Continued Heartbreak, Calls for Reform After Highland Park Shooting

Two days after the Highland Park Fourth of July parade mass shooting, officials alleged the gunman considered a second shooting and had an affinity for specific numbers. Plus, more elected officials called for change in the wake of the massacre. Keep reading for updates on the mass shooting.

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Continued Heartbreak, Calls for Reform After Highland Park Shooting
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    Official: Highland Park Shooter Had Eyes on Madison, Had Numbers Motivation

    In his latest update Wednesday on the Highland Park shooting, Lake County Sergeant Chris Covelli said the shooter “seriously contemplated” committing another shooting. And, when asked about motivation, the shooter allegedly told investigators he had an “affinity towards the number 4 and 7, and inverse with 7 and 4.”

    Sergeant Chris Covelli says Highland Park shooter “seriously contemplated” committing another shooting in Madison, WI.

    Harris Points to Need for Assault Weapons Reform

    Echoing calls from fellow Democrats, Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday said the United States needs to “be smarter” about who can access firearms, particularly assault weapons.

    A Toddler Left Orphaned

    One of the most heartbreaking stories in the wake of the shooting is that of the McCarthy family. Irina and Kevin McCarthy were killed in the shooting, leaving behind a two-year-old son who keeps asking if his parents will come back. In response, the community has set up a GoFundMe page, which has over $2.5 million as of early Wednesday evening, for the child.

    Elected Officials Slam the Shooting

    Elected officials in Illinois continue to condemn the shooting. Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering admonished those who have diverted blame, and lamented the fact that some children already have experience with mass shootings. And Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said the sound of the rapid gunfire during the shooting reminded her of when she served in the Iraq War.

    More Info on the Shooting Fallout

    For further updates on the Highland Park shooting, including information on the charges the suspect faces, read here.

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