Legal Woes and Tech Bros

You get a lawsuit! And you get a lawsuit! And you get a lawsuit!

Legal Woes and Tech Bros


    Trump v. New York

    The Manhattan DA’s office is ramping up its investigation into Donald Trump’s tax returns. For now, those talks of a 2024 run might be a bit … premature.

    Trump v. Supreme Court

    The president is trying to overturn the election that he lost by appealing to the Supreme Court. And let’s just say … it’s not going so well.

    Zuckerberg v. FTC (And 48 States)

    Politics isn't the only realm dishing out lawsuits. Over in the tech world: Facebook has been hit with not one but two sweeping antitrust lawsuits — one by the feds, and one by nearly every state in the union, just for good measure.

    Trump v. Federal Inmates

    Aaaand this one isn't quite a lawsuit, but let’s talk about Trump’s parting execution spree. His Justice Department is violating longstanding norms to execute a historic number of federal inmates before he leaves office.