foundation as we build your intuitive cooking skills. “Intuitive Cooking, Kysha? Really?!” Yes, really! Honing this skill doesn’t happen overnight, but we will give you some foundational tools around food pairings and cooking techniques.


    This is the week when all of your preparation comes together in the kitchen. You are encouraged to cook with intention and purpose and execute on the meal plan you have written. We offer you tools for time maximization and time management in the kitchen to get all components of your meal on the table at the same time.


    This week will be a graduation of sorts. You will walk across the stage with the knowledge you have gained in the previous weeks and a hot plate of food in hand. There’s thunderous applause as you take your first bite. What else could we offer you?

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