Mitch Better Have My Money

306,000+ Americans dead. 12 million unemployed. 40 million facing eviction. And still no COVID relief bill. We're looking at you, Congress — especially Mitch McConnell.

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Mitch Better Have My Money
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    40 Million Americans Face Eviction

    The federal eviction moratorium is set to expire on December 31st, potentially leaving 40 million Americans homeless. Can Congress pass a relief bill before that happens?

    40 Million Americans Face Eviction

    A CDC moratorium that halted evictions expires December 31st. If Congress doesn't extend it, millions of Americans are at risk of becoming homeless.

    Restaurant Industry Stares Down Ruin

    American restaurant owners and workers are pleading for federal aid — and warning of dire consequences without it. With more than 110,000 U.S. restaurants already closed, the pandemic's toll could be catastrophic to the industry.

    Stimulus Deal Imminent?

    The deadline for a COVID relief package is Friday, which is *checks calendar* today. Looks like lawmakers could be working through the weekend...

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