If You’re Fed Up With Congress, Read This

From the 50/50 Senate split, to the House's gerrymandering battle, to frustrating filibuster folklore, we don't blame you if you're a little fed up with Congress at this point.

If You’re Fed Up With Congress, Read This


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    The Problem of The 50/50 Senate Split

    Let’s face it — we’re all sick of the Senate at this point. And the 50/50 split sure isn’t making things better. We’re looking at a confounding numerical breakdown here, where 18 senators represent 51% of the population, leaving 82 senators to speak for the other 49%. So herein lies the question: Is the Senate an anti-democratic institution?

    Welcome to the Gerrymandering Battles

    Many would argue that the Senate is all right just the way it is, thanks to our other legislative body, the House of Representatives. You might want to slow your roll on that claim once you consider the long-term effects of gerrymandering in this country. Question number two: Which party will lay their district battle lines to swing the balance of power in their favor for the next decade?

    Democrats Face Filibuster Folklore

    Now, it’s possible that your frustration is less about the makeup of Congress as a body and more about the breakdown in its ability to get meaningful legislation passed. Enter the Senate’s filibuster, Minority Leader McConnell’s favorite tool. So here’s our final question: Is it time to leave the filibuster’s segregationist history behind in favor of a gridlock-free future?

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