Talkin' Money: $15/hr + UBI + GameStop Stocks

A president's proposal to double the minimum wage. A coalition's promise of universal basic income. A 37-year-old chain store's takedown of Wall Street. You know what they say: Follow the money.

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Talkin' Money: $15/hr + UBI + GameStop Stocks
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    Biden's $15/HR Minimum Wage Pitch

    The $15-per-hour minimum wage has gone from political fringe ideology to part of President Biden’s economic rescue package. Can the partisan divide be cleared to make living wages a reality?

    Biden's $15-Per-Hour Minimum Wage Pitch

    A $15 minimum wage has traveled from the political fringe into the new president's economic "rescue package," bringing it closer than ever to reality — but a deep partisan divide remains.

    Can Basic Income Help End Poverty?

    More than 30 mayors across the country are joining a coalition for guaranteed income initiatives, with Martin Luther King Jr. as their inspiration. Could UBI address the systemic racism that’s plagued the United States?

    The Reddit/GameStop Saga

    In a shocking turn of events, GameStop has become one of the hottest stocks on the market this year — thanks to the gamers and traders of Reddit. It's even piqued the interest of new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

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