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Our weekly podcast roundup is back— spend your weekend in conversation with artists, journalists, and activists.

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Weekly Podcast Roundup


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    Hell & High Water

    Hell & High Water featuring Artists Cey Adams and Shepard Fairey

    The Recount

    Renowned street artists and graphic designers Shepard Fairey and Cey Adams join John Heilemann on Hell & High Water to discuss the role of art in political propaganda and social activism.


    The Legal Battleground

    The Recount

    Brian Fallon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Demand Justice, talks with Battleground host Amanda Litman about why the current political environment demands that Democrats “meet the moment” and get serious about reforming our court system.

    Just Something About Her

    Just Something About Her on Women's Health

    The Recount

    On this week's "Just Something About Her," Afton Vechery shares how she started the at-home fertility testing company Modern Fertility to de-stigmatize and fill the void of information about women's health – especially reproduction.

    The Recount Daily Pod

    The Recount Daily Pod Talks Immigration

    The Recount

    U.S. immigration policy has been broken for decades. But with COVID restrictions still in place and migrants surging at the border, the clamor for fixing it has grown louder. Can the Biden administration fix what's most broken? LA Times immigration and security reporter Molly O'Toole joins us to break it all down.

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