Reframe How You Think About The News

From the revisionist history of MLK to the real story behind U.S. crime rates and the QAnon caucus, Griffin Hammond debunks misinformation to give you the facts on stories that matter.

Reframe How You Think About The News


    The Revisionist History of MLK

    Despite being heralded by Republicans as the model for nonviolent protests, Martin Luther King Jr. faced nearly identical criticism in the 1960s as the Black Lives Matter movement faces today.

    The Real Story Behind U.S. Crime

    Trump has tried to distinguish himself as the “law and order” candidate — but has crime actually gone down during the Trump administration? The answer is yes ... and no.

    The QAnon Caucus

    Coming this November to a voting booth near you: Republican Congressional candidates who embrace the right-wing conspiracy theory called QAnon. And while these QAnon believers creep their way onto Capitol Hill, it's time to answer the question we're all thinking: Is Trump on Team Q?