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This week on The Recount Daily Pod
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    The Recount Daily Pod with Michael Cyr

    The Recount

    Surprise: very little of the plastic you dutifully put in your recycling bin ends up actually being used again. The costs of successful recycling are prohibitive. And even then, recycling is a market with fewer and fewer buyers. So how can we really cut down on waste? Michael Cyr joins The Recount Daily Pod to hash it out.

    Will we ever be done with COVID?

    The Recount

    Vaccinations are up, case counts are down… Could the pandemic be nearing its end? On The Recount Daily Pod, two leaders in COVID research, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding and Dr. Bill Ku, catch us up on where we stand with COVID-19.

    The Rise and Fall of Alleged Pyramid Scheme LuLaRoe

    The Recount

    LuLaRoe sold women the dream that they could make it big as independent retailers. The dozens of lawsuits that followed claimed differently. On The Recount Daily Pod, the directors of "LuLaRich" join Reena Ninan to discuss the multi-level marketing firm's rise & empty promises.

    How Can the U.S. Help Haiti?

    The Recount

    A presidential assassination, a devastating earthquake and criminal gangs engaging in mass kidnappings. The problems plaguing Haiti today are many — and they’re often misunderstood. How can the U.S. and the international community help bring stability and economic renewal to the country? Garry Pierre-Pierre, founder and publisher of The Haitian Times, joins The Recount Daily Pod to share his insights.

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